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You’ve got to be really clear about the type of clients you want. Robert Baxt AO With Thomson Reuters Westlaw, you'll find legal information you need quickly, confidently, and know your research is complete using the world’s most preferred online legal research service. Keep up with the knowledge and skills you need to best serve your clients. JBFLP Allows unfettered access to the CLEAR database for all officers in your department. *Applies to Premier and Premier Plus subscriptions only. ALJ What’s more, subscribe to 20+ online journals and you’ll receive 40% off the total annual cost! Designed to meet the unique needs of your investigations, CLEAR streamlines your research by bringing relevant content into a single working environment. Subscribe today to any 10-20 of our online journal titles and you’ll receive 20% off the total annual cost. The number of Parts and the availability of Bound Volumes differs for each journal. Once you have a DT licence, you are invited to take advantage of the "My Account" feature of the web site. Meet your CPE requirements on critical topics, with an eye on your budget. I have a friend who provides accounting services only to dentists — and that’s all he does. Contracts. Peter Butt Create photo lineups from data sets containing more than 140 million booking records and over 38 million images from over 2,000 agencies in over 40 states. Ron Baker: The model prices the portfolio. So again, it’s just like the concierge doctor — fewer customers, niched, and much higher pricing that result in higher profits and much better customer experience. C&SLJ Digest of criminal law cases How can I obtain a copy of my contract? TRI: Can you elaborate on the pricing model? recognition, Thomson Reuters Tired of tackling your CPE compliance piecemeal by taking one-off, individual courses? How can I obtain a copy of my subscriber agreement? Price List Thank you for considering the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite family of products and services. Angelina Gomez Demonstrate the value of your services by using timesaving and trusted resources in this package. This model lets you spend as much time as you want helping your customers, which is why you became a CPA in the first place. Thomson Reuters is proud to publish many of Australia’s pre-eminent and highly cited legal and business journals. Checkpoint Learning CPE subscription packages bring you the best choices for meeting your CPE requirements. Justice François Kunc Compare CPE Subscription Packages. & account inquiries, Supply They don’t think about scope of work or about deliverables — they think about covered and uncovered. So you have adequate capacity if, for example, two or three clients need audit representation. For small, strategic investigative units, pay only for the investigators using CLEAR. There are some concierge doctors that literally charge what you pay for your cable bill — a couple hundred bucks a month. ADRJ Parts and Bound Volumes [where applicable]. To purchase a journal article, please email: or contact us on 1300 304 195 (Australian customers) or +61 2 8587 7980 (international customers) during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm AEST). Not everybody’s going to get audited every year, and sometimes none of your clients do. All of our subscription packages make it easy to track CPE as you go. We previously covered the accounting profession’s long, slow shift to value pricing and how accounting firms can make the transition. Thomson Reuters is proud to publish many of Australia’s pre-eminent and highly cited legal and business journals. PDF versions of all articles are available to download; Instant access to all within your organisation – no more searching for that elusive missing volume; You get access to the full backset of volumes published for your selected journal. They’ll tell you, ‘Oh yeah. Safeguard you community by countering threats with the most complete plan for law enforcement investigations. Are you ready for ✔ Connect to all live credit header, vehicle, and phone gateways, ✔ Expand your search to 10 connection points beyond the investigated subject, ✔ View public and proprietary articles from Reuters newsroom, ✔ Access both surface and deep web data to examine intelligence not found in public records or traditional search engines, ✔ Plot a subject's current address on a map and view relevant business in surrounding area, ✔ Visualize the corporate structure of a business, including relationships, divisions, and affiliates. ✔ Access both surface and deep web data to examine valuable intelligence not found in traditional search engines, ✔ View additional live gateway access to users and credit data, ✔ Evaluate comprehensive vehicle registration data with information including DMV records, drivers licenses, vehicle registration, and more. Save hours of research time by letting our tools do the up-front work for you. Manage and grow your organization with legal software and services from Thomson Reuters. firms, Access global tax, legal, You have to pick one of the ends, or