Dad would never let him take the driver’s seat. “He didn’t want me to get hurt,” Thompson said. “I was listening, but not really paying attention,” he said. He must be able to squeeze and scrunch his slender, 5-foot-7 frame into a space tighter than the front seat of a car. Danny Thompson, Mickey's son, has decided to resurrect his fathers 1968 Challenger II Streamliner and use it to break the piston land speed record at Bonneville. He has tried different ways to raise funds, including Kickstarter, which brought in a little over $23,000 from 128 people. For now, he looks at a news clipping of Poteet’s accomplishment. How did Mickey remain so determined to succeed against the odds? But that doesn’t mean I dont understand why it sold for so much less than the Bullitt mustang. Mickey organised to bring the thrill of off-road racing to the stadium before 40,000 cheering people, setting up SCORE International and convincing celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger to compete to raise the sport's profile.

It sucks so much that a living legend like this was not valued higher. Sunny conditions. Danny Thompson was born with the speed gene. The Mickey All-Terrain 38 features an all new open void all-terrain tread pattern, unique chemically-coupled silica compound and a durable construction, making it suitable as an upgrade for today's four wheel drivers and utes.. Also available in Mickey Thompson's SUV construction for less off-road use. It’s a legitimate, and important, part of our culture. In 2010, Danny brought the Challenger II to his Huntington Beach shop. By late February 1988, father and son had talked about their joint venture.

“It’s not if, it’s when,” said Creach, who at 85 went to see her son hit 317 mph in the Challenger II during its second run in Bonneville last month. She has covered a number of other beats ranging from city government to breaking news for the Register since May 2006. “Just for motivation,” he said with a smile, eyes twinkling. Then the sponsorship dried up for 1969, and the car was put away. I may think it should be worth more than it sold for. Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Later in his career, he was in races with Dad. Mickey and Danny Thompson at Bonneville Salt Flats in 1968, the day before Mickey's record attempt in the Challenger II was shut down because of rain. When Mickey was discussing the publishing of his life story with friend Tom Madigan, he told Tom, "If just one kid reads my story and realises that he can better himself by just determination and guts, then I'll be happy.". Danny thinks it’s weird that his plan to break the record two weeks ago during Bonneville Speed Week was marred by a rainstorm, just as his father’s was in October 1968. When she is not working, she loves listening to Indian classical music and traveling with her husband and son. “It’s like I’m sitting between a 4,000-horsepower sandwich,” he said. And that includes the truck and trailer used to haul the damn thing. “It’s heaven.”. Show All | Only show the sizes for my 4WD. It sucks that that the Challenger II didn’t get more, but I dont see the need to trash the Mustang from Bullitt. I’m in that demographic,” he said, laughing. His brilliant mind, steely determination and love of auto racing meant Mickey didn't stop until he saw his revolutionary ideas come to fruition. But his attempt was foiled by a rainstorm, which turned the salt flats into a lake. Racing was on the streets. Got a question? Mickey didn’t give up. For him that means taking the Challenger II, a vehicle that hasn't run since 1968, to the salt flats at Bonneville going at least 450mph. Danny watched his dad as he tried to break the world land speed record for piston-powered cars. “This record is what put my father on the map. When Mickey and his wife were murdered in 1988, Danny drifted away from Bonneville, but the salt never stopped calling him.

“I’d like to find out.”. Would it help? Mickey Thompson is a giant amongst racetrack heroes.

The Inventory team is rounding up deals you don’t want to miss, now through Cyber Monday. But three weeks later, on March 16, Mickey and his wife, Trudy, were murdered in their Bradbury home. He wears a helmet that gives him fresh air to breathe so he doesn’t have to inhale engine fumes. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. Poteet set that record during last year’s Speed Week. That's what it will take to break the piston driven world land speed record. There’s no air in the vehicle, and on a hot day the temperature inside can soar to about 120 degrees. “Failure is not an option for me. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. During the past four years, this tiny spark of inspiration has burgeoned into an all-consuming conflagration. Copyright 2020 Exclusive Tyre Distributors

When he drives Challenger, he’s in a semi-reclined position and needs to cross his arms to operate some of the controls.