What phone do you have? Repeat this method a couple of times. Position the straw to the left or right side of the charging port. To clean the cable, take a brush, dip in alcohol and gently clean them from both ends. I talked to a guy and he said if I give my laptop to ur service centre than I would have to give ₹17000 or 265$ because they will replace motherboard. If you are getting the “Moisture detected in charging port” error, here is how to fix it on Samsung Galaxy phones. You only have to do this if you’ve already made sure the charger port is clean and dry and that your phone isn’t suffering from liquid damage. Charge the battery using + or – terminals. You should also check your charging adapter for any wetness or liquid contact. Re: Need a fix for charging port of my laptop. If it detects any dirt particles or anything else, it will detect that as moisture and won’t charge your phone then. Charging port: your phone fails to detect power source because the charging port is distorted or obstructed. As a last resort, resetting your phone — factory reset — might yield a successful outcome. Over the years, the phones have been through rough use and we have seen all sorts of errors, including this moisture in charging port error. Check your USB cable from both ends. I need to know if there is any solution regarding my charging port fix because that charging port has moved towards motherboard a little bit. Software collapse : charging is not only a hardware issue but with software involved. I started to adjust it and it happened again and again. There are several tips and tricks you can try at home to get rid of the error message. My laptop slipped off my lap and hit the ground on the charger port side with my charger still inside. To factory reset your phone, you can go to Settings app then Backup and Reset and from there, select factory reset. If you don’t see any options show up, press power button. A can of compressed air can also do the job. You would need to replace the dc port. Insert and leave the tissue paper inside the port for a minute or two and then gently move it around the port so it absorbs all the water. It’s not fully waterproof so liquid can still find its way into the phone and guess what, the main entry point is most commonly the charging port or the SD card slot of the phone. Hopefully this guide worked for you! In most cases, we are not sure of the problem with our mobile phones, but we do know something has gone wrong. Simply put, it can be a long time before your get your phone back. USB-C port is one of the top reasons why your phone is suffering from not charging problem. I presume there is no warranty on the system. If you need a link to the exact part, post the full model number (Inspiron 3521, 3337, etc.). Alternatively, you can switch your USB cable and adapter with a new one. My laptop is no more in warranty as I think it expired in between 4-5 months. After going through all the previous steps: making sure charging port is dry and your phone isn’t water damaged by verifying the sticker, you can go ahead and bypass the “Moisture Detected” warning that might pop-up when you connect a charger. I am not sure if Dell would still have the parts available in stock for this machine. Here is how you should clean the port: Take a small piece of tissue paper and roll it from one end so it becomes a little pointy and small. Once the debris has been cleaned off, charge the phone as you would typically do. I've been real careful with my laptop but it fell on the charging side and now it won't charge. I tried everything on this page and nothing seems to take care of my problem. Seeing how the charging stops after the pop-up, simply reboot your phone without disconnecting it from the charger. If any liquid comes in contact with the stickers, they change color letting the technician or buyer know whether water has penetrated through or not. It's probably an Inspiron 3558, in which case this is the part you need: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIABG36E71770&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC&c... Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. For successful safe mode boot, the phone will display Safe Mode on top of the UI. What phone do you have? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In this post, we will guide you through troubleshooting your Samsung Galaxy phone with the moisture detected error message. If you find the phone is usually charging, you can be assured that the problem has been resolved. Also, if you can answer this, (not that you have too, just if you can) how much would It cost to manually fix it vs. how much it would cost to have someone like GeekSquad to fix this? Repeat the above procedure and then test the port. Please help me. I am not sure how much geek squad would charge to replace the part. Depending upon what's broken, it could be just the AC adapter, or the adapter and the DC jack -- or it could be some other internal components. A broken charging port can be repaired relatively quickly and affordably if you go to the right place. I'm using an Inspiron 15 5100, is the motherboard connected to the charging port? 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Ideally, replace the adapter with a new one. If you want to use the recovery method to factory reset, you can do that as well. The adapter + jack together would total $75 or so - add another $75 in labor if you don't replace the parts yourself. If you suspect that your cable or charger is broken, please take a picture of the cable and/or charger, and get in touch. Thanks, powering the phone off did the trick for me . If you find the sticker to be red or pink in color, you should take your phone to a nearest mobile repair center immediately. Blow air into the charger port in 1 to 2-second bursts. From the options listed, scroll down using volume down key and select “wipe data / factory reset” by pressing power button. Reach us in the comments if you have any further questions or problems, we will be glad to help out. Press down on the nozzle for 1 to 2 seconds to blow air into the port while holding the straw steady. Before concluding that, we recommend you give this guide a read and try to fix this moisture in charging port error. I'm considering to replace the charger port soon. Is your cable around a water or any liquid source? Haris lives on everything Android; has countless devices, apps and games to play with everyday. Please help me as soon as possible because I have not told my mom about it because if I do then she will scold me for not caring because she does not know that this was not my fault , it just happened and was too shocking for me. When water does actually enter your device’s charger port, there is a warning message “Moisture has been detected…” that is displayed and your phone then no longer charge. To boot your phone into safe mode, power off the device. I have a Dell laptop 3000 series with intel hd graphics 5005u with 4 gb ram as I remember. When water does actually enter your device’s charger port, there is a warning message “Moisture has been detected…” that is displayed and your phone then no longer charge. However, you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ. Depending on what type of sensors Samsung puts inside their phones, some of them may be oversensitive. However, if you have one the mid-range devices like the Samsung Galaxy A50, Galaxy A9 or even Galaxy M20, then you are out of luck. Does DELL warranty cover the AC adapter and the charger port? Next, power on via the power button but as soon as you see the screen turn on, press and hold volume down key until it finishes booting up. Few days back I was using my laptop as someone came to door , I just went there. Check the charging port for debris Okay, I used several smartphones over the course of few years and notice that debris in charging port i.e. Simply connect your charger to the device. This could be one reason. Most Samsung Galaxy flagship devices have at least IP67 or IP68 rating, which makes them dust and water resistant but that’s pretty much what this rating can offer — “resistance”. The Inspiron 5100 is an obsolete model. On most systems, the jack is a cabled part that plugs into the mainboard. Another method to try is completely shutting off the phone and then charging it rather than reboot to avoid the pop-up altogether. The phone should now be in recovery. You could contact them for a price estimate as well. If you have one of the newer flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10 or even the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, we have some tips and waterproof guides for you: NOTE: The above guides will also be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9 and also the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. Now, if liquid has penetrated, the sticker will be red or pink in color. Q: How do I know if its the charging port on my phone? We can sort of bypass the warning and allow your phone to fully-charge by doing this: Another option users can try out once they have assured that water isn’t actually in the phone, charging via safe mode. I was really depressed because a middle class guy like me could barely afford 50$ for anything like this. Unfortunately, the damage is accidental - not covered by warranty. Based on your description, if the adapter fits in loose and does not charge the battery, the dc port would be loose. it has a Ribbon connection to the mother bored. I started to adjust it and it happened again and again. The phone needs software to detect there is charger plugged in. Once it is off, power it on while holding volume up key. All manufacturers include special stickers throughough the phone to check for liquid contact. Need a fix for charging port of my laptop. This will help clean up any dust particles from around the USB connector.