Once you finish reading the article it will be necessary to analyze all the information and apply what you have learned in the best way. This will give them time over the fall and winter to get settled into their new home. I have an azalea in my back yard that has looked worse for wear for a while. I’d be interested to see if it perks up in the warmer weather. It is this moment that you can take advantage of to perform a slight annual pruning. Took ur advice n cut them down to 3-4 inches.. We will also take the time to leave some basic advice on the care of this plant. I’m going to cut that one more. Thanks for stopping by! In general terms we can divide the cut of this shrub into the following types: In what follows we will analyze each of the prunings just detailed. Thank you! You are very welcome, Cindy! I hope this helps! Use pruning shears or a small hand saw to take off any dead limbs. Thanks for the information! You are so welcome, Jenny! This post was exactly what I needed to see and read to let me know I didn’t ruin my front yard! I’m in zone 8b myself, close to the coast in NC, and the best time to transplant your azaleas would be late summer into fall. And like you say, it blooms every year. I mostly hate them, until they bloom, then I give them a second chance because they are lovely, until they wither. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of varieties, including dwarf, medium and tall, in many colors and that bloom early or late. You can help your azaleas resist disease by providing them with good drainage and partial shade. Thanks for stopping by! This “rebuilding” year will give your plants a chance to fill out before producing buds. I have several older azaleas. I have several,azaleas damaged by Hurricane Florence that need to be moved and then pruned. When we talk about pruning after flowering you should do it between the first and third week since the flowers have withered. Azaleas do like to live in the understory of large trees, so you should be fine there. Cut these branches back by a third to a half. Anytime after blooming? If you wait a lot to make these cuts you will be cutting the flowers next year, although if you have no problem losing a flowering you can delay this pruning. I’ve been nursing my Azaelas for several years, pruning and fertilizing. Our house came with some really bad looking ones. Great information. Azalea is a bush of flowers of the genus Rhododendron, there are thousands of varieties that exist, among them there are the evergreen type and the deciduous type. Since our azaleas bloom at a slightly staggered rate, I tend to prune them a few weeks after they’re all done blooming, which certainly falls within this window. Great question, Amy! Thank you so much, Michelle! Hi Marsha, it certainly can’t hurt to feed your azaleas a balanced fertilizer. Yes, they will come back. If you’re okay with than, they cut away! It’s been 2 years and they’re still scrawny and didn’t regrow like yours did. Thanks for stopping by! I would cut it back, do away with any dead wood, and see if it fills itself out again. Helpful 59 Not Helpful 12 Occasional pruning helps a plant. This last case (pruning of Overgrown Azalea Shrub) will not be the exception, I hope this video ( Giroud Tree and Lawn channel) is very useful. TIA. Hi. Just found this post. This is so true about azaleas. Just as the beginning of spring is a good time to prune your azaleas bushes, so is summer, especially when it has stopped flowering. Thank you, Courtney. I honestly don’t fertilize my azaleas. Thanks for stopping by! Yes! Love your suggestion and will give a try. I just purchased 3 Encore Azaleas and planted them. Some of those situations are: If you prune this variety of azaleas taking into account these three rules you will have no problem: Rule 1: Select the correct variety for the place where you will plant this shrub. I am going to cut it back after this blooming season and I will post results, if you’d like. 2 weeks later they looked amazing and are now full of blooms and bright and big green leaves. Never knew I could cut it back so much to encourage it to grow. Thanks for stopping by! All of them are characterized by the beauty of their flowers, they bloom in spring and often they can last several weeks. Usually soon after they’re done blooming is best, but you should be okay cutting back later, as long as they haven’t started growing buds yet.