I’m not surprised to see that. People who may have histamine intolerance or are looking to reduce or reverse the condition will often need to go on a low-histamine diet. Factors that lead to histamine intolerance cause the following: Histamine intolerance is fairly rare, impacting an estimated 1 percent of the population. People often wonder if histamine intolerance is a real thing, or if it is some sort of fad diagnosis. They have more than they need circulating throughout their body, and that is where these symptoms take root. I can see the search words they use. DAO deficiency is what I would like to say is the prelude or introduction of the actual symptoms, manifestations, or warning signs such as the hives, breathing problems, anxiety, itching, nausea and more. People often wonder if histamine intolerance is a real thing, or if it is some sort of fad diagnosis. I didn’t want a bandaid – I wanted a cure. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new vitamins, supplements, diet, or exercise program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. ( Log Out /  I can even eat chocolate and drink wine. Bottom Line: What is happening with histamine intolerance is that people are running with a higher foundational level of histamine then necessary. I am begging anyone for help. I had believed so strongly that there was a bigger issue and I was right. I have since heard some women need to take a higher dose than 1000mg of D3. All information provided on this web site or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. colon—simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “um, maybe just eat more flax”. Of course he already knew the solution to my problem but he needed to know me—the whole me—and then he had to help the whole me understand what was happening to the rest of me. Watching the digestion of histamines I have nearly everything under control, but pressure is also a cause of our problems. There is a reason I didn’t give you dosages or supplement names or types in this post because you’re body is unique and you need to speak to a professional to figure out your own game plane. I had never heard of this before and was incredibly curious. It made SO much sense. He prescribed a bio-identical progesterone cream (natural and compounded) along with chrysin — which is an estrogen blocker. The imbalanced estrogen was “pushing” my histamine levels to the overflow mark and it only made sense that any slight provoking would be like the last drop of water that triggers the overflow of the entire tub. Integrative medicine takes the whole body approach instead of separating the issues, because in the end, everything is connected. An invader (such as pollen, dust particles or an insect’s venom) enters the body. To date, no humans have been documented as being intolerant or allergic to histamine. You do not want to settle on an answer when you are misattributing symptoms that are coming from another cause altogether. My advice is to find a functional medicine doctor that can assess your health and family history. Why Would Someone Have Too Much Histamine? That is where things get difficult, and cause a lot of issues. She is much better today : ) P.S. I have just had a metabolic study done [last week] of my absorbson of calcium as it was being absorbed in the arm and spine but not the hip! It can come on out of the blue and alter your life in ways you couldn’t imagine the day before you had that first weird itch. The doctors did not say I needed to take 1000mg of D3 for the Calcium to be absorbed in the body. I guess also if you ride a bike for pleasure you may get the same problem. My doctor prescribed Oral Estrogen but every time I take it I have a histamine reaction. Dr Tano was so confident and sure about this that I couldn’t help believe it myself. . All check out The Institute for Functional Medicine for great resources and a new approach to health and healing. Much of the information contradicts other information, my own personal experiences, and things my doctors have told me. Dr. C’s gift for figuring out what really works has helped hundreds of thousands of people reverse thyroid disease, lose weight, diabetes, and regain energy. The lower part of my face around my mouth was inflamed with incredibly itchy, red, blotchy hives, and my lips…oh my poor lips. Hot flashes, phantom periods, and raisins. When things happen with this much synchronicity it’s hard to deny that they won’t work out for the best. I had started peri-menopause at 36—had a helluva a time with it—and by the time I was 40 I was in full-blown menopause and post menopausal at 44. Is Histamine Intolerance Real? So now I have my allergy kit with pills, inhaler, and epipens. Histamine is known as a biogenic amine, which means that it triggers an inflammatory response in your body to make this happen. There I tell you how to start an elimination diet and how to use a food diary. Social anxiety, depression, and dating app use: What is the link? Bottom Line: Whether it comes from your diet or from other compounds, it is important to know that histamine intolerance might not be the end of the story. You can fix it. An increase in how much histamine a person’s digestion releases. If not it is a worry because they should! Thank you so much for your post, my symptoms are similar, and I first started noticing the “itchies” at age 40that have developed into full blown mast cell activation syndrome now at age 47. But almost all foods and drinks contain some level of histamine, and these usually increase as the food ages, spoils, or ferments. hives, blisters, itchiness, breathing difficulties, etc. So yes, I am here to tell you that histamine intolerance is real. I awoke to an itchy chin and my lips tingling and burning. Most people associate histamine with immune responses in the body. This is not something you have to be tortured by. All orders are processed on a secure server. I felt confident this was easy for me to do since I had lost my husband six months