Hi. However, when we built the units we quickly figured out that was not the case as both pieces are screwed together in a very specific manor with a metal hinge. See my, IKEA PAX Closet Hack Part 2 can be found here, Stunning Hollow Door Upgrade for Less Than $20, 18 Fall Farmhouse Décor Items to Love This Season. This was IT – huge life-changer. I started off using a circular saw, but it took a lot more work and my cuts weren’t very straight. Our wardrobes come in all sorts of sizes and designs to suit your clothes, style and space. . Okay, maybe that’s not why I usually have a laundry basket full of clothes lying around. I also think switching out the (most likely) outdated lighting will be crucial in pulling together the closet as well. However the bifold doors were a little too big for the closet opening. Many of our wardrobes include interior fittings such clothes rails and shelves to help you organize your stuff. It’s not noticeable now that all my stuff is in there, and I get that one solid piece of wood for the back would be really heavy, but for the price, I was expecting solid walls on all sides. My closet measures 78″ deep, 54″ wide, and 116″ tall. Our closet is 8H x 2D as well so your list is very helpful. Thank you so much for stopping by! Love this closet! Brands like Superfront, Norse Interiors, and Semihandmade are especially noteworthy because their collections feature intricate fronts and modern pulls. I also added a gold necklace holder with a basket at the top to put other things like watches. I hope you enjoy what you find here. My closet is 25 inches deep so I’m not sure if I should go with the 14 in deep pax shelves or 23! I went heavy with the staples. In those cases, a corner wardrobe is the best option since it’ll be both practical and add a visual in a corner. For around $250 we were able to completely transform her closet with the help of the Ikea Pax hack. DON’T DO THIS. STEP 4: Install the closet pole sockets. If interested, this is the caulk gun I use. I can’t even imagine trying to transport all of these heavy pieces myself, even if I had a truck that would fit it all. (install your support boards (M) to the back of the frame), STEP 14: Repeat Step 6 above. You can customize the design of your wardrobe to your personal taste by choosing your own interior fitting. Closet Remodel Part 1. by Alex - 04:55 AM - 18.03.2019. They will tell you that your only option is to remove the baseboards before the setup guys come. Plus it’s so great when I’m getting ready in the morning to have a giant mirror in our bedroom. Unless your baseboards are super thick, they will still set it up and make sure that the top of the closet is attached to your wall. It is important to determine which side you want as the front in this step, because you’ll want to put the shelf on the correct side of the frame. Love this. the brackets? My top shelf is 16″ from the bottom side of the top of the frame. But I will check next time I go in store. What we should have done (and what you should do too if you’re ordering an IKEA closet system), is to just say at the store that you don’t have baseboards, and schedule the IKEA guys to do the setup for you (even if you do have baseboards). The door is 24″ wide. I hope you’ve had as much fun with this build as I did. As a heads up, if you do have baseboards, your closet will obviously not be 100% flush against the wall and straight vertical. I wanted more space to maneuver to hang clothes and I didn’t want the door to close on top of the cabinets! While the Task Rabbit worked on the heavy/difficult parts of the IKEA PAX closet set up, I put together all of the drawers. I used a 1/4″ bit, but only used it for the shelf peg holes (more on that later). STEP 13: Repeat Step 5 above. I chose the 14’ deep and 29’ wide wardrobe as this was the best fit for our closet. how lovely of you! on: function(evt, cb) { One side of my closet was too narrow, and the PAX system would have protruded into my closet doorway (I’m guessing the result would have been many stubbed toes – ouch). My daughter’s closet is 6 feet wide. BEAUTIFUL! It goes beautifully with the wallpaper. I did this beautiful swan wallpaper from Hibbou Home as an accent wall. Looks like you have very healthy hanging space side on either even with the 29″ unit in the middle. Difficult set up: The set up is very difficult, and absolutely not doable with one person. Beautiful closet makeover. I allowed 2.5″ of room between the top of the poles and the bottom of the shelves they’re installed under. I bought the 39’ Komplement shelves ($10 each) and had to cut them to fit the closet. On the side of the shelf that was not attached to the wall, did you pre drill holes and the use the provided white clip things to attach the shelf to the frame of the Ike pax? 3/4″ MDF board for the frames and shelves. (Make sure you have Adobe if you want to try it) Then, I decided I wanted to tackle the basic IKEA design with my own measurements and build it myself. Hi there how wide are the shelves on either side? Ceres, your daughter’s closet turned out brilliantly!!! Now you’re ready to install the frames in your closet! It would have saved us a ton of time but the quality wasn’t what we were hoping for. You did everything in her closet I have been swirling around in my head for my daughter’s! They are worth every penny my friends! This Ikea Pax hack adds a ton of storage to a master room that had a small closet and was lacking storage. The shelves on the sides and rods are the tricky part. I ended up using trim that was rounded on one side to cover the almost 2″ gap between the units and the wall, and thats really when the units started to have that “custom built-in” look! I know, gross. Do you know the width of the entire closet? Thanks! You do want to have some space for hanging clothes . The shallow frames for shelving are 11″ deep, 18″ wide, and 97″ tall (I have 3). Did you attach the backing to the wardrobe or simply use the frame against the wall? I am thinking to go with the 22inch depth to utilize the space. I could take a guess but your set up looks perfect. Since I had some wallpaper leftover I decided to put it to good use and add on the inside of the closet. A wardrobe or armoire can be fitted to your bedroom so that it looks like an integrated part of the room. Hi Monika!! Hi! These super handy adjustable drawer organizers, 10 Things I Learned During My First Year …, Affordable Egg Chairs: 8 Dupes for the Target …. You are the sweetest . })(); *Affiliated links are added to this post*This means that if you buy something from a link you have clicked, I may receive a small commission, sometimes pennies, but you don’t spend a penny more! Are they 29in ?? I used it pretty much everywhere to make a clean seam in the closet. Thanks! Hello beautiful work <3 I am curious about the shelf’s in the middle did u use 4 or 3.. and what size are they?? This was something I was a little nervous about since it is IKEA and sometimes things can be a bit off if you know what I mean! We have half-inch thick baseboards and there’s no way we’re about to tear out baseboards in our apartment. Lastly, it’s finally time for the organization! Then this Easy DIY Custom Closet: Budget Ikea Hack is just for you! You’re telling all your friends to send people your way because they need a new closet design too!