4. Trusted to print 18.6M shirts since 2013. Alternatively, since Gooten is the one handling the shipment, you can reply to their response and follow up with the shipping rate inquiries. Both methods require the CCS package to work properly. I’ve then assigned a total shipping cost to each weight range, by adding up the product weights, keeping in mind the additional price for each item. This has turned into a wholllllllle thing. If there's exciting new research in these fields, he's read it. In my shipping setting right now, both dropshipper apps are set-up the same as they only have one option in the dropdown menu: "Rates provided by app." © 2013 - 2020 Printful® Inc. All Rights reserved. Your customers will be able to see the correct rate at the checkout point. When we are waiting for Gooten's response, I recommend you to visit USPS and check out the rates yourself. Essentially, the more expensive the product is to ship, the higher the figure you’re going to put for “weight”. Support » Plugin: Printful Integration for WooCommerce » Free Shipping with Printful Shipping. Thank you so much for taking the time to thoroughly explain all the options available to me. I have grown so confused with shipping that your guidance has been so important. To ensure we send your products as fast as possible, we route your orders to our fulfillment centers where we can fulfill and ship them in the quickest way! Thanks in advance for your help!! You can read more about this on our shipping page. I removed Printful rates (I don't know why they were there in the first place), but now I guess I have to assume that the shipping rates that I thought were coming from Gooten are actually coming through Shopify somehow. If you sell Printful products that require separate shipping, we advise you to set the rates for these products using the costs in the First product row only. that are fixed and calculated based on the average shipping cost for each product category. That's a hard decision to make because I'm a brand new store and that monthly cost is hard to justify at this point. If you're on the annual or advanced plan, this package comes for free. Shipping Rate API. Live rates are real-time shipping rates, displayed during the order checkout. Well, although this method is called “weight” based shipping, the “weight” isn’t real—the weight figure will just be used to tell your ecommerce platform the right Printful shipping costs for each group that you’ve created. So if we get a rate from Printful for $10, we just use £10 for the rate. These rates are calculated by the order fulfillment location, shipping destination, shipping method, and carrier pricing. The column labeled ‘Additional” shows the additional rate also found on the shipping page. What’s the measurement unit for the column Weight?