Taylor Swift’s new album, Folklore, was released today, and we’re obsessing over one song in particular that tells the story of the former owners of her Rhode Island home, known as Holiday House. It’s a nice house but I don’t think it warranted $200 million in today’s cash… surely a less expensive material would do it justice. Marble House is another Vanderbilt mansion. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It didn’t get its name for nothing. Back in 2013, Taylor Swift paid a whopping $17.75 million for the 8-bedroom mansion — along with 700 feet of shoreline — in Rhode Island. It was completed in 1892. The Berwinds employed 40 servants to run the estate. ft. (bigger than the White House). That’s $308 million in 2018. Mamie opted for a colonial style, which looks great. pre-income tax). The most expensive Newport mansion was the first one being Marble House costing $11 million ($308 million in 2018). Harkness inherited her late husband's Watch Hill, Rhode Island, manse, which was known by friends, family, and distinguished celebrity guests—think Howard Hughes and Salvador Dalí—as the Holiday House. When looking at photos of it for the first time, it’s hard to know which facade is the front because all 4 sides are grand and huge. The Breakers. Since March 2012, Tredegar’s House is now a historical landmark that is under the supervision of the National Trust. In fact, $7 million was spent on marble alone. The Vinland Estate was constructed in 1882 by Peabody & Stearns to serve as the official residence of tobacco heiress Catherine Lorilland Wolfe. Castle Hill is situated on a 40-acre peninsula. Marion Graves Anthon Fish a.k.a. I prefer Rosecliff but the Breakers is a beautiful monument to a previous age (i.e. ft. and cost $7 million ($212 million in 2018). Firma, The Adobe Home (Explanation and Benefits). I don’t care much for the design of this home. She apparently spent $2.5 million on the place ($75,000,000 in 2018). As well as extensive driveways with multiple garages and car-ports, the house also features a pool house/fitness centre and large swimming pool, which Taylor claims would be ‘filled with champagne‘ by Harkness who used to entertain her ballet company and various other people in the performing arts. The property was a private residence for much of its history, and was converted  into a private inn in the late twentieth century. Which mansions did the Vanderbilts build? This estate was eventually donated to Salve Regina University, with the main building now being called McAuley Hall. Not the grandest “cottage” in Newport, but I think it’s one of the nicest. Taylor Swift’s estimated net worth of $360 million includes a $80 million+ property portfolio including her two Beverley Hills homes, a Nashville penthouse and mansion, New York duplex and the colossal Watch Hill estate that Swift decamps to in the summer, most notably for her fourth of July celebrations. Before the mansions arrived, Newport was a shipping town founded in 1639. In fact, when you convert the millions spent back then into today’s dollars, more money was spent on those homes than any home built today or sold today. This property exhibits the Romanesque Revival style exterior that used red sandstone. Rough Point is an English Manorial Style home designed by architectural form Peabody & Stearns for Frederick William Vanderbilt.