We Happy Few Guide Home. https://wehappyfew.gamepedia.com/The_House_of_the_Inventor?oldid=5377. Madame Wanda's sidequest can be complete now, so take a look at it. Someone's not having a good day, is he? Arthur thinks it is in his best intention to assist and does so. Search the Lockers before entering the room to the left and then immediately turn left into a small closet with a Loose Clock on the floor. There are thirteen sidequests that can be completed in Lud's Holm: The majority of this island is fairly optional, consisting of a number of sidequests and buildings that can be searched for crafting materials. General. There are thirteen sidequests that can be completed in Lud's Holm: Meet the Neighbours; No Exit; The House of the Inventor Quest. Proceed to the Quest: The House of the Inventor. I wonder if I can help. The House of the Inventor ... • Unsafe House Collect the Council Worker's ID, The "Tickler", "Very Sorry" note, and bottle of Scotch on the couch and then head upstairs to speak with Madame Wanda, in the room on the right, for the Sidequest: Madame's Magic Wand. Now I'll just bring it back to that poor chap with the broken valve. Valvesque. Before you leave, enter Madame Wanda's office to collect a Blueprint from the tea table and then decide whether to collect the two Chests, a Torch and Empty Syringe x2 in the other room. We Happy Few is a survival game where you have to keep a few things in mind — food, water, health and sometimes joy - joy being a drug that is … Speak with the Constable to gain admittance upstairs and head up the stairs to the left, facing the wall. Crotch and check the bar for a Scotch and some Sovereigns, as crouching makes it harder for you to get spotted stealing, and then head to the other side. We Happy Few Arthur's Walkthrough: The English Vice. All's well that ends well. He seems quite upset. I Think. The next door leads to the receptionist booth, so choke her out before opening the Safe for a Dig Spot and then grab Arthur's Memory - Caning. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A valve. Comments. Once the valve is given, Arthur is given the key to Helen Faraday's house. Check the reception booth on the left for a "Note from Madame Wanda" and then ignore the Constable and head into the door on the right. Reward: Skill Point x3 and a Bonus Reward. The House of the Inventor. Arthur is asked to find a valve for James. Last edited by Krystal109 on Aug 21, 18 7:25pm. The following is a list of the Points of Interest to keep your eyes peeled for: Head to Dr. Faraday's workshop and enter the main gate and then head around the house to trigger a scene with James Maxwell. You'll also need to be wearing a Rubber Cat Suit, which you can craft after completing the Sidequest: Looks Like Rain, to enter the club.