It's become arguably Phil's best known and most loved song ever, thanks to its haunting lyrics and incredible drum solo, but did you know its history? “In the Air Tonight” was written solely by Phil Collins in 1979. How to Create Luxury Brands in Your Area of Expertise, What Is Boudoir Photography? XD. The urban legend is referenced in the song "Stan" by Eminem. Collins claimed that the bench is what he used for a keyboard stand, and when he saw the paint and brush backstage, he thought it would make a nice look. Phil wrote the song during the grief he felt after divorcing his first wife Andrea Bertorelli in 1980. (function() { The original single version of the song features extra drums that play underneath the song until the signature drum crash. Weeknd. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) Phil improvised the lyrics during a songwriting session in the studio. His Solid State Logic 4000 mixing board had a "reverse talk-back" circuit. Collins said that he is amused at the American "urban legend" that resulted from this song. It's all in the subtext. I think Phil has covered up the real meaning with his story of the lyrics not really having any particular reference to a specific example event in his life. That frightens me a bit, but I'm quite proud of the fact that I sang 99.9% of those lyrics spontaneously." When Phil found out that his former wife had run off with a painter and decorator, he performed this song with a pot of paint and a brush on a workbench next to his keyboard. It's all in the subtext. His ex-wife didn't buy it. He said: "I was just fooling around. "I knew straight away it was a message to me.". The reference is contained in the following lyrics: Normal "talkback" is a button that the mixing engineer presses in order to talk to the musicians. So it's a song about gut feeling and dread and suspicion and unfaithfulness. It is dramatic even in the music. I have heard the same thing as 'lockend'. Paint pot in the BBC TOTP video is about Phil doing the DIY at home when his wife was out messing around. tribute to Michael Jackson, The Weeknd conceptualized “In the Night” while The men of Sparks on their album Hippopotamus, and how Morrissey handled it when they suggested he lighten up. document.write('
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