Cottage manufacturing in fabrics have included spinning thread, weaving cloth, sewing garments and shoemaking. 22. You can set up a cleaning service and earn some good money per hour from helping people clean their homes. 44. Locksmithing. Cookies help us deliver our site. Mobile Phone Accessories: There are just so many phone accessories to sell from fast chargers to protective casings, hands-free devices, photo enhancement devices, storage devices and so on. Beekeeping and Honey Production: Honey has a lot of medicinal benefits and this is why they have become a sort of must-have for every home. You can also get some commercial establishments to pay you for cleaning their offices and business spaces. Knitting: Knitting is often overlooked as a business and many people consider it a hobby but do you know you can make a lot of money from making and selling knitted baby caps, bibs, blankets, quilts, mats, and clothes. Welding. Candle Making: Candles are very common amongst spiritualists, restaurant owners, party planners and romantic lovers. During the colonial times, however, families would produce clothes, food and other goods in their homes to support themselves, as industrialization hadn't yet led to mass manufacturing. Gunsmithing: If the Gun laws in your locality permits it, you can start a business of making and repairing guns. Expert insight from IBISWorld Research Analysts, Coronavirus Impact on Industries & Sectors Around the World, Top 10 Industries Expected to Expand in 2019, Five Industries Set to Outperform Due to COVID-19: Part 2. Home businesses have also featured the ironwork production of farm-friendly hardware: blacksmithing, locksmithing, gunsmithing and handtooling. This is a very good business idea for you if you are very good with graphics and drawings. Woodworking and carpentry have produced housewares such as cabinetry and furniture. T-Shirt Designer: You can also earn money from designing and selling T-shirts on platfoms like Teespring and Zazzle. The number of pets is forecast to grow 2.0% annually on average during the next five years, which will support revenue growth for homepreneurs offering pet-related services. If you want to get more customers and earn more profits, you should consider offering remote computer repair services too so that you can sell your services to people from all over the world. 10. At the lowest levels of … Making Wigs and Weaves: You can also learn how to make wigs ad weaves from the comfort of your home and sell them on popular eCommerce sites like Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. 49. some examples of a cottage industry are a mango preservatives, seamstress, joiner etc. A large organized list of IT elements and techniques. If the definition of industry is expanded to embrace the offsite design, documentation, programming, testing, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes, could a home-based “virtual assembly line” emerge through a high-speed Internet of Things (IoT)? 34. 50. 13. This type of business requires very little capital to set up and if you’re very good at what you do, you would have a lot of customers calling you up for massage sessions every week. COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Cottage industries is a term that was prevalent during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to describe the home-based system of manufacturing. Events Hosting: Event organizers often require the services of hostesses and ushers to help them coordinate events. 36. Cottage industry involved thousands of individual manufacturers. 47. 31. 36. Personal Chef: If you are a good cook, you can become a personal chef. 46. Improved economic conditions may spur performers to seek loans for self-promotion purposes like acting reels or headshots. You can purchase equipment that you know are in high demand within your locality (such as construction equipment), and earn money from renting them out to people who cannot afford to buy their own equipment, or who are just looking to save money by renting equipment instead of buying them. Select a traditional cottage industry during the 1700s. After the Global recession that hit major economies of the world in the early part of this century, more people have tilted towards starting businesses of their own. This can include products and services as well as other types of value such as infrastructure, art and knowledge. 9. A list of examples of a negative company culture. The definition of white collar with examples. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. Clothes Designer: You can either set up your own clothing line, or sell design prototypes to owners of clothing lines in your area. 4. Childcare/Babysitting Services: Busy parents need people who can always look after their wards while they go about their daily activities. Skill Classes: If there’s any skill that you have acquired that people would be willing to learn, you can make money from teaching it. © copyright 2018 A lot of people would buy them if the designs are attractive. You can learn how to make your own brand of disposable diapers or cloth diapers. 10. 43. Catering: Catering is a very lucrative business with a good profit margin. With a pressing machine, you can easily set up your own mini essential oil factory where you manufacture and sell essential oils for profit. Tissue papers are a must-have sanitary product in every home and if you are able to create a very good product, you can earn good income making and selling them. 33. 27. Welding: Welders service a wide range of customers including people in the construction industry, automobile industry, agricultural industry, and so on. 21. 35. By continuing to visit this site without changing your settings, you are accepting our use of cookies. This type of business requires some training but as soon as you are able to start making locks, you’ll be able to earn a lot of money especially when you sell your services to building contractors and home builders. Gunsmithing: If the Gun laws in your locality permits it, you can start a business of making and repairing guns. 40. Consequently, credit unions harness a competitive advantage over other thrifts in this market. A reform-mandated increase in insurance coverage for services provided by psychologists is expected to help psychologists address this unmet need and open or expand such businesses. As unemployment falls and people are faced with waning free time, demand for professional event and party planning will grow. 40. 30. Farming, but only when the crops are mostly for sale and not for family consumption. Online Tutoring: This one is targeted at students and people who are hungry for information. If you are a gifted wordsmith, you can easily start a content writing business where you write from home and earn some money on a full-time or part-time basis from helping people develop attractive contents for their businesses. 24. Example of a Cottage Industry . Handyman: You can earn money from offering repair services to homeowners who need to have small repairs done in and around their homes. Honey also has a lot of byproducts that can also be converted to cash such as beeswax. 31. Baked Goods and Candies: You can start making cake, cookies, candies, pies, and other baked goods in your spare time and sell them to your colleagues at lunchtime or sell them to children at parks. We have come up with a list of at least 50 profitable cottage business ideas that cost very little or nothing to set up, and can always guarantee regular flow of income whether you choose to do them on the side, or as a full-time business. Copyright © 2020 Profitable Venture Magazine LLC | All Rights Reserved | See About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. You can buy these in bulk and resell them for a profit, or you can design your own mobile phone accessories, have them manufactured, and then sell them for a profit. 42. LockSmithing: Security is paramount on the minds of most individuals- everyone wants to leave their homes with a guarantee that it would be secure and protected from unwanted intrusions. During the next five years, small business growth potential makes these industries prime lending candidates for credit unions. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? 38. 20. In conclusion, please remember to check zoning and business establishment laws in your location if you are looking to set up any of these businesses (especially the ones that involve manufacturing).