prior and the stress of his illness no longer overshadowed me. To date, no humans have been documented as being intolerant or allergic to histamine. First, you can do it empirically. It just didn’t seem right to me. Instead, we should be more concerned about the level of it (rather than its overall presence). Five colonoscopies, three endoscopies, and several ultrasounds before the age of 40 left me frustrated and confused. My late husband, Klink, of course told me to go to the doctor but I felt it had to be a reaction to something I had eaten the day before. When we think about histamine, we can understand it as a natural response to: Histamine leaves your body by way of various enzymes in your body that are in charge of breaking down histamine in your body. This particular incident wasn’t as severe as they had been in the past and it didn’t last as long either. People often wonder if histamine intolerance is a real thing, or if it is some sort of fad diagnosis. In August at my first follow-up appointment, we rechecked my hormones and blood work and even though I still had a long way to go, we started to see some improvements. Histamine intolerance can also be caused by mast cell dysfunction Dr. Kalika says, which can result in histamine overload. Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Returns and Shipping | Contact Us| FAQ, Some sort of chemical trauma to your body. A histamine intolerance occurs when “accumulated histamine and the capacity for histamine degradation” becomes imbalanced, “almost 20% of the Westernized world’s population suffers from some type of food intolerance.”, There are several possible reasons a person develops a histamine intolerance, DAO (diamine oxidase, which breaks down histamine in the digestive tract), The list is extensive and includes antidepressants, pain medications, and antibiotics, mimic other conditions such as gastrointestinal diseases and food allergies, Can any of us avoid wine, chocolate, grilled foods, strawberries, cheese, eggs, and many, many others indefinitely. I received a clean bill of health from the doc and just need to stay on my regiment of supplements and BI HRT and I should be good. And please note that DAO supplements will not fix HI, it will only mask it. In most cases, making dietary changes, as well as taking anti-histamines or enzyme supplements, may help manage histamine intolerance within a few weeks. *Information on this website does not replace advice and information provided by your medical practitioner. I have yet to get the results. In fact, you yourself have not even healed completely yet. You could take any one person, give them a mega dose of histamine, and they will start developing them. Gynecologists will put you on HRT and allergists will put you on anti-histamines but no one will help you fix what’s gone wrong. Or is it more likely to be genetic at that point? He’s also the author of several books including The Layman’s Guide To INTEGRATIVE IMMUNITY: Discover the 3 Keys To Maximum Health, and Hormone Imbalance Syndrome: America’s Silent Plague: Uncovering the Roots of the Obesity Epidemic and Most Common Diseases. Don’t miss out! I have not had the hives at all. For that reason, I would also not recommend diets that are designed to cut down on histamine ingestion just yet. I also have had reactions to a few things I am not actually allergic to. There is clear data indicating that histamine from foods can be absorbed. What did I do to trigger this? I have had a week of mixed results. I couldn’t eat anything and it was painful to drink liquids or to even speak. It also restricted my diet so much that it became unhealthy for me. After several messages back and forth with her singing this doctors’ praise, I googled him up and then called to make an appointment. Because they are so general, it is difficult for us to think of them too specifically. Take a look at my post “I think I’m histamine intolerant what do I do now.” You can use the search tool to find it. Even if you strongly suspect it, you will never know if you have gotten a handle on it. We’ve been told that it’s diamine oxidase or DAO but it’s actually behind the scenes of DAO that is creating the problems. It can affect your: These are all things that histamines effect, and that histamines lower! I am 44 and had a hysterectomy (have one ovary left) 8 years ago due to severe endometrial tumors and chronic bleeding. Talk about Freaking. I am wishing you the best as I know you are still on your journey. It took me years—maybe my entire lifetime— to get to this state of hormonal imbalance and I knew I couldn’t expect it to change overnight. The truth is that most dietary gluten comes from: These same foods are also high in histamine, and they are quite often seasoned with high-histamine ingredients. What I mostly love about Dr. Tano is that he’s an Integrative Immunoligist and takes a whole body approach to my wellbeing. Seems there’s not much info out there (even less when I first started a year ago) and just like how most everything works on the internet these days, everyone just keeps repeating the same thing. Bottom Line: There could be something different, and unrelated, causing the exact same symptoms that you might have thought were being caused by histamine intolerance. I also have eczema and asthma. I hear ya sister… I started peri-menopause at 36 and full-blown menopause at 42 as well. That starts with learning more about your body, whether it has to do with histamine intolerance or your thyroid. Goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland. I wish doctors would give the whole information and not part of it! And when a doctor looks at you sideways, walk the Hell out the door and either fix it yourself or find someone who will listen! The former is more likely, and the latter (due to gene defects) is quite rare. Plus, having gone through 20 years of trying to figure out what was wrong with my gut, I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in traditional medicine.