"This is a people's sport; it has nothing to do with your pedigree or where you came from but it has everything to do with your ability to work really hard." If you’re a dark-skinned person living in cold climates, vitamin D might be helpful though. I don’t feel anything from my chest muscles. Go for a light walk or jog, perhaps even stretch a little. Then eat some more . Thank u God, please help the world become better and help me gain weight too, I need to dedicated to eating more and in a good way, sometimes I loose my appetite because of stress. Are they safe? Grinding water at its finest. A lot of respect for seeking to take action at such a young age. The only question I have is that know one has posted before and after pics. All of these exercises were on machines- 3 exercises for legs (Leg Extension, Leg Curl and Calf Press), 4 for chest/shoulders (Chest press, Pec Dec, Kenesis Shoulder Press and I can’t remember the other one) and 4 for back (LAT pulldowns, Upper Back, Kenesis Low Row, Kenesis High Pull). StrongLift came after SS, and if my memory doesn’t betray me — its based on it. But exercising will bring the muscle:fat weight gain to a more favourable ratio. Eat enormously. whey, BCAA, creatine, HGH, all have their uses. First let me say that if you follow the Starting Strength protocol – you will gain muscle if you eat enough, no matter the quality of your food. To all skinny ectomorphs, gaining muscle is not all that hard and certainly not impossible ones you get the basics down. Progressive overload starts from this workout. If you want to accelerate the process, do some moderate weight lifting. I get in the gym, and I’m out in 20 mins more or less. any suggestion? Eating eggs puts you in a much better position than vegans when it comes to gaining muscle mass – eggs give you an EXCELLENT source of very high quality protein. Massive karma points if you give us an update and a nice transformation photo when you’re done. If your back is in pain, it may be because you should be teaching yourself the proper techniques. Not necessarily for gaining mass, but more for life. I can only workout lightly or I risk painful aggravation to my back or neck and being stuck in bed with the weight off my neck for a week. I really liked your post n hope that it proves useful for me in Gaining Weight and building up my Muscle. i am very skinny i wish weight gain my wish success in your hand. Hence this post to you. Hello. As always, up to you. 3×5 Bench Press / Military Press (Alternating) The key is getting enough nutrition and increase working weights PROGRESSIVELY, meaning, you’ll need to increase your workload over time. If you can’t help it – consider getting some home gym equipment like I did. 3 weeks are not a lot of time but you should have already seen an increase of a few kilograms at the least. You’re the one to decide if the psychological benefits outweigh the damage. Hey, i got a question: Do i have to cut the food intake by half every single week, or just for 2-3 weeks? However i started out around 150 and am now around 169 with some fat and muscle gain but i feel like i haven’t progressed that much. You should first see if you eat enough. Hi, read this a while ago; but only starting to take action now. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting bigger although I was getting stronger. My diet is poor as i work in shifts and am lazy about eating right. Or will my muscles eventually catch up? Thanks Veganism is far-far away from being an optimal diet for a lifter. I Admire the determination and will power. I’d like to hear about how you approached alcohol consumption while you were on your plan. Well, it’s better than not working out at all. Lift correctly and eat lots, and sleep well. “While I look substantially different in my before photo, I’m most happy with the progress I’ve made improving my strength,” Jones says. If I’m not working out to send the protein to some muscle, then my body just sends it through the express track. You said, that most of your gains came with the 2nd Program by BILL STARR. When I joined up someone picked out some exercises for me to do. I felt an urge to mention that. p.s – good job on the weights increase, i wnt to become a healthy person,,,,,,,,,, in past i used so many medicine to bring changes in my body shape….but it din,t work………. I really hope to make some change not just for the sake of looking good and swole but to make healthier lifestyle choices in general. As I said, read the nutritional part of the guide again, follow the foods listed — and eat as much as you can from them. Try to fast once in a week-two weeks and see what sup. hi i can you a question.. about workout.. my real problem is that i haven’t strength ..i begin but soon i haven’t not strength. and i want to ask you something… I wish I started when I was 15 like you. And if you've already started on this road, all I can tell you is read, learn, put into practice, and once you've done this be consistent, week after week, month after month, year after year. You are inspiration for me. No credits taken…this is by far the best weight gainer article I’ve ever read ! Once you train properly and develop good mass in both, the difference becomes negligible. This should give your nervous system and muscular system the stimuli to gain as favorable a muscle:fat gain ratio as possible. I can’t feel comfortable enough to send you eating loads of junk food just to get bigger. P.s – you should have the best, fattiest, wildest kind of Salmon in the world over there in Norway. Now since 2012 started I'm into bodybuilding 100%. Jones says he expected simply eating healthy and exercising would allow him to stay lean while adding muscle. P.S – I did not include any monthly periodized full body workout plan since I never reached the point where I had to use one. I would follow the nutrition advice he listed. She broke up with me on the 21st September 2015 and the last time I saw her was 18 days ago. And yes, it’s noticeably harder for us to gain muscle. Who wouldn’t want to be a pilot now? A daily visit to the gym is a bad idea too and it’s too much even for people with a normal pituitary gland. 