These consoles will be available online only. Game Pass is a subscription service that’s often characterised as the Netflix of gaming. The Xbox Series X (pictured left) is Microsoft's flagship next-generation console, while the Xbox Series S (pictured right) offers next-generation performance in their smallest console at a more affordable price. Pre-orders will start for all retailers listed below from 8am BST, with the Xbox Series X priced at £449.99 and the Xbox Series S at £249.99. These features are also available with the PlayStation 5, as is super-fast loading courtesy of a SSD. That's a nice way of saying there aren't any. Streaming is available free as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, with xCloud likely to become an increasingly important part of the service as the generation goes on. With countless shops closed due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, there are no midnight launches as such, meaning customers will receive their consoles by delivery. The Universe: Heat maps show cosmic gases hotter than 10bn years ago. The main difference is that the Xbox Series S can only output a maximum resolution of 1440p and not native 4K, although that will be irrelevant if you don’t own a 4K TV. The next generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are out in just a few days but what exactly are they and should you get one? We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S look likely to feature in a few Christmas stockings this year, as they're launching globally on November 10. Backwards compatibility – the ability to play games from a previous generation on a next generation console – has traditionally been a low priority but Microsoft has turned it into a key selling point of the Xbox Series X/S, with almost every Xbox One game working and also a significant proportion of Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. As a reminder, the Xbox Series X console is available for £449, while the Xbox Series S costs £249. Microsoft also offers a streaming service known as xCloud, but it currently only works on PCs and Android devices (Apple has blocked it and other video game streaming services from iOS, at least for the time being). Xbox Series X release date | price, games, specs and pre-orders. UK retailer GAME, for example, will sell a limited number of Xbox Series X/S consoles on launch day. Xbox Series X review: Speed, power and performance, but lacking flair, Xbox Series S review: A small and sleek console with one big problem, Xbox Series X and S stock update: Launch day re-stock plans and timing. Express. Here’s a list of all the games that will be released on Tuesday, November 10 though, including optimised titles that already exist. The Xbox Series S is significantly cheaper but also less powerful, although it will run games the same as Xbox Series X – it just won’t be able to display them at a native 4K resolution. All first party games (which now includes Bethesda titles) are available from day one for free on Game Pass, as well as many indie titles and slightly older third party games – although apart from the first party titles the exact line-up does change over time, as games get added or removed. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express To celebrate the imminent launch, Microsoft and the team at Xbox On is holding a marathon live streaming session. "Viewers are invited to preview games that are playable at launch, complete live interactive challenges, all while experiencing a spectacular installation that will be featured throughout the show. Plus, as recently announced, EA Play will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate later this year, which will give you access to some of EA's flagship titles such as FIFA, Battlefield and the Star Wars franchise. Xbox Series X and S will instead launch with a collection of games that have been enhanced for the new consoles. Your best bet now is that more additional consoles will be made available to buy on launch day, although since England is in lockdown again that isn’t as helpful as it might have been. The latest news around the new Microsoft console coming out on November 10th– pre-orders now live. Some of these, like Dirt 5 and Yakuza: Like A Dragon we’ve already reviewed, while others, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, will be coming in the next few days. This also comes with 24-month Game Pass Ultimate - a library of the best games for you and your friends on the same plan to enjoy. Microsoft has always made it clear that it does not intend to release any games that will run exclusively on Xbox Series X/S until a year or two after it first launches. If you have pre-ordered though you will still be able to pick up your new console on Tuesday via the click and collect service most stores now operate, although some are also now offering to post out consoles instead. "The move will see BT broadband customers offered the chance to purchase the Xbox Series X | S, plus a range of games and accessories, through their MyBT account. That should immediately save a bit of money, although there is one expensive peripheral that you’ll have to buy new and that’s the £220 Xbox Storage Expansion Card, which is the only way to increase the amount of storage space on either console (you can use an ordinary hard drive for Xbox One and older games but Xbox Series X title will need to run off either the internal storage or the storage expansion card). By Emily Knott For Mailonline. Most are enhanced from their original form, often in terms of loading times, resolution, and frame rate. Both consoles sold out over a month ago, almost as soon as they were put up for pre-order. those published by Microsoft themselves) but it follows for almost all third party games as well, with just a few big name exceptions such as Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. newspaper archive. Xbox Series X and Series S pre-order: The release date in the UK, price and games for the next-gen consoles. It’s still unclear whether they will actually do that though, especially for existing franchises. Even without any updates, these games will benefit from the console's faster loading times. Although it will also be released on PC it’s the first major Xbox Series X/S exclusive, that won’t be released on Xbox One or PlayStation, and promises to make substantial use of the new consoles’ SSD. Just as with the games, Microsoft is very keen on backwards compatibility with its own first party peripherals and most third party ones – although you’ll have to check that with the manufacturer. "The start of a new generation is almost here! The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription option also includes PC games, if you also have a gaming PC, and access to EA Play for £10.99 a month. Most of the games below don’t even have a release year, let alone a specific date, with the exception of survival horror The Medium, which is due out on December 10. If you're considering investing in an older console rather than the brand spanking new one, we've compiled a list of the best Xbox deals below: MailOnline may earn commission on sales from the links on this page. EastEnders spoilers: Tina Carter’s exit storyline revealed? Smart Delivery is a system that ensures that whatever version of a game you buy it automatically gets upgraded when you buy a new console. Both are similar in abilities, although early testing, and Microsoft’s marketing, suggests the Xbox Series X is slightly more powerful. Xbox Series X hardware review – the new console where nothing is new, Xbox Series X unboxing – a new generation with one foot in the past, Xbox Game Pass is ‘sustainable’ with ‘no plan’ for price increase says Microsoft. There are also thousands of backwards compatible Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games available to play at launch. If you want to score one several sellers on eBay are now listing the consoles at various prices. In terms of delivery timings, GAME has promised to fulfil orders by December 18 - just in time for Christmas.