maybe gravitate a little bit toward the middle. We previously covered the accounting profession’s long, slow shift to value pricing and how accounting firms can make the transition. Partnership programs for certified implementers, technology, integration, and more for leading ERP, financial, accounting, and e-commerce applications. Settings. Psychologically, it’s much different than a transaction — it’s a forever transaction, and I think that’s the future. If you purchase a looseleaf or CD subscription after the 1st of October then your subscription will run until the 31st of December of the following year. We offer our products in several different ways; API, Batch, and online/per seat. It always amazes me that some firms have $100,000 clients and yet they have a bunch of $500 clients — that’s insane. By accessing one of our services, you agree not to use the service or data for any purpose authorized under the FCRA or in relation to taking an adverse action relating to a consumer application. Insolv LJ … If a return is received beyond the 45 days, Thomson Reuters will not issue a refund. Checkpoint Learning CPE subscription packages bring you the best choices for meeting your CPE requirements. accounting technology, guidance, and expertise, Let us help you solve You can unsubscribe at any time. In fact, they’ll gladly pay that premium price, knowing that they can access their CPA and get whatever they need when they need it. The best way to find the right product is to work with one of our dedicated sales representatives. Thomson Reuters Practical Law is legal know-how that goes beyond primary law and traditional legal research to give lawyers a better starting point. New Zealand “The reason I know this is such a great idea is because it scares the hell out of people. Interact with key report details to filter your results faster and discover hidden information on your subject. Alerting options include: Submit and search thousands of person and document records at once to locate current addresses and phone data, accessing high-quality CLEAR data. This simple, straightforward plan provides must-have introductory content to assist in locating, identifying, and connecting facts. Earn virtually unlimited CPE with hundreds of online courses and webinars* that meet any learning style or topic. We previously covered the accounting profession’s long, slow shift to value pricing and how accounting firms can make the transition. How do I request that a subscription be canceled? It doesn’t price the customer; it prices the relationship, and that’s a different animal completely. Book reviews Current issues This is only applicable to looseleaf and CD calendar year subscriptions and you will be charged the following year’s mainwork price. The more you buy, the more you save with our quantity discount pricing. Are all the different add-ons an additional cost? Shop all bundles. Click to find out how products like Westlaw can transform how you do legal research. case notes Integrate billions of public records to find crucial information to prevent and investigate healthcare fraud. You’re giving them incredible peace of mind. New and subscription items may be returned for a full refund or credit if the return is received by Thomson Reuters in resalable condition within 45 days of the original ship date. trust us to help them make informed decisions, Professional services TRI: What is Value Pricing 2.0? 89,000: 4.2%: Eikon: The cost of Thomson Reuters’ Eikon is $22,000 per year, but a stripped down version can cost as little as $3,600 per year. Case Note Our suite of integrated solutions helps corporate counsel and small, midsize, and large law firms reach new levels of efficiency and profitability in their organizations. He’s handled so many of them he knows all their concerns, from womb to tomb. Thomson Reuters is not a consumer reporting agency and none of its services or the data contained therein constitute a ‘consumer report’ as such term is defined in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C. Improve investigations by adding deep web content to uncover hard-to-find data and deliver accurate results. With the ProView eReader platform, you get the benefit of book-like readability combined with a customised user experience, so you  can add notes, highlight sections, add bookmarks and download copies of articles, whether you’re in the office, in court, or out and about. How can I figure out what plan works best for me? legal content, expertise, and technology, Find essential resources ✔ Associate Analytics displays a list of subjects' relatives and associates and any unknown risk linked to them, ✔ Graphical display provides visual connection between people and businesses, ✔ Access articles collected from the Thomson Reuters newsroom, search by negative or all news, ✔ Plot a subject's current address on a map and view relevant businesses in the surrounding area with Map Analytics. This guys a sole proprietor with 12 employees. Usually in smaller or midsize firms, you’ll see a pretty wide band. Deepen the accuracy and scope of your investigations with advanced CLEAR tools.