We specialize in performing comprehensive Samsung repairs, so the moment you encounter a problem, bring your Samsung in – no appointment necessary. The OS that comes stock to the device is Android OS v5.1. 1-800-677-8278 Store pricing may vary from the price advertised on BatteriesPlus.com. All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated and may not offer all of the repair and warranty types listed on this website. Even as careful as you are, accidents are bound to happen. Sign up to receive info on the latest products, offers & more! iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod touch, Mac and iMac are registered trademarks and property of Apple, Inc. CPR is a third-party repair company and is not affiliated with Apple. 1-800-677-8278. We guarantee the quality of our work by backing it with a nationwide warranty. 99 List Price $7.49 $ 7 . Copyright ©2020, Batteries Plus LLC. Please call prior to visiting for information on store hours and repair options including mail-in repairs. Voltage: 3.85V Capacity: 3300mAh/12.71Wh Condition: Brand New High Quality Replacement battery. Whether you're dealing with water damage, a faulty battery, or another problem, We Fix It can help. When you entrust us for your Samsung screen replacement, Samsung battery replacement or other repair, you can expect to benefit from: Samsung Galaxy J7 Repair . When you entrust us for your Samsung screen replacement, Samsung battery replacement or other repair, you can expect to benefit from: When you bring your Samsung device in, you can trust us to only recommend repairs you actually need. Great service with a super helpful staff! Anyone needing computers, gaming systems, phones, etc fixed/repaired - I give Mike/Ross/CPR Team a 10/10 from an overall experience Mike - keep doing what you're doing, its working! While there check out our selection of Samsung cell phone accessories for items from sticky pads and memory cards to PopSockets. As hard as you try to protect your investment, accidents happen. Whether your Samsung device is suffering from a shattered screen, water damage, a broken button, faulty battery, or any other issue, CPR in Saugus is here to help. Find a Store for Local Pricing and Availability, See All Samsung Galaxy Repair Service Groupings. We strive for quick turnarounds, and we're right in your neighborhood. Found myself in a pinch....needed resolution asap After 3 hours of wasted time with Apple support, a friend told me about Mike & the team @ CPR Saugus (next to Harrows/Border Cafe) so I called Mike on the fly (Mike runs the store) I caught him off guard, he was busy, but took the time to talk and hear about my issue...he listed to my first sentence and said 'hold on, stop right there, the issue is XYZ and to fox it your options are ABC' 20 min later i was at the shop, 10 min later I walked out with a new/functional phone at a lower cost than Apple was giving me, and his service technician (i got Ross) was AWESOME as well...pleasant, knowledgeable, effective They made the process easy, we actually just hung out and chatted about life/2020/etc...but from a customer experience perspective, Mike - You NAIL IT! Whether you're dealing with a shattered screen, issues with your battery, charge port, a faulty camera or a broken back glass, we've got you covered. All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. iPhone repair costs will vary depending on the model of your phone, who is providing the service, and whether your phone is under warranty or you have the extended warranty called AppleCare. After work is completed, we'll check your phone again to make sure it's working properly. Here at Cell Phone Repair Saugus, we have experience fixing Samsung smartphones of all models. Providing Cell Phone and Computer Repair in, You may find Ticket ID on your receipt, or in your email confirmation if you opted to receive one. Our knowledgeable Samsung phone repair experts have experience fixing all models of Samsung smartphones, including popular S8, S9, S10 and Galaxy Note models. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Terms of Sale Supply Chain Accessibility Statement. Schedule your Samsung screen replacement, Samsung battery replacement or other Samsung phone repair online or in-store now. Fees may apply for recycling, environmental disposal, and/or labor/installation. With professional Samsung phone repair services available at over 730 Batteries Plus Bulbs stores nationwide, we can get your device repaired for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. We Fix It is located inside your neighborhood Batteries Plus Bulbs Store. Locations > Massachusetts > Homepage > Samsung Repair Services. Our trained technicians will perform a complete diagnostics check and recommend the appropriate Samsung phone repairs you need. Fortunately, the tech experts at Batteries Plus Bulbs specialize in performing comprehensive Samsung phone repairs. Checking the status of your repair is quick and easy at CPR Cell Phone Repair! Sometimes, the need for plugging in your device on a regular basis to keep it fully charged can create port damage. If your USB or charging port isn't working well, we understand how to get it functioning properly again. If your phone isn't getting a full charge, it might be time to schedule a Samsung battery replacement. We understand how frustrating it can be to live without your phone while it's being repaired. If the original repair fails because of the quality of a part we installed or due to the workmanship in the repairing of the device, Cell Phone Repair Saugus will fix it for FREE. From texting to sending emails, you rely on your smartphone for a variety of personal and professional tasks throughout the day. 49 Help is just a phone call away! To help keep your phone charged on the go, shop our selection of power bank chargers to help keep you connected! You can count on us for super-fast Samsung screen replacements, Samsung battery replacements and more no matter where you purchased your phone. We'll provide the appropriate Samsung phone repair you need to get your smartphone restored to like-new condition again in no time. Contact your local store for their specific repair capabilities and warranty terms. No questions asked. Whether your Samsung device is suffering from a shattered screen, water damage, a broken button, faulty battery, or any other issue, CPR in Saugus is here to help. Rather than sending your phone away and having to live without it while repairs are being made, stop by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store instead. Our warranties cover parts and workmanship for six months. We strive to provide the best price available on BatteriesPlus.com and in our stores. Are you searching for a fast, dependable Samsung phone repair in Saugus, MA?