The dress’s train was 21 feet long and required eight bridesmaids to carry it. See more ideas about Alexandra of denmark, Princess alexandra of denmark, Princess alexandra. Princess Alexandra was known for her elegance and style. Oh, yes! Princess Nathalie and Princess Sumaya. The pattern of the lace depicted cornucopias filled with English roses, Irish shamrocks and Scottish thistles. Princess Alexandra of Denmark married Prince Albert Edward, the son of Queen Victoria, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on March 1863. That's it. Alexandra, Princess of Wales, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 186, Royal Collection Trust. In my opinion, this is what makes all the pomp and pageantry of royalty worthwhile in today’s world. Angus Ogilvy was the second son and fifth child of the 12th Earl of Airlie and Lady Alexandra Coke. It’s St. Alban’s Anglican in Copenhagen, pictured above. ✪ Top 10 Most Gorgeous Royal Weddings In The World. Through forty plus years of marriage, first as a princess and later as a queen, Alexandra navigated her high-profile position and marriage with grace and composure, never failing to project anything in public but the height of sophistication and elegance–and with an impeccable wardrobe to match. Then as now, royals dressed carefully for visits. This remarkable, glittering dress (worn when the princess married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg in 1816) is 195-years-old, the oldest royal wedding dress that Historic Royal Palaces cares for. (I’d cheerfully wear this dress if I were invited to a grand enough occasion. Join me next time for more explorations in the art, culture and history of Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles! The daughter of Prince George and Queen Elizabeth's cousin married in a sleek silhouette with a cascading train. She was born in Hong Kong and is of mixed Chinese-European ancestry.She was introduced to Prince Joachim in 1994. To a modern eye, the remodeled dress is much more elegant. The wedding dresses belonging to Princess Charlotte (1816), Queen Victoria (1840), Alexandra of Denmark (1863), Princess Mary of Teck (1893), Princess Margaret (1960) and Princess Alexandra of Kent (1963) are usually carefully stored at Kensington Palace. As on most evenings, Evensong is probably happening–a small, intimate service which I highly recommend. The marriage seemed to be a happy one, although even after he became King, Alexandra’s husband enjoyed the company of a string of mistresses. Strasdin provides a fascinating glimpse at the jobs and lives of the many dressmakers, dressers, lady’s maids and bevy of other staff and vendors that were integral to maintaining Alexandra’s royal visage. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Prince and Princess of Wales on their wedding day, 1863, Royal Collection Trust. The book is the culmination of years of hands-on research by Strasdin into the wardrobe and life of the woman born Princess Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia of Denmark, but history knows her simply as Queen Alexandra. I encourage you to order this book yourself or request a copy for your local library, so that you and others can enjoy it as much as I did! The gown was made by London dressmaker Mrs James of Belgravia. And so the gown chosen by the teenage bride had to fit the bill. Queen Victoria's wedding dress (1840) - Go ahead, invite me!) I have been led to believe that my maternal Grandmother was one of Queen Alexandra’s dress makers. Miriam Langford, Treatment Conservation Manager at Historic Royal Palaces, explains the process involved in caring for Princess Charlotte’s 195 year-old wedding dress: “Princess Charlotte’s dress is an elaborate empire-line dress made from cloth-of-silver, a silk net with an embroidered silver lamé spot motif and scalloped borders of silver embroidery in both floral and shell patterns. See more ideas about Princess alexandra, Princess alexandra of denmark, Alexandra of denmark. Victoriana Magazine. Conservation and heritage charity Historic Royal Palaces has just completed a major project to conserve five beautiful British historic royal wedding dresses. Alexandra’s gown was worn off the shoulders with a fitted bodice and huge full length skirt, decked with four tiers of lace covered in orange blossom and myrtle. (Photo is by Blake Handley, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0). I’ll be with two of my granddaughters, explaining to them why Britain still has royalty and why this marriage is significant. I’m sure the excitement ahead of the royal wedding is intense, but then again this is a real parish church with everyday business to attend to. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Our textile conservators have worked closely with our preventive conservation team to ensure that the dress is protected in both its storage and display environments, keeping it safe for generations to come.”, © Copyright 1996-2015, ( Log Out /  It was in keeping with the mood of the day. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. In 2011, the dress was part of a display of royal wedding dresses at Kensington Palace. and today, I have the pleasure of providing a glimpse into her beautiful book Inside the Royal Wardrobe: a Dress History of Queen Alexandra. Glamour on Board: Fashion from the Titanic, an interview with curator Leslie Klingner, Vintage Miscellany – April 22, 2018 | The Vintage Traveler, Inside the Royal Wardrobe: A Dress History of Queen Alexandra by Kate Strasdin - The Art of Dress - Protocol Bloggers Point. A matching lace veil, train trimming and handkerchief were also made. An audit of how previous conservation treatments have fared and whether they are due for removal or replacement was also carried out. When we display the dress we have to ensure that we eliminate the possibility of pollutants landing on the silver surface and causing tarnish when it has survived for so long without succumbing to this dark fate. Following the tradition started by Queen Victoria, Princess Alexandra’s ivory gown, with a separate bodice top and full skirt, was made of English silk with a Honiton lace overlay featuring elaborate embroidered … The gown was made by London dressmaker Mrs James of Belgravia. Princess Alexandra is the only daughter and second child of Prince George, Duke of Kent, and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, while the Hon. Alexandra and sister Maria Feodorovna, future Empress of Russia, 1873, Royal Collection Trust. And while we may never be able to confirm it, if it came from Uncle Leopold’s wedding gift, its presence represents a quiet act of subversion by the new Princess, “an early attempt by Alexandra to achieve a small measure of control, albeit hidden from view at this time.”. Victoria popularised the white wedding dresses, and this simply, yet elegant wedding dress will be displayed at Kensington Palace from March 2012 as part of the ‘Victoria Revealed’ permanent exhibition at Kensington Palace, when Historic Royal Palaces’s £12 million major project to redevelop and transform the palace is complete. In 2011, the dress was part of a display of royal wedding dresses at Kensington Palace. The work was undertaken by six of HRP’s specialist textile conservators and took 1000 hours to complete. The Fashion Museum in Bath: Blackout Curtains to Ball Gowns. The fabrics and threads used to patch and repair the dresses were all dyed to match the original fabrics by Historic Royal Palaces’ conservation dye technician. The treatment stages involved for the conservation varied according to the materials and condition of the dresses. A few of the dresses had weak points which required strengthening, either because a splash of champagne at the wedding had left an invisible mark that over time has chemically degraded the fabric leaving a stain or hole, or simply because the fabrics are so old that their original materials have degraded over the years, leaving damaged areas at points of weakness in the structure of the dresses, for example around pockets, under arms, petticoats or corseted bodices. [5], Princess Alexandra wore a wreath of orange blossoms and myrtle and carried a bouquet of orange blossoms, white rosebuds, lily of the valley, orchids, and myrtle. And after discovering the incredible amount of photographic documentation of her over the years–and I mean thousands of images–I completely understand the public’s fascination with the beguiling beauty. See more ideas about Princess alexandra, Princess alexandra of denmark, Alexandra of denmark. Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, RE (née Alexandra Christina Manley; born 30 June 1964) is the first wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark, the younger son of Margrethe II of Denmark. They married in 1995 and had two sons together, until the marriage was dissolved in 2005. I knew only that she was the supremely elegant wife of King Edward VII, the man whose reputation for philandering and a careless pursuit of entertainment defined the so-called “Edwardian” era to which the first decade of the 20th century is so aptly named.