Laura's son Bobby Beale requires a blood transfusion shortly after his birth, making Laura realise that Ian must be his father, as her lover Garry Hobbs is not a match. The script, written by Debbie Cook, led to a confrontation that EastEnders' writer Colin Brake has suggested contained elements of tragedy and farce. However, to pay for it, Ian decides to sell his restaurant to a supermarket chain, causing the locals to protest.

[6] In 2019, he appeared on Celebrity Masterchef. Date of Birth Ian puts Bobby in a private school, hoping that it will help with his anger problems. Ian takes custody of Bobby and also takes in his half-brother Ben Mitchell, following the death of their mother. Ian receives texts from Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) that he hides them from Denise. Spin-off Appearances Actors who have portrayed Multiple Characters,, Ian Beale is one of the original twenty-three characters written by the creators of, Because the actress playing Ian's mother Kathy (.

Eventually, Zainab Khan persuades Ian to attend counselling in an attempt to recover from his mental breakdown and, after talking to Sharon, Lucy finally makes peace with her father. How old is Kathy in EastEnders?

A source reportedly told the publication: "People are queuing up to cave Ian’s head in.

Other names We'll also keep you up to date on what your favourite stars are up to in the real world too, and the breaking news as it happens. Ian Beale is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Adam Woodyatt. Feeling dejected, Ian goes to a strip club in August 2011 and is stunned to see Mandy Salter being thrown out. Over the last couple of years we've had a really tight crew and it's the best atmosphere I can remember. Phil threatens Ian and forces him to end the relationship. A long timer on The Square, Ian has pretty much seen it all (and been through it all). Tanya Cross, Max Branning and Alfie Moon find him and bring him back to the Square, but Lucy is unsympathetic, angered by his leaving her and Bobby, and slams the door in his face. After Jane comes out of her coma, Max forces her to leave Walford with Ian, but James Willmott-Brown, who is working with Max, orders Max to ensure that Ian remains in Walford, so Max blackmails Jane into leaving Walford alone.

Phil then gets Ian to visit Ben in prison to try to get him to retract his confession, but Ian says he cannot tell Ben what is right. When Lucy falls pregnant, she suggests that Jane raise the baby as her own.

Laura forgives Ian on the condition that they have a baby. Ian helps Mandy out and allows her to stay with him. Uncles Ben confesses to murdering Heather and is remanded in custody, leaving Ian shocked.

She is jailed on remand and dies several months later in prison during childbirth. Worried, Sharon believes that he is relying on pills to numb the pain of his grief and she and Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) comfort him.

Speaking about joining the production, Woodyatt commented: "I absolutely love performing in front of an audience as it’s so different to camera – I love the reaction of the audience. He identifies her body and then shares his devastating news with Jane, Denise, Cindy, Bobby and finally Peter. Rainie tells Denise the truth, but before Ian can explain to Denise, Cindy makes a sudden return, already several hours into her labour. Chips

Ian Beale is feeling prematurely smug, thinking he’s got one over on Max Branning. Adam Woodyatt, born in East London, had worked as an actor in his youth, but had given it up and relocated with his family to Wales. However, actress Gillian Taylforth was born on 14th August 1955, making her 64-years-old. Ian is shot but is only clipped by the bullet and recovers. Ian forgives Steven but banishes him from his life when he helps Lucy run away. Ian and Tina break up when Tina's parents make an unannounced visit and are unhappy with their living conditions, so they take Tina to Ilford. After Lauren tells Peter that she believes a member of the family murdered lucy, he accuses them of killing Lucy. Ian attacks Max in the street, but Max overpowers and punches him. After Jane comes out of her coma, Max forces her to leave Walford with Ian, but James Willmott-Brown (William Boyde), who is working with Max, orders Max to ensure that Ian remains in Walford, so Max blackmails Jane into leaving Walford alone.

Ian then pursues a new business venture: development of high-market flats. Or, maybe he can...? Struggling with their grief, Ian and Jane share a passionate encounter, giving Ian hope that they might reunite. "[11] More than 18 million viewers tuned in to see Ian gunned-down, which was more than sixty-four per cent of available viewers. Not only that, Jack points out that it’s illegal for Rainie and Stuart to pay her to be a surrogate mother. Suspecting that she is planning to leave him, Ian manipulates her by falsely claiming that Lucy is dying from lymphoma. He will take another break in 2020 lasting at least 10 weeks as part of his storyline

He can be nice to his family but he can be devious with them as well.

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They begin a relationship, realising that they both yearn for someone to love them, and Mandy accepts Ian's impromptu marriage proposal. Carl claims the money was his, and so extorts large sums of cash from Ian as payback.

Ian and Jane are devastated to hear that Steven has a brain tumour, but he has been lying about this in a desperate attempt to stay with Lauren.

Ian returns on Sharon's wedding day to try to stop her marrying Phil. Ian has a serious romance with Mel Healy, the manager of his bric-a-brac shop.

She proposes to him but later cheats on him with Steve Owen (Martin Kemp). EastEnders legend Ian Beale will reportedly face death this Christmas (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes).

Steven learns that Ian has been visiting local prostitute Janine Butcher, and tells Laura, before moving to New Zealand to live with Simon. Ian has several failed romances, including with his childhood friend, Sharon Watts. EASTENDERS legend Adam Woodyatt, famous to millions of fans as Ian Beale, has split from his wife after 22 years of marriage.

Ian refuses to acknowledge anyone. It's probably why I'm still here.

The 52-year-old first joined as Ian Beale … Cindy Williams (1989-97)Melanie Healy (1999-2000)Laura Dunn (2001-04)Jane Clarke (2007-11, 2015-17)

Ian is pessimistic when Lucy decides to set up her own property business and later becomes concerned about her when he discovers she is sleeping with Lee Carter and is taking cocaine.

Whitney Dean is in turmoil after discovering sister Tiffany Butcher-Baker’s plan to be a surrogate for Rainie and Stuart Highway.

Ian wins custody of their children and makes Cindy so miserable that she hires John Valecue, a hitman to kill him.

He was recruited from his old agency and it was decided that he was perfect for the part and he was subsequently cast as Ian Beale. [16][17] In 2013, Woodyatt received a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at The British Soap Awards.

1985– Ian then goes to see Jane in hospital, where she tells him she knows about Steven returning and the Beale family is better off without her, ending her and Ian's relationship.

Daughters [10], Author Dorothy Hobson has described Ian and Cindy's relationship as "one of the most tempestuous in any soap opera".

Though Bobby believed that Lucy was still alive, Jane realized she was dead and covered up her murder by faking a mugging. The source added to them: "As far as legendary EastEnders characters go, Ian is up there with the best so this storyline will leave viewers shocked.

Ian's uncle Kenny Beale (Michael Attwell) and cousin Elizabeth Beale (Lucy Bayler) visit from New Zealand and Ian and Elizabeth taking a liking to each other, but they break up when Elizabeth constantly flirts with men and she returns home.