Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. I’m not a woman who needs or wants to be rescued, not now, not before I married. Let go of your expectations of people and see how your relationships change. To hope that another human can meet our needs is asking too much of anyone. You are important to me. Ask him to help you and make you the biggest most cheerful servant in the house and not to worry about if anyone is serving you or not. There are certain requests you should never make of your husband, even though, yes, he's your partner. He gave me life but never showed up in my life. Don’t Let The Prosperity Preachers Steal All The Good Promises! Many girls wanted to fulfill that cookie-cutter dream of meeting their husband in college and starting a family right after, but after those four years quickly slipped away, they found themselves alone and scrambling. Expectations are dangerous and will always disappoint. Many girls believe in this piece of advice, adhering to it more often than not. He is doomed to fail from the beginning and you will end up disappointed, yet again. My friends at school never knew I had a father because they never saw him. It's ours. Khrystle Rea is a certified health + fitness coach who helps women kick anxiety to the curb naturally. Remain open to all possibilities by staying in the present moment. Relationships aren't about the destination, but the journey. So here's why you need to stop looking for your husband in every guy. I had no idea where my dad lived. What if I marry someone, then I meet somebody prettier or funnier? If you are constantly judging them on their potential to lead to marriage, you will never see them for who they really are. Our generation is seeing more living together and less tying the knot. You see, I need romance and affection, and my husband just isn’t very affectionate. Imagine if you didn't start with any expectations? The Answer May Surprise You! I couldn’t guarantee much in terms of regular or consist contact. For example, if you seek to be financially independent, your self-sufficiency can crush your husband’s spirit. What Does It Mean To Fear God? Awesome! Realize each moment you are being the best you at that time. A woman once told me that I should marry a man who loves me more than I love him. This is the reason so many put off marriage and look right past great prospective spouses that simply are not good enough. 12 LIFE GIVING Bible Verses To Conquer Depression and Hopelessness, 19 PROFOUND Reasons We Should Give Thanks To The Lord, 20 Rock Solid Reasons You Can Trust God Today, 23 POWERFUL Ways To Humble Yourself And Be Blessed, 5 Staggering Ways My Identity In Christ Changes Everything, BANISH Fear: 13 Bible Verses About Fear To Fill You With Peace, Can You Lose Your Salvation?