2 Comments /x5 3 0 R 37.the plumbing contractor shall provide a complete set of "as-built" drawings indicating the precise location of all systems, equipment concealed or embedded pipes, pipe connections and access doors. endstream << PLUMBING GENERAL NOTES PLUMBING GENERAL NOTES Contract Requirements 1. /x19 9 0 R }w�^m���iHCn�O��,� ���׋[x��P#F�6�Di(2 ������L�!#W{,���,� T}I_��O�-hi��]V��,� T}��E�u stream /BitsPerComponent 1 Piping is an assembly of piping components used to convey, distribute, mix, separate, discharge, meter, control or snub fluid flows. /Type /XObject You must be aware of these notes if you wish to work within the code requirements. 3 0 obj /Interpolate true << sanitary plumbing drains and discharge pipes. T(�2P�01R0�4�3��Tе01Գ42R(JUW��*��)(�ԁ�@L=��\.�D��b� Paper I = MCQ PaperPaper-II = Structure and Essay Paper. endstream /Length 457 Notes for Study Download Piping Engineering Course Notes Free PDF, Piping Systems Training Course for Plumbing Engineers - PDF. endobj /BBox [0 0 456 455] endstream endobj 139 0 obj <>stream (d) Drainage under a slab shall be avoided where practicable. /Resources 4 0 R /ca 1 The difference between one size/type and another is subtle. All Plumbing Work Shall Be Prepared In Strict Accordance With The Specifications And With The Currently Adopted Edition Of The Prevailing State Code As Well As All Local Regulations That May Apply. /Interpolate true *�M��d0��`-?Zy|L�M]1(M�z�9 �. << << /BitsPerComponent 1 << Don’t forget to join our facebook group. stream I – Paper(MCQ) – 3 Marks for each MCQ question. You can download the PDF file from the link below. [�l`G 7�f�2WI��#�:�%O�����؝��.��V=�6�B�V�����!�1�U�|�J$��Ӳ]�L|ڻ��R�:�N* ����k�IYl�0^��r9��t2����%6��]���`N\%��ڈ��Ɇ|�;�kB�B4��F���PȺ�d���N�X������r���%�G�my�5U鑈���Ca(�ڙz 0 /Filter /FlateDecode ������, �� U]�M�G�s�4�1����|��%� ��-����ǟ���7f��sݟ̒Y @��x^��}Y�74d�С{=T�� ���I9��}�!��-=��Y�s�y�� ���:t��|B�� ��W�`�_ /cR C� @�t������0O��٥Cf��#YC�&. >> /Filter /FlateDecode /BitsPerComponent 8 /Resources 5 0 R /Type /XObject (PDF) Handbook on Plumbing Installation for Buildings ... ... Just Research /Subtype /Image endobj /a0 /CA 1 Plumbing Notes 1 - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. /Type /XObject /Length 56114 /CA 1 �%� ��yԂC��A%� x'��]�*46�� �Ip� �vڵ�ǒY Kf p��'�^G�� ���e:Kf P����9�"Kf ���#��Jߗu�x�� ��L�lcBV�ɽ;���s$#+�Lm�, tYP ��������7�y`�5�];䞧_��zON��ΒY \t��.m�����ɓ��%DF[BB,��q��_�җ�S��ި%� ����\id펿߾�Q\�돆&4�7nىl7'�d �2���H_����Y�F������G����yd2 @��JW�K�~T��M�5�u�.�g��, gԼ��|I'��{U-wYC:޹,Mi�Y2 �i��-�. pdf-book-search.com does not host pdf files, does not store any files on its server, all document are the property of their respective owners. stream %PDF-1.5 %���� /Interpolate true h�b```�hf�uB cB�'8r�/V'00.�l���(�+ �cg`N��@� 2�Q�A�A�!���V��xN00�r-�x�Bl�%�%l���1���i�� vL In this article, we attached Plumbing Systems full note from Government-issued book for Engineering Technology. << /CA 1 /Width 1894 endobj sanitary plumbing drains and discharge pipes. /Filter /FlateDecode /x14 6 0 R Paper I :In this paper, you have to answer 50 MCQ questions within 2 hours. �m�#��]�/ ����I��R��cM" �1��#�|�g.���D��Y�ě��^�O˞�3��0ڦ��E�*U��6D')~��ȍ�����w.������) endstream endobj 136 0 obj <>/Metadata 12 0 R/Pages 133 0 R/StructTreeRoot 25 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 137 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Parent 133 0 R/Resources<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 138 0 obj <>stream h�bbd```b``Z "k�d�d>&]�$cV&��:a����x��&��D�b$��C P� 5 0 obj x�+�215�35S0 BS��H)$�r�'(�+�WZ*��sr � stream << ExamLanka Download Advanced Level A/L ET Technology Plumbing Notes. << x��||TU��9�Nf&S23�L�$�I&�J(��z �@�T�" v����+��d VT�ݵ�]VW�Uײ+��{�����t���|��r��>���r���s���d�1����&�U��F������KU>r|��K�0��팙��*+���o8S�Zǘ�Ũɓ�6 =��le�ۨ��HU���)ۮa��IU����O��]��4,or�R�z�� ܍kV�#Wx���݌Ť�[>�w�M�1Vp.c���V.gi,��_�����O���,~��Y/1V�y�܆��k���D��0��2 B��,Y��HmZ%cJ1c�!��X��͟��أ���e��56\��]����-���ڷ��iÒ��;O���sho�|��U^v6ƳN�/_1w��{�v�܌�9��m�}��w�C�þe)f&���mxN���b���H������E6�)��Y;�,�8rd{��ZO]����8rY=�ac���NV��2�ڪݗ3ՐϷ��seL�� V_bg+��G��(U1|�����A�elB���B����`�N ��^��ޘ81S�wt44� ��oK��l���5�l��l�13�����J�]lg����I?m�~]_?��Ϸ5��������YG�1�燻ب�����o߯�e�2� �n����oR_c3kCv�:�M��u돹���״SNb9�u\�7�z� �5����毳�~�=��:^��M��s���76�+���'c)�uϬ��ޗx��3���f��_Ӈr7��-���$��_[W��eŴ���kY�z=���=���W�ם�Sw�N��?