), Butternut Squash and Swiss Chard with Rosemary Polenta, Instant Pot Beef Drip Sandwiches (or Slow Cooker), Slow Cooker Chorizo Spiced Chickpeas and Chard. † SmartPoints™ calculated by Slender Kitchen; Not endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc. While I encourage you to experiment with different types of white wine and seltzer, I am going to share some of my all time favorite options to help you know where to start. ★☆, So I am not a big drinkers anymore. Click Here To Save This To Your Drink Recipes Board On Pinterest! Your email address will not be published. Since you'll be using straight juice, you'll likely want to use extra sparkling water at the end when you're serving the spritzers to give the drinks more carbonation. Use whatever wine you like! These wine cocktail recipes are pitcher-perfect. Add in equal parts of club soda and white wine. So, I came up with a couple fun recipe for us to cook together. Here are some good options: Rose is delicious in a spritzer and will absolutely work in this recipe. Snap a picture and show us what you made on Instagram or Facebook. Like a genius! I haven’t had a wine spritzer in so long. 2 (11.5 oz) cans of sparkling water with real fruit juice (I used a mixture of this blood orange drink … Seriously. This looks like a must try! 80 calories; total fat 0g; saturated fat 0g; cholesterol 0mg; sodium 14mg; carbohydrates 6g; fiber 0g; protein 0g. This is one of those super simple recipes that you will become a mainstay all summer long if you are a white wine fan. I know, I know. Why Drink White Wine Spritzers Instead of a Regular Glass of Wine? Fresh and frozen fruit: This is the most popular way to add flavor and beauty to a spritzer. Okay, Summer is just around the corner. BUT, in my defense, this White Wine Spritzer was made and consumed this past weekend AND it’s a pretty light recipe…ya know, for a cocktail. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. In a large punch bowl combine wine and grape juice. Info. Your pictures are good. Our Thanksgiving planning guide is here to save your holiday! Find tons of amazing ideas for leveling up the classic spritzer to make it something special. For a pitcher or spritzers, add any fruit or extras you will be using to the pitcher. Pinning. A dear friend of mine, and teammate, recently … These tips will help you make time for self-care for a mental health boost every day. © The Rising Spoon. If you're making this last minute, you can quickly chill the beverages by sticking them in a container filled with cold water & ice. I also love using frozen peaches on a hot day. girl, I would bring you one now if I could! Pingback: Healthy-Ish Summer Spritzer Recipes Sure to Get You Through the End of Summer | SoftLabPro. No need to freak out the next time you entertain! And, of course the secret for these is using frozen fruit … Pinning now. Ice Pop Spritzer 3-4 oz. Dear HelloFresh, please send me an email at. Cold, crisp, and 100% refreshing. I want one! She started her blog as a way to connect with her clients and give them more nutritional, motivational, and fitness advice. I love the fruit addition and would totally do that! ANd the foooooood. Turn a simple bottle of white wine into a bubbly, fruity spritzer that will quench your thirst during the hot months and warm your belly during the cold ones. During summer months I love using fresh strawberries or raspberries with a twist of lemon peel. Required fields are marked *, Feast Your Eyes On The HelloFresh Thanksgiving Box, Donate Meals With Meaning This #NationalPhilanthropyDay, Yes, it’s Time to Think About Your Thanksgiving Dinner, delivers easy-to-follow recipes with pre-measured ingredients straight to your doorstep, Okay, Summer is just around the corner. Consider fresh basil, mint, rosemary, or thyme. Your kitty deserves a name as special as she is. If need be, you can serve the individual spritzers over ice but this will water the drink down if it's warm outside. I’m just glad that she did because now I get to read all of her wisdom (for free :)). Also, look for a dry rose for the best results. The Stress-Free Family Meal Planning Cookbook. Quiz: Where do you fall on a scale of sipper to full-fledged wine-o? This looks so yummy and refreshing!! Apple Cider Hot Toddy. hah!). This drink needs to go into your vault. You also want don't want something too expensive, since you are cutting it with soda water and potentially adding other flavors. Fruit juice and sparkling water help make each ounce of wine last longer in the low-calorie drink recipe. Thanks for sharing the recipe. This wine spritzer is so quick and easy to make you NEED to have it in your back pocket for parties. Ooo wee! 1 bottle of your favorite dry white wine, cold (I used Sauvignon Blanc) And a few really great and easy drinks. Add your favorite fruit combos to a cocktail/wine glass or mason jar. ★☆ All images & content are copyright protected. Really. Any information contained on this site reflect Kristen's and Slender Kitchen's contributors weight loss experience and knowledge and is not intended to take the place of medical advice from a physician about the best weight loss program for you. That's where this becomes something unexpected and crave-worthy. Though Reisling, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc are used most often, you'll also find that a Chardonnay or Gewurztraminer is nice as well. She told me that her clients are always looking for new ways to eat chicken and veggies. That looks so refreshing! Cool off on a warm summer day with this refreshing White Wine Spritzer. I love how refreshing it looks, especially since here in So Cal it’s hot year round, I could have this any time! Consider adding fresh berries, which pair really well with the flavors in rose.