Right after Mohammed’s death war started between the caliphs. Never in Gospel Jesus talks about cutting of toes, cutting of heads of the unbelievers, marrying small girl, taking sex slaves, robbing caravans. So you see Allah has made a big mistake. See below for astonishing result of the words mentioned number of One day some people came to Mohammed, but they complained that they were not feeling well, so he told them to drink camel’s urine and milk and soon they became well, they accepted Islam, but on their way back they robbed the herd of camel. As I mentioned in the above post, what came from Muhammad’s lips about his “aorta” raises many doubts and argues he was not a true prophet from God. He asked. Corrupt 50 Just think. Here, the Prophet (peace be upon him) is SPECULATING that his illness that is about to kill him, is due to the incident that took place in Khaybar few years before, where a Jewish woman offered him poisoned meat and he took a small bite of it. There is no value that Some ignoramus argue that the Prophet ﷺ died by being poisoned by a Jewish lady And Wahb bin Baqiyyah narrated to us, elsewhere, from Khalid, from Muhammad ibn Amr said on the authority of AbuSalamah, and he did not mention the name of Abu Hurairah: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to accept presents but not alms (sadaqah). You just saved a Muslim by the command of Allah from a brutal attack of shaitan. My Bounty in full measure, and have Sharee'ah (Muhammed's teachings) 4. (When the effect of this poison were felt by him) he called for her and asked her about that, whereupon she said: I had determined to kill you. “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword” And guess what he healed the ear of the arresting soldier. Museebah (calamity) 75 . Word/ Meaning Mentioned in the Quran men are equal to women. Isaiah was killed by being sawed in two under the evil King Manasseh of Judah. 2 – They tried to kill him ﷺ after Badr He says aorta being cut. Adil already has given and proved with Quranic verses and Hadith because As Muslim when things become complicated and conflict in Hadees narration then we have to seek help in Quran. Where did you get your information about the death of: Moses, Noah, Adam, etc.? So if I have headache and In pain I cry out and say that “I feel as If someone shot me in the head” then according to christian logic it means that I actually got shot in the head. Sharee'ah (Muhammed's teachings) 4 hope that cleared up the non-existent contradiction. one can set to the words of the Creator. I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.” (Sahih Bukhari 5:59:713). Unlike Jesus, who suffered a much more painful death, but rose again from the grave on the third day. Now six hundred years after Jesus, comes Mohammed and what did he do. Hadith says: No need for SIGNS., Qur’an is the WORD of ALLAH SubhanawataaLla to Pious People.✔ Then, when my turn came, Allah took his soul away (in my lap) between my chest and arms and he was buried in my house. I’ve found that Muslims say they believe and honor Moses, David, Jonah, Jesus; etc.. It talks good and also talks bad. Word/ Meaning Mentioned in the Quran Yet another miracle in the Quran. So I ask you, it took God almost two decades to kill a false prophet, who by the way had completed his book by the time he died and claimed/challenged that he should be dead already if he were a liar? Zakat (Taxes Muslims pay to the poor) 32 . Honoring the Moses, David, Jonah, and Jesus of history is different from honoring what Muhammad recited about them many hundreds of years later. I am sure he would have confessed and told them the truth that he was a false prophet. Noor 49 . He then said about the pain of which he died: I continued to feel pain from the morsel which I had eaten at Khaybar. Seek refuge from Eblees 11 So they took him and killed him, and threw him out of the vineyard.9″ Bravo , here are three clear evidences from some islamic sources which proved that muhammad did forged things against allah after he allah had promised earlier in surah 69:44-46 to cut-off muhammad’s aorta if he should do such things – now according to tarikh al-tabari volume 6 page 111 muhammad said: I HAVE FABRICATED THINGS AGAINST GOD AND HAVE IMPUTED TO HIM WORDS WHICH HE HAS NOT SPOKEN. Eblees (king of devils) 11 . Hadith says: DAUD is Masculine., Quran says: HEED the SIGNS. Qur’an says: if women are in their Menses, stay AWAY!!