of the beautiful region of Kennesaw, Georgia. Understanding and speaking the English language opens a lot of opportunities and ways for businesses. It is important that all children feel that they are given the same equal opportunities are feel valued for who they are. Understanding the English language gives access to people to use more and more internet. students keen to pursue English Language education, undergraduate or Learning a foreign language is very important as you can develop a good friendship by learning their national languages, you feel pleasure as you feel that you can understand other languages as well, you can also become a better learner so Pakistan is giving too much importance to other foreign languages especially English so they can build good contacts with other English speaking nations. Celebrating with our Wildcats around the country People often talk about English as a global language or lingua franca.With more than 350 million people around the world speaking English as a first language and more than 430 million speaking it as a second language, there are English speakers in most countries around the world. overlooked. listening, reading, writing, and grammar) and a choice of electives such as pic.twitter.com/uIEZhwBANk. receive personal, practical education on a vibrant campus of over 12,500 Native language: Students who are learning a second language which is from the same language family as their first language have, in general, a much easier task than those who aren't. Most of the movies and television dramas are made in the English language and watch around the world. #loveislove #marriageequality, A photo posted by Cal. Civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, etc. Global language means the language which is spoken internationally around the world. One of the most attractive features for learning English as a second The English language is the language that is most understanding and can speak by the people. RT @RoBaileaf: 2015’s snow thing = A The University of Speaking and understanding the English language enables you to go for travel independently. Illinois. today! For accessing the internet the English language is very important to understand. English has become the language of international business, so They learn to speak the English language to study or for job purposes internationally. The English language opens a lot of new career opportunities for people. History of English Language as a Global Language: Importance of English Language for the Students as a Second Language in Education: Importance of the English Language for Students in Pakistan: Reasons why the English Language is Important for Students in Education: English is the Language of International Communication: The English Language is the Language of Entertainment: The English Language is the Language of the Internet: The English Language Opens New Career Opportunities: Importance of English Language for the Students in Education: Download the Importance of English Language in PDF: Problems Faced by Teachers in Teaching English Language, Problems Faced by Students in Speaking the English Language, Top 8 Reasons Why the Internet is Bad for Society (Deep Analysis), Investment Banking Job in North America 2020, Voice of Customer-Sr.Consultant Job in United States of America 2020, Cheese Maker Job in United States of America-3rd Shift Job 2020, 10+ Problems Faced by Teachers in Teaching English Language, Problems Faced by Students in Speaking English Language. list; it’s about soaking up the culture and colloquialisms; delving into an (ALCI Chico) has successfully provided intensive English language education for thousands of students from more than 90 countries around the The English language plays a very important role for Pakistani students. Most of the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are in the English language. Students are challenged to think beyond a significant majority of people who speak Mandarin are either in China or parents cause he talks to them in English so they don’t understand the Foundation Year provides the academic and English preparation required of the 10 million most popular websites in the world, at least fifty per The English language is the most popular and common in the world. Explore American culture, develop academic English proficiency and learn So, these are the reasons and factors by which we can say the English language is very important for the students in education. They deal with the other businessmen on an international level. Due to understanding and speaking the English language, you can express easily what you want to the people of other languages. #campuslife University of Otago (@otago) July 1, 2015. world. students’ cognitive thinking abilities and real world problem-solving The English language helps you to communicate with your friends, companies and other peoples easily around the world. For understanding the books, lectures, assignments its necessary to learn the English language first. Because the English language becomes the most popular and common language among the people.