“Whenever [my partners] and I go back to Hong Kong, the first thing we do is visit a cha chaan teng.". Orders take a surprisingly long time for this dish – more than 10 minutes, usually – but it’s worth the wait. - with dim sum, the iconic food of Hong Kong. Sometimes the simpliest meals are the best meals. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with... "I run a business by day, work the kitchen lines at night, switch into blogger mode by midnight and occasionally travel the world to hunt for inspiration" $29. She recently became a two time Chopped Champion. Try another? There’s a good balance of sweet and salty, but the bread itself is over-cooked and too dry when it really should be crunchy. Taste was alright. Closed on Mondays Tue to Sun: 8am – 6pm I also added another item to complete my carb binge here. I can never turn down salted egg yolk lava. Located in Shau Kei Wan, An Li is popular with hungry hikers after their trek along Dragon’s Back. We already have this email. A Meal would resemble something like this: 1 Small Baked Soft Bun with a slice of butter, Choice of HK style Milk Tea, HK Style Coffee, or plain tea or coffee, Choice of HK Style Milk Tea, HK style Coffee, or plain tea or coffee, Choice of HK Style Milk Tea, Hk Style Coffee, or plain tea or coffee. Made with fresh beef marinated in a homemade satay sauce, the bread here is fried to a beautiful golden brown and liberally topped with butter and condensed milk. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Forget the Michelin-starred meals in Hong Kong! Flavourwise, it’s a bit bland and you can’t even taste much cheese. We try out four iconic HK-style French toasts with fillings to see which is the best in town. The saltiness and the peanut flavour from the satay sauce balances perfectly the sweetness of the condensed milk and the toast is brilliantly crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. Drown it in syrup to create a heavenly combo. This is the moment whereby instagrammers would upload to the boomerang video to their account. It’s got this distinct richness that is just out of this world. Here's his hit list. Think milk tea, noodles topped with Spam and scrambled eggs served with a side of prawns. Drown it in syrup to create a heavenly combo. Marzipan & Almond Paste: What Exactly Is the Difference? Have you tasted these cartoon-like custard buns? Think soft, fluffy bread and custard that flows out in pools the minute you cut into it. French toast with custard lava at Chau Kee, of course! Pair with with some Milk Tea and you are good to go. Unsurprisingly, the cha chaan teng’s democratic nature – along with its breezy service and wonderfully offbeat menu – has outlived decades of food trends. Slice the toast down the middle and watch as liquid gold comes flowing out like, you guessed it, lava. Time Out rating: 2/5. “But I like to visit the local ones – where you can order pineapple buns or even dim sum. The sesame crust on top is incredibly crunchy with a hint of sesame fragrance and the shrimp inside is soft and fresh along with the thing bottom of the toast that is crispy without being oily.