Imagine rounded sleek chairs, soft curves on a modern sofa, and smooth and supple edges on beds and basically just about any design element you can consider adding in your home. The pop-up compartments can be opened or closed easily to save space in the room. These latest wooden king size bed designs are overlaid with a protective covering of wooden finish available in different choices viz, walnut, honey, mahogany, and teak. Do, however, keep in mind that while the colors are bolder in spirit, they don’t always need to be super bright. Latest Wooden Bed Designs: Transform your Bedroom into a Serene Escape. They boast a luxurious feel about them and they make for a stunning statement. Buff leather, earthenware, and soft natural materials; soft blue-grays and pastel pinks, lilacs and greens are also dominating this modern furniture trend. From the best modern furniture for small apartments to the most affordable pieces you can update your home with instantly, there’s plenty of terrific décor ideas to take in. The bedroom design … We’ve always been fascinated by creative wooden interiors, and we strive to find new interesting ideas every day … but finding out how creative some architects can be is even more fascinating than wood … From natural stone to wood, and to natural fabrics, 2019 modern furniture trends call for a high-touch feel and are a far cry from the synthetics often found with fast-fashion furniture makers. The fact … If you’re on the hunt for inspiring modern furniture trends for 2019, fresh from a slew of interior design shows the world over, our team at Décor Aid shared their takes on what’s ahead. Think ambiguous silhouettes, artful touches, and asymmetry galore. Do, however, keep in mind that while the colors are bolder in spirit, they don’t always need to be super bright. Conventional Bed: It is a platform bed with a wooden frame and a plank to support the mattress. Just take a look at how great they look in this, With a nod to brilliant old-world elegance and a penchant for everyday glamor, the return of, Bright geometric patterns are also great for outdoor furniture, as their bold and fun prints brighten up your, The 10 Best Vegan And Organic Furniture Brands, 10 Inspiring Small Backyard Ideas To Inspire. With rose gold out and the return of classic gold, brass, and silver having a moment, we are seeing them being used in more interesting and intricate ways. Here, you can find the best wooden king size bed designs online with storage as well, available with hydraulic storage, drawer-type side storage, and storage as headboard and sideboard shelves. Plus, it can be sourced affordably, is easy to maintain, and is highly durable. These tones are earthy, but they aren’t rich or aggressive in the same way that an eclectic or bohemian design direction calls for. Bedroom Design Trends in 2020 – Pictures and Ideas As we make our way through the beginning months of the new year, the annual design trends are beginning to come into focus. And it makes sense as the return to the design era is perfectly in keeping with the metals and geometric patterns that are popping up when considering modern furniture trends. The minimalist modern bed frames of past have had their day, and up and coming modern furniture trends are calling for more ornate and interesting headboard options that are much more comfortable and cozy in design – enter; the wingback bed. With retro-inspired designs and Mid-Century Modern décor continuing to gain momentum well into 2019, there’s no denying the timeless appeal of modern furniture trends that pay homage to great design moments of era’s past. Wingback beds hug your bed in a nurturing manner, helping your bedroom feel like the cozy sanctuary it should while adding a distinct touch of stylish design.