U2 Shop. Each of the concerts no words can describe other than jaw dropping awesomeness. What a blessing!" The question is, though, will U2 tour the UK in 2019? I hope I can get two tickets this Tuesday morning ;-), since I will follow ..I have followed...can not wait to see them again in gods own NZ...now to get tickets. Speaking at their Berlin concert, he made it seem like it might be bye bye from the Dublin boys: The quote came from Twitter account @U2gigs which follows all of the band's tours and concerts. Got to see the 2017 tour in Seattle and Dublin. They've won 22 Grammy Awards out of 47 nominations. 'U2 frontman Bono has paid a touching tribute to his former roadie Greg Carroll. There are Kiwis there too amongst the Japanese Suffragettes and Ellen DeGeneres. The question is, though, will U2 tour the UK in 2019? Starting loud! I should've waited 2 years as it's closer to home now :D Joking now about how he was "diagnosed with megalomania from an early age”. And, TBH, every time they do a tour, fans get a little concerned it may well be their last. @mysteriousdaysmy first thought about #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019 in Auckland: Wasn't the tribute to Greg Carroll just beautiful? Even rock stars have to retire at some point, right? Flew all the way to Vancouver for the first night of JT30 in 2017 and will see both nights in my home town of Sydney but the opportunity to see the first night of JT2019 was too good to resist. Launching into One Tree Hill anyone in the crowd who has been holding back til now lets it all out. I am a crazy mad u2 fan and words cannot express how much they mean to me. Hey, I'm off up one tree hill with or without you and I'm going to be running to stand still, so I guess I still haven't found what I'm looking for because the streets have no name in God's country. Not seeing U2 for 9 years has been torture, On my bucket list to see you guys live ! I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Announcing… U2X RADIO on Sirius XM in Tokyo, Greg Carroll - Auckland, The Joshua Tree Tour 2019. We've missed ya! The singer said: U2's charitable acts include huge international events like Live Aid and events at home like busking on Dublin's Grafton Street in aid of Dublin's homeless. Over their sixteen year history, they have played to audiences all over the world, from Jersey, Beirut, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Azores, Ireland, Cyprus, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and of course all over the UK, and to crowds from as intimate as one hundred to over ten thousand; it’s easy to see why U2UK are Europe’s Premiere U2 Tribute Show. Sunday bloody sundaaaay. Totally loved Friday nights show and the trip down memory lane with a few of the classic oldies, the into one of best Albums of all time and hearing the whole of The Joshua Tree live, rounded out by a number of other defining tracks from your career. The band's strength in the last few years has been tested as its members faced multiple health issues. THE U2 TRIBUTE SHOW.. Went to JT Tour 2 years ago in Toronto, Canada. In addition to the tours, the theatre shows, private and corporate events and the festivals both in the UK and abroad, U2UK have appeared two years running at the Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam a stadium that U2 themselves have played on several occasions. Current tour, The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Bono, The Edge, Larry, Adam you guys were epic. U2 have sold more than 170 million records and racked up countless awards. ON U2.COM / ZOOTOPIAAJ2 : 'Brilliant show tonight and even though not in the stadium you could feel Bono's emotions coming through the wires loud and clear during “One Tree Hill.” “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” was another highlight. But it was Bono's rendition of One Tree Hill, written after Carroll's death, that hit home for the 40,000-plus crowd. It will be awesome.. it was 2 and a half hours and it was a stellar concert. Twitter 'Konbanwa' 'Konbanwa' said Bono, trying out a little Japanese ('Good evening') and taking a breath at the end of New Year's Day. Dublin natives U2 have been together for more than 40 years. Thanks for a great show! Looking forward to what they have up their sleeves for tomorrow night'. However, according to their website, nothing has been announced yet. Hope to catch up for a Hello Hello :) Lucky enough to see this show in Rome and Dublin in '17. I Will Follow 3. The pre-show publicity for The Joshua Tree Tour boasted about it having the largest high-res LED video screen ever used in a touring show. We have a hard earned reputation for giving an explosive live performance and the positive feedback we get from the audience members we chat to after the shows, really makes us feel proud of what we have acheived. Scott (NZ). - ('I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'), "Tonight our prayer is that we have one of those epic nights of rock and roll. But definitely won't miss this one! PS, I would love the day when I have the chance to meet you in person, either in this world or the next. I hope i can get tickets. All rights reserved. Tokyo, JP / Saitama Super Arena. And the final show of four years of touring between 2015 and 2020. High profile gigs for U2UK include European stadium shows, huge summer festivals in the UK and abroad, a tour of the UK’s finest racecourse venues including Bath, Lingfield, Newark, Sandown and Royal Windsor, and corporate events for clients such as Noel Fitzpatrick, Channel 4’s world renowned Bionic Vet, the Isle of man TT races, Carling, Heineken, Ducati, ING Bank and Egg Finance... and to top it all played in front of a volcano on Pico Island in the Azores! What do we got for Christchurch tonight?" All rights reserved. Performing songs spanning four decades of some of the greatest rock anthems ever written, U2UK recreates the most captivating moments of the tours which have earned U2 their reputation as ‘The World’s Greatest Rock Band’. Taking the stage a little after 8.30pm, the band opened with Sunday Bloody Sunday from their album War, with Bono promising fans an "epic night of rock 'n' roll" we wouldn't forget. Flights from UK booked and tickets for Auckland & Sydney sorted. (during 'Bad”), "Here you still are. After 9 long years the boys are coming back to NZ with the album that's dedicated to a Kiwi :) Last time they were here I had the privilege of driving Bono and The Edge for a week on the 360 tour....and the whole band are so lovely and down to earth. And that's where we began our relationship with Greg Carroll. And if their music doesn't make you go "wow" then the fact that their line up has remained the same all those years age probably will. Hit those drums Larry! 'The moon is up and over One Tree HillWe see the sun go down in your eyes.You run like a river on to the seaYou run like a river runs to the sea…''. By continuing past this page, you agree to our terms of use. What am I saying... of course it will be! Everything you'd expect and more. being an activist has become such an important part of his life. The group formed in Dublin in 1976.