It’s just as simple as that! You have to go with, right? Our generation has seen more than most. I was in a serious relationship from ages 19-22. What is meant for you, will always be for you, even if they leave, if it’s meant to be it will happen. Here are 7 reasons to avoid a serious relationship in your 20s: At this point in time you’re looking for stability yes, but you’re not stable enough to give it to someone else. ANYHOO, where was I? Which type of person would you be if someone put a marshmallow in front of you? Our 20s is a pivotal time for all of us in determining the course of our lives. Yes we want love, but honestly, getting to the money should come first. You’ll see a lot more responsibility in yourself while picking a life partner later in life, but in your twenties, it’s all about looks and who’s hot and who is not. Do I still have issues? While we were together, I traveled the world with him and without him, lived with him and without him, and lived my 20’s to the fullest – even though we were “locked down” with each other. A serious relationship is a big deal-breaker in your twenties and here are a few reasons that justify it. There is no reason to slow down our personal and dating life just because we are young. To be honest, every time you see each other will feel like a vacation. If you don’t read any of the other reasons, don’t skip this one. You won’t accept anything less than what you feel you deserve and you will hold others to a high standard because that’s what you require for your own self. You may unsubscribe at any time. It’s not because they don’t love their partner. One of the guys, she will challenge you to any sport even if that means playing dirty to win. Home » Lifestyle » 7 reasons to avoid a serious relationship in your 20s. October 19, 2020. Yeah, monogamy is a bitch. Here are 6 reasons why a serious relationship should not be your priority in your 20s! Sleeping around and having threesomes and orgies are a fad (perhaps). Do Not Sell My Personal Information. 7 Reasons You Should Stay Single In Your Twenties. You do not want to feel depleted emotionally if it doesn’t work out and you’ve been emotionally invested into a person looking for them to be your source of love. There are even times when you stare at yourself in the mirror and wonder whether you're worthy of love at all. —Maxime Lagacé, © 2020 Gistping - A Product of DreamyHub. All that matters is that you are happy with the person you are becoming. So if you’re in a serious committed relationship, your partner may float about the idea of getting married and that might throw you off your chair, because you’re perhaps a commitment phobic and don’t want to settle. Your twenties are a time when your youthful energy and health are at an all time high. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being in a relationship and more so, if it’s a successful relationship at any given point in time. That’s a whole other person you will have to account for. At 23, my revolutionary migration led me to my current stomping grounds of Los Angeles. After several months of casual dates, I started to grow weary of the whole process. Did I waste some time on a few uneventful men? Yes, I did get a little starry-eyed from the impressive range of male species in the great land of the Lost Angels. Serious Relationships In Your 20s | Cuties Live, Accidental Virgin: I'm Terrified Of My First Relationship Ending. But, to all of my fellow 20-something single-aspirers: Do not be discouraged. Who I would’ve fallen in love with at 23 is not the same person as today. When I was 23, I was unemployed and eating pills out of a Pez dispenser. Does this person meet my standards and are we truly compatible? Or the person you’re with landed a great job but it’s in bumblefuck nowhere. I love my boyfriend, I’m obsessed with his penis, but I just would like to experience another one.” Ha, and you thought men were the only ones who struggled with monogamy. I for sure thought I would be married or have kids by 27, but I’ve learned that there is no rush. Talkin’ about Gatsby and Silver Linings… | not an adjective, but a noun. The Relationship Is More Than Physical Since you can’t see