4×5 Squat Though those activities aren’t very hard on the central nervous system and don’t take very much time to recover from, they can still pose some troubles and interfere with your proper recovery from workout to workout – especially if your sleep and diet patterns aren’t optimal. If it’s because you stopped gaining weight (fat or muscle) – then you most probably didn’t eat enough. Make sure your calories consumption is in the few-thousands and that you’re protein intake is somewhere around the above numbers. You’re probably consuming a lot less (either calories, protein, or both) than what you assume. Thanks, Everyone’s got ab muscles, they’re just hidden behind layers of fat. hey bro just a quickie . I am going to follow this guide and try to follow in your footsteps. Is it too long or hard to follow? Bro I am 61 and thin ! Really effective. I have no money to go travelling now because I gave all my money to her and I also fired from my last job because of her. Any suggestions? He also used the weights to increase the difficulty of squats and lunges. I had no idea that this was going to be for me the journey of a lifetime. You will walk with an air of confidence, and that air will attract girls to your life. Hello, I just had one question… Could you do an example of a day’s worth of food that you ate when you were gaining mass? Keep on rocking Welcome to the intermediate stage. It means 3×5 bench press / 3×5 military press alternating, hey there, your forum has helped me understand a lot more about me. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. p.s for the first 4 months or so i was doing stronglifts 5×5 but then switched to an isolation routine. Same here, maybe we can all post our skinny to muscular transformation pics to share our results. 3×5 Military Press / Bench Press (Alternating) Get rid of ANY added sugar items on your grocery list. My girlfriend is hot, hot, hot and I feel like im letting her down with my body. How Do I Determine My Starting Weights? Though I doubt it can make any noticeable difference, let alone at your biologically ripe age. Or maybe you’re lazy. I’m 18 now and so skinny really wanna give it a try, thanks! But a change in physical appearance isn’t the most important thing he’s taking away from the challenge. I started out the same height and weight as you and gained over 30 pounds so far, with a main focus on nutrition like you. Doesn’t really make a difference in the long run. I don’t now how to call it exactly in english but it are some small french baguettes with plenty vegetabkes and mostly ham. Thanks mate, I actually went to the original website and found out there, thanks for taking the time to get back though. (Mark Rippetoe actually recommends this program as a follow-up to his novice program). my height is 5’6″ and i am a hard gainer and a regular basketball player which involves playing hard daily for about 2 hours, i eat like crazy and my weight stays around 46-48kg never crossed it, 2 months ago i stopped playing basketball and hit the gym, now my weight is 51 kgs but i want it to increase more in the next 2-3 months so i can really see a difference that is noticeable. This is something I did not take into account until the very last phase of my change. Im 5’10, 140, some workout background, love dumbell. It will maximize your beginner’s gains. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I think it can really easily be overlooked that you acquired this knowledge through years of failing and persistence and you are are sharing this so others don’t have to “waste” time. This Guy Tried to Transform Himself from Skinny to Jacked in Only 3 Months – menshealth.com Joshua Farmer on his body transformation and future at FSU – 247Sports Daniel Cormier Shows Off Incredible Body Transformation For UFC 252 After Binning 'Big Boy Diet' – SPORTbible Share your photos later, always nice to see. that was a gr8 thing u wrote but I am 18 and I am about 48kg and I am about to get in college like really soon but I think what u wrote is for the long-term planneres so is there any short way to gain Wight In just 15days plzzz. I feel like we’re doomed for skinniness. Looking forward to gaining another 25 pounds. If you can just please contact me to give me a few tips on gaining weight I would much appreciate it. These are not really 5×5 or 4×5 sets, the first sets are ‘ramping sets’ leadng to the final heavy set. Stay motivated. Good caution: the pot is going to stay hot for looooooooooooong hours, especially if you keep it in the oven. Don’t kill yourself. I meant that if you are able to perform the first set with more than 15 reps, you should be adding some weight (like tying up a plate between your legs). If you don’t mind, could you please reply with the foods/meals you ate? If not, then you might already be advanced, and the 5×5 of Bill Starr may be the better choice for you. I personally like close-grip chin ups. It is based psych research, but I avoided talking about actual studies or specific research results. I am desperate to learn how to gain so much weight because I really need it. When I saw that I would only be in the gym for relatively 3 days out of the week I was happy but am wondering how I will be able to eat 3-4 meals a day or 3000+ calories (non-empty). I don’t know if all those things you are saying apply to women too…should I do the same? After the set is complete, go home and take the next day for rest and recovery. Salamat pare, Hey. Hey mate, sorry if my english is bad.