One thing that is not made clear, but completely changed the game for me when I discovered it, is that connecting your power generators via power poles increases the total capacity of your power grid. find the link below!Join our discord here: the video helpful? Join our discord! Welcome back to another Satisfactory video guide, this time we talk about 15 tips I find really useful when it comes to planning and building a factory! In this setup, the constructors are flush against the splitters/mergers on both input/output sides while maintaining their centered-on-border alignment lengthwise. But as you do so, you’ll find you need an absolute ton of power. The reverse is also true- if recipes have a 1:2 input-output ratio (such as the basic Wire recipe) flip the constructors around to have 1 input belt feeding 2 output belts. Want to get in touch? ------------------------------------------------------------------Love my videos and want to buy me a coffee?Donate here 1 Reinforced Iron Plate with Conveyor Belt Mk.1 2 Reinforced Iron Plate with Conveyor Belt Mk.1 (Casted Screw) 3 Modular Frame with Conveyor Belt Mk.2 (Casted Screw) 4 Motor with Conveyor Belt Mk.3 (Casted Screw) 5 Notes Reinforced Iron Plate MK2⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Input: 165 Iron Ore/min (about 3 Miner Mk.1 on normal deposits) Output: 15 Reinforced Iron Plate/min Efficiency: 50% Power … Satisfactory Guides 15 Top Tips for Factory Planning - YouTube Subscribe! Providing power to your factory is much less exciting than building out the factory itself when you’re a Satisfactory beginner. Drop a thumbs up!------------------------------------------------------------------Want keep upto date with my Satisfactory guides? Hey guys!