A Mage of Breath would suffer from being too separated from things they need or care about. I think that they could have been moirails, if not matesprits. If you have trouble deciding who to be with, you could always make them all fight to the death. I tried to make Green crayon lipstick and It barely Shows up, now my moms kitchen smells like a kindergarten classroom and her pot is covered in black, green and silver crayon. Sorry about that (this is the Mage of Breath and Rogue of Time request), forgot to put matesprite on there. nya listens to music all the time i wanna surprise nya (yes nya uses neopronouns ✨), how you gonna suffer through freedom learn to make ya mind up. Mages completely understand their aspect, and they gain this understanding through experiencing their aspect, the good and bad parts. Alright, so lets start off with the Mage! A Rogue of Void steals nothingness, obscurity, and darkness for the sake of the team. They would make better kismesises than matesprits. You’re actually quite lucky to be a Mage of Breath, as people will generally like you, even if you really don’t want them to. Mage of Breath Icon done by louchastain. The Mage could help them learn when to step out of the spotlight and abandon certain things, leaving them obscured from the Rogue. Mage- have vast knowledge of their aspect and use that information to manipulate their aspect. NTA. Enjoy The Silence (Duncan Price Lip Synch) 4 years ago. They are the animals who come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and more - far more than any animals a human might see on average. (Check them out!) A Thief of Time wouldn’t necessarily make a good matesprit for a Mage of Breath, as they would likely just leave them impatient and rushed, feeling trapped in one choice, not being able to escape it. Though, all the classpect analysis shit that I see of Mage of Breath is pretty accurate. A Mage of Breath would suffer from being too separated from things they need or care about. Toujours actuelle pour la dernière mise à jour (9.0.1). They are used to represent ferocity, courage, keenness, but can also be seen as symbols of peace, love, and unity. The Black came out fine but the silver is still cooling so IDK if That will show up well yet. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. If they were moirails, the Prince would worry that the Mage would leave them behind, and that it would be the Prince’s fault. The Mage could help the Sylph choose which people are worth helping and which must be let go. So, a Rogue of Time would take time from others, and give it to someone else (possibly taking time and giving it to others so they have more time do do something/live?). I play Majora's Mask and a lot of old Nintendo 64 Games. Her and Lulu have perfect chemistry in this episode, and everything was just hilarious from beginning to end. It is simply that they too wish to be able to spread their wings and take flight, escaping the confines surrounding them like that of bars on a cage. I definitely think I relate to the Mage class even though I still have a connection to Heir. A Mage is the active half of the understanding class, with its passive counterpart being Seers. (Also the 8's make you a vriska kin and you can't change my mind), i really like that tbh!! Void- major themes of nothingness, obscurity, and the Void. (I’m just gonna give better alternatives to the quadrants you have). They gained their knowledge through experience. A Rogue takes their aspect from someone/something, and redestributes it to others. So a Mage of Breath would gain understanding of Breath through good and bad experiences (such as not being allowed freedom, but later in life experiencing it to its fullest.). Page of Breath - moderate noYour most likely candidates are Mage of Light and Page of Light, so these might be ones to look into to see which one you feel fits better.Hope this helps!- Mod Rose, hey my friend found ur blog and is going absolutely bonkers over how cool it is could you make nya a playlist for mage of breath? If not for birds, humans would have never been able to reach up into the clouds and join their feathery friends amongst the great blue canvas of the sky. and yes, i think that land would fit the mage very well!! Unless the Mage similarly sacrifices their independence to stay with the Prince, I don’t see this relationship working out very well. Mage of Breath in the Land of Night and Gale. and what land would be good for a derse thief of light? This means that the Mage has expert knowledge on his/her aspect and uses it to benefit him/herself. Hes a mage of breath and you can’t tell me he wouldn’t go dog tier. you're really good with lands, so i just wanted to ask: does the land of bees and cloudburst sound like a good land for a derse mage of breath? Maybe I’m taking this way to seriously. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Please and thank you! Nice Girl Syndrome Rant. 07:32. So, the rogue would be someone who seems pretty generous with their time, but they also worry about the time that they have left, too. Birds are often used to symbolize many things. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I used to be a Heir of Heart, but now I think I’m a Mage of Breath? They may sacrifice their freedom for a few causes, but would likely have to learn to find a healthy balance between Breath and Blood, in order to maintain healthy relationships. The Breath aspect has to do with literal windy stuff as well as freedom, direction and motivation. Mage of Void aesthetic . The Rogue could similarly steal obscurity from the Mage, pushing them to take action, as their presence is made important in a situation. :P, May I ask your perspective on how you met Gwen, If you want the rest of the story ask Gwen. Minor themes of ignorance, secrecy, darkness and null. Another reality simply isnt possible, (Also made the speech bubbles too small but… chara and frisk theory discussion probably lmao), Quadrant analysis for a mage of breath And or analysis on mage of breath ♦ prince of heart Mage of breath ♥ theif of time. The-Mage-Of-Breath Hasn’t Joined Any Groups yet. Breath is the aspect of independence, apathy, disconnection, freedom, movement, and air. LOWCAL is a fun acronym too :]. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. So, the Mage would probably be a bit apathetic and disconnected to everyone else, not really being able to be held down, but good at escaping because they cant be held down. A streetware mage of breath for a drawpile uwu, the rational brain: pay attention in group therapy, it’s @subshrubs !! Mage of Breath. So Gwen's going to be doing a female short brown haired John Egbert over the weekend while we're at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. maybe the Land of Gold and Scoundrels for the thief? Mage of Breath The Mage class is the active knowing class. Maybe it’s just the fact I’m not sure I like the powers. Your sister decided that drugs were more important than her children. The-Mage-of-Breath 8 points 9 points 10 points 1 year ago I wasn’t a big fan of Emiru in her first episode, but now I can safely say that she’s become one of my favorite characters. They likely have few close connections, as they drift from place to place and people to people. They would probably be good traveling buddies; the Mage experiencing freedom, and the Rogue being able to make time for the traveling, which would make them closer! Princes tend to be rather self-centered, the Prince of Heart specifically is this way, as they focus much of their attention on themselves. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Well we were playing Spin The Faygo Hug Edition and we all decided to do a blood brother/sister thing with some paint people had brought. Mage est un classe de World of Warcraft Classic. A Mage of Breath is one that suffers from, experiences, and sacrifices Breath, and from that, gains understanding of the aspect. A Mage of Breath is one that suffers from, experiences, and sacrifices Breath, and from that, gains understanding of the aspect. The Mage of Breath is one who envies the birds and their freedom, though they do not hate them. 4 years ago. Most importantly, though, birds are quite often used to represent freedom of the spirit and the person. I’m guessing that they would try to hide this, however, so they don’t waste any time worrying and just having a good time. Now were basically best friends and shit, with Ironic reasons of cosplay and writing. REAL bold of u to assume i havent accepted kinning vriska already, stares at martin... have u considered... let me draw u too legend.