Categories: Child, Growth & Development Tagged With: english, languages, teaching english, Your email address will not be published. Use it to help you do the activities with your child. This is a common concern among most of my friends. Introducing 3 new words at a time would be ideal so that the child will not have tough time remembering. This also helps with creating memory of sight words. When you pay a visit to the supermarket, provide your child with a list of items to look out for. For example, you can play short online English games each morning after breakfast or after school, sing on your way to and from school or read stories to your child before bedtime. In addition to that, you can also engage your children in learning the English language through the following games: Another interesting alternative will be to incorporate song and music into the learning sessions with your child. As your child grows older and more mature, you can expect growth in their attention span. The good news is, you don’t have to have perfect English yourself in order to teach your child, all that is needed is enthusiasm and encouragement your child. You should encourage your children to learn English the same way you would teach their first language. The most important thing is that children learn through play because this is the most natural way of learning for preschoolers. Young kids can only give you their attention for a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes at a time (in fact, twenty is pushing it! You can sing to children as you ride in a car or bus, visit the zoo, go to a mall, dress up, prepare food, have a bath, etc. Best Moral Stories for Kids- Must Read for Every Kid. Read this article to find out how you can help your child speak English at home. In addition, before they start school, children are expected to have acquired some of the phonics of their native language. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. As you may now realize, it is vital to use a variety of methods and a degree of fun in your lessons in order to catch the attention of your child. Encourage the child to flip the pages as you look at the illustrations together and say the words while pointing to the pictures. To further aid your children to pick up the language, listening to stories can also greatly assist your child in familiarizing with the rhythms and sounds of English. Latest Vaccination Chart for Indian Babies – 2019, How to Increase Breast Milk by Indian Food, 10 Attractive Haircuts For Your Baby Girl. Introducing 3 new words at a time would be ideal so that the child will not have tough time remembering. It is true that many countries do not use English as a first language or as the primary language of business. At this age, kids should also be able to remember the words of their favorite songs and poems. Look at the pictures in the book with your child and while pointing the pictures you say their names. In the modern world, more and more parents want their children to be speakers of the English language at a younger age. As such, when doting parents perceive that their children are slow to attain speaking fluency when compared to their peers, they may feel ... Accreditations earned through online courses and programs are gaining widespread acceptance throughout the world. How Can I Start Teaching My Child English At Home? There are many fun and engaging games which you can play with flashcards such as action games, memory games, word games and board games. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If your child is older, he/she can fill the accompanying downloadable activities to gauge their understanding. Reiterate the use of the vocabulary in the kitchen when you are back at home arranging the items that you have bought, adjectives (e.g. Here are a few examples of how you can use every day situations to teach your child English : Parents sometimes take the route of teaching complex grammar rules to their young children.