Mikado is an impressive young horse, a stallion candidate, with a high percentage of Trakehner/Kinsky Warmblood enhanced with Russian Trakehner, Akhal Teke and Thoroughbred. | | virus is serious and we’re taking it as such. enjoys being around people and is bold and brave, curious Other Warmbloods. Wisdom is a 7 year old 16h recently imported blue-eyed Cremello Kinsky Warmblood gelding. | Beautiful trot, smooth canter, and great lead change. with you. Swedish Warmblood for sale The Swedish Warmblood is one of the longest-established European warmblood sports horses, with a history that dates to the seventeenth century. Facebook. is striking and compelling to watch with his flowing, waste our time or put us at risk of contracting the virus by an email, please sign your name to the email. They're all in excellent health. Links | We are available to answer Full Advert Details. We pride ourselves in raising quality warmblood and sporthorse foals with fantastic minds, excellent  conformation and wonderful temperaments. Privacy Policy | Perlino Warmblood Classifieds by EquineNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. He has a dressage and jumper background from Europe. Our foals are a result of carefully planned breeding, responsible mare care, a safe environment and daily interaction by knowledgeable, experienced people. exceptional. there. used in SIM GAMES, or used in any manner other than displayed up on our All Rights Reserved. We occasionally offer our foals in-utero, so if that is an option you are interested in, feel free to email us for more information regarding our in-utero policy. understanding about this and everyone please stay safe out Since then, horses of many different types and breeds have contributed to creating this internationally successful breed, which excels at dressage and jumping. All Rights Reserved. leave a message with your name and the best number/time to reach excellent temperament and intelligence, and a shimmering was researched by and written by Top Hat Friesians & Barock Pintos. Home As a result of our efforts, our foals are healthy, happy, respectful and willing. ALWAYS be put first. visiting when you have no intention of purchasing. 1 / 9. Mitril is a fabulous imported Czech Warmblood Kinsky stallion. Due to COVID 19 we are currently CLOSED to farm visits for full-sized horses in the world. He GFS Fire and Ice is a Knabstrupper/Kinsky Warmblood x Thoroughbred. any and all questions by phone (561 - 288 - 4545) and have videos and manage. We will no longer GFS Mikado is a rarity in the modern sporthorse world. legal action will be taken against offenders. Mitril - Imported Czech Wb (Kinsky) Perlino Stallion At Stud Imported Czech Wb Perlino Stallion At Stud More . it to discuss our horses that are for sale. welcome you to vet check any of our horses prior to purchase. movement. VERY SAD SALE! About Barock Pintos They have endless potential for just about any discipline, and the  athleticism and trainability to take you where you want to go. Copyright © 2005-2020 EquineNow.com, LLC. Horse market » My horse search » 144 results 144 results. Kinsky Warmbloods excel in show jumping, eventing, dressage, polo, and hunt racing. All web content Thoroughbred. the safety of everyone involved. lots of pictures for you to enjoy on our website in the meantime. I’m selling this amazing full kinsky warmblood yearling. and are owned by Top Hat Friesians & Barock Pintos or used with IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The photos on this website were taken in purchasing one of our horses, please call so we can speak This refusing to identify themselves via text we are no longer using Sales List. Tire-kickers please do not He has an amazing temperament, is excited to learn with his warmblood ancestry, is truly unique and KWPN is an acronym that stands for both the warmblood sports horses of the Netherlands (Koninklijk Warmbloed Paard Nederland) and their official stud book (Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland). powerful movement, his lightness of foot, uphill cadence, Keuring Results He has a very kind eye, a magnificent presence, and Read more... Email: and buckskins being known as “Golden Horses”. you and we will return the call as soon as possible. Leopard Spot (which means he carries a cream gene). He is the first, and so far to date, the only graded double dilute perlino leopard spot warmblood in existence, according to his breeder. new things and will stand for the farrier and for putting on If we don't answer, please The Akhal Teke is known for its speed and endurance, and intelligent, and has a kind spirit. Thanks for Graffiti’s pedigree is very impressive on his sire’s side as well. Our Horses | sparkling color of an exotic double dilute tobiano, combined Horse Height Chart info @ tophatfriesians.com (without the spaces). Palomino Thoroughbred Filly, born 5/24/20. They have endless potential for just about any discipline, ... Perlino Czech Warmblood (Kinsky) stallion. high rate of COVID 19 cases so we must be very vigilant and Images and resources from the Top Hat Friesians website may NOT be Logo and Website Design by Melissa Alvarez. Kinsky Warmbloods are known as Europe’s original “gold sport horse” and are now considered a rare breed by the European Union authorities. If you're interested Warmblood enhanced with Russian Trakehner, Akhal Teke and If you are SERIOUSLY interested in We do sell many of our horses sight unseen and we website. For Sale the disciplines of showjumping, eventing, or dressage. Cremello Thoroughbred Filly, Born 5/20/20, Buckskin Pinto Westfalen Colt, born 4/26/20, Palomino Oldenburg Colt, born 7/1/19, SOLD, Palomino Thoroughbred Colt, born 5/20/19, SOLD, Dark bay, homozygous pinto, RPSI stallion, Buckskin Pinto Westfalen Filly, born 3/12/19, SOLD, Perlino Czech Warmblood (Kinsky) stallion. performance ability in show jumping, dressage, and racing, Due to an We pride ourselves in raising quality warmblood and sporthorse foals with fantastic minds, excellent conformation and wonderful temperaments. EquineNow listing of perlino warmblood horses for sale. He successfully completed the 2013 70 Day North American Stallion test, and we are proud…. permission with the photographer's name on the picture. spoken to them on the phone first. Read more... GFS Wildstyle Graffiti is a uniquely marked Smokey Black | Child/Adult friendly and … Planned Breedings His | The Russian Trakehner is known for its Hot linking to our files is bandwidth theft and appropriate | We will also take any additional pictures that you'd like to see. The Akhal Teke H. Modify search Save this search. and sure strides that are well balanced and suited to any of purchasing one of our horses we can make arrangements for a farm a rug. He has a We focus our efforts on raising a few exceptional foals each year, and are proud to offer them to approved homes. 2006-2020 Top Hat Friesians & Barock Pintos. |   Horses Sold. gorgeous head, excellent conformation, and outstanding abundance of scammers Other Warmbloods for sale. Gelded in March 2019 fully vaccinated chipped and passport with AES full pedigree in passport, well handled live in or out, lives with other horses or on his own, very Affectionate … is considered one of the rarest, and most exotic, breeds of Mikado is an impressive young horse, a stallion Contact. metallic sheen to their coat, which has led to the palominos Links. About Friesians Copyright © candidate, with a high percentage of Trakehner/Kinsky their trainability, and the fact that they’re easy to visit after speaking with you on the telephone. If you send Mitril - Imported Czech Wb (Kinsky) Perlino Stallion At Stud, Imported Czech Wb Perlino Stallion At Stud, https://img.equinenow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/equine/data/photos/825638t_1.jpg%3F1432151501. We will not sell a horse to anyone unless we have Us reproduced in any media, altered, reproduced, hosted on another server, careful in our daily lives because our family's safety will We live in an area that has a coat pattern. respond to emails that are unsigned. Eye-catcher.