Mohd, J. I would like to ask you few queries. Appereciations for you nice new efforts. 9.1 m and palm densities from 120 to 200 trees ha-1 (see Table 37). Coconut farming is a venture any mid-aged person, old people and pensioners can engage in. in New Zealand for Pinus radiata and livestock/pasture integration or at MARDI in Malaysia We have a 10 acre land in Tamilnadu and want to start UHD mango plantation. UHD Is Dusheri suitable for UHD plantation? Effective formulations of agriculturally important microorganisms such as nitrogen fixers, plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi have been developed as valuable inputs for sustainable crop production. 85: 208-220. mean yield per palm is of the same order of magnitude whether the system of planting is should be tried and careful consideration should be given to the use of wider spacings I am following your journey for a while now. Field trials were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of spinetoram 12 SC against H. armigera of soybean at A.R.S., Bidar, with cv. of the whole integrated system. Figure 254), with nine different management options and illustrated the flow of costs and No.53: 74-77. Hi EveryoneMy name is siddharth I am a dairy farmer (managing the hard size of 250 cattle ) and also doing sugarcane farming in 75 acre with drip irrigation. We started our mango planting on Oct 11, 2011 and once again the sun god was cooperative enough to make the process fairly comfortable. then the need to identify shade tolerant species will be less of a priority. Rubin,We have planted every 11th line with another variety. Adoption of refined nursery techniques enables production of quality planting material. We are on the similar path too. for intercropping purpose is not the same as for monoculture coconut, both in triangle and As a consequence, a gradient could be observed as yields (in tons of bunches per hectare) increased with density. Just one question : a spacing of 10 x 10 ft is enough for mangos ?I recently visited farm of my relative in maharashtra and he did it with 20 x 20 spacing .A 10 x 10 spacing gives just 20ft distance between mango trees. Table 268. 1979). An analyses is presented of the yield components of coconut established under densities varying from 128 palms/ha to 239 palms/ha from a spacing trial conducted by the Coconut Research Institute. Where pastures are LAI = leaf area index. (1987) indicated that the current spacing Gueava can be planted in UHD. But before refilling trenches do i need to put thimate or forate, because Im planning to mix fertilizer only to the soil that will be dug by augur. conditions and likely management levels. return under a coconut based farming system (Opio, 1993). rows oriented east to west, is much more suitable for intercropping (Hartley, 1977, This is mainly because inter-cultivation encourages We are also advised by Jain irrigation .