It’s white. The longer you remain ignorant, the more control they have. i never read all the comments so spare me if im repeating. the sun is more like a albino pole yellow or a super pale yellow. There are all sorts of things one can quibble over, although, I personally say, let the artists have liberty to make things visually look “good”–accuracy isn’t always important for all applications. Our Sun is estimated to be approximately 5800 o Kelvin, and when viewed from outside Earth’s atmosphere, it appears white. Because we’re the descendants of life that has evolved on this planet for 3.8 billion years. Also, Betelguese is a red supergiant, it is much further along in its lifecycle than the sun, which is still in the main sequence (HR Diagram). You should be asking yourself what’s wrong with me and then reevaluate the world around you. Now the moon is so bright white it’s hard to look at, seriously look at the moon now and try to see it’s features like you used to be able too, all the features now are washed out with the intense brightness. Depends on what you mean by “highly concentrated”. It keeps you in line, to the same effect as the pyramid logo found everywhere, including the dollar bill. If you had been born in Africa with limited money and education , you would be living in a mud but too! I thought that agreed number of stars in the Milky Way was around 400 billion. The fault lies in our eyes, we see all the spectrum output at once and our eyes blend them together. Dear Davon The Sun does not appear a little bit white. No, the sun’s light is white, but the sun is yellow. Well, as this article says, the sun will devour the Earth with heat in about 1 billion years. The net energy that reaches the surface is about 1000 watts/m^2 for direct sunlight at one atmosphere (AM1, directly overhead). I vaguely recall a result of 18,000 years for the one paper I saw. You’re not really white. That is what star color is dummy! However, the Sun is essentially all colors mixed together, which appear to our eyes as white. But the suns highest color spectrum output is green. The sun is NOT acting right, nor is the Earth. That probably means it is hotter since a white star is hotter than a yellow one. The area of the sun we call the “surface” is really just the outermost layer that radiates a significant amount of light. I’m glad you asked. While it only takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for the light from the surface of the sun to reach us, it actually takes about 10,000-170,000 years for a photon to travel from the core of the sun to the surface. But color is really just a subjective experience created by our brain. The suns ray as many probraly know take 8 minutes to reach our plant and enter the atmosphere as well as the suns ray in our atmospher is not actully yellow but looks yellow as all the rays of the sun like inferred, UV, the blue rays(cant remember name) aswell as the other colours; green, purple etc. We can’t see it as green because our eyes are seeing all the color spectrum output by the sun at once, and then blends them together. Come on people wake up and get a clue. this is why we can get cancer from the sun because many rays a deadly to us humans. [I see mac has addressed the oversaturation issue of our color cones.]. 4) Spectral Photon flux. It was very yellow then. Or so I’m told. There is actually quite a bit of the Sun above that layer. A correct statement would be that the Sun is mostly white with a tinge of yellow., George, your friendy neighborhood heliochromologist. Very good point,I would like to know the reason also? These stars star off as being more white (F10) and progress towards being white-bluish as they move up the chart. Shouldn’t that chart technically say Sol and not Sun? The Sun is classified as a dwarf star (G2V).