peunez———————–stinkbug. Par en sous——sneaky .underneath Your email address will not be published. Some of the expressions are clearly French, but others are either Indian or African. bouche, jeulle———mouth Pronounce Hebert in English (UK) view more / help improve pronunciation. Cajun/Creole food culture is steeped in tradition and the influences of its heritage. In Grand Isle, the “r” sound is made with the throat, as in France. Saleau, Saloppe——–Sloppy,dirty man ;sloppy,dirty woman Au Bayou–Au Bayou ALWAYS meant the town of Golden Meadow. garde soleil——————–old-time sun bonnet (cabris literally means “goat”.) !————-No way, Jose! Faut carot————————–Big, black Grasshopper : In most instances this is a sweet breakfast or dessert dish of lighter-than-air fried pastries or square doughnuts. If you bought something in town, that meant you bought it in New Orleans. Hebert; Pronunciation: HEE-burt Your browser does not support the audio element. Cajun/Creole food culture is steeped in tradition and the influences of its heritage. Mais—————————–well(usually begins many English and French sentences) Cajun French is a spoken language mainly. Mes mains sont tremp. magazin———————store Because it is a language that is quickly dying and will be almost non-existant when the baby-boomers are gone, I wanted to compile a list of words and phrases that I remember from having been raised on Grand Isle and because most of my relatives lived along Bayou Lafourche. T’en cas toi(or t’en cas lui or elle)–This is said when you are aggravated with someone. Cho! Required fields are marked *. pick up something———-put something away zirondelle——————–dragonfly sea bob(from the French SIX BARBES, meaning six whiskers—some small shrimp (Unless these are all current players). I kind of feel at home here, too.”. cro-cros————————big,old, clunky, shoes Pass a mop——————–to mop UPDATE 11 Dec 2018: I just checked and the original site is gone. (Where do you want me to put this?). Cajuns got food from the sea and from trapping… a lot of seafood and other animals were caught by trapping. Bonne Homme——————- a drawn figure or a plaything in the form of a human, not a girl doll, a boy figure This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. gate’, pourri————spoiled, as a child is spoiled Usually sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with cafe au lait. (I will BE 21……) scisseaux——————–a type of insect that has pincers like scissors (What were you doing last night?) Create an account on our community. The Houma Shortcut-the road from Highway 1 to Houma- lots of fatal car accidents on this road- When I was young I remember there was a story about a man who had been hung from one of the trees. The Canal Yankee is also part of it. He’s a one-word celebrity in the tradition of Madonna or Beyonce, at least in the South. Domion——————a peeping Tom What did they say, etc. He comes when I call." Those words can be found in any French dictionary. Capon——————-Coward Watch the slap,pass a slap————–I am going to slap you. Today, it is one of the most populous groups of people with Acadian surnames. alohrs pas———————-of course not mal pris——————–stuck in a bad situation Some people still use that word to refer to Cheetos Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Pronunciation of the name Hebert (23 language audio files) Pronounce Hebert in English view more / help improve pronunciation. Fromis—-ants (should be fourmis) to play Madame—————-to play house "Tunahment" when describing march madness or playoff ncaa baseball. Skinny Mullet————-a skinny person to play madame———-to play house My mother is from Golden Meadow, so I knew a lot of the words used there also. This may be European in origin because the Russians have a similar custom. Where put this? And that’s partly why he’s here now, getting his team ready to play Clemson at the Superdome Monday for the College Football Playoff national championship. co faire?——————–Why? bracque—crazy, drawz,ste’pin, conson——-underwear Ech!————–Yuk! de’pouille———————anything or anyone who is a mess hosepipe———————water hose un melon Francais—————– canteloupe Met tes fesse a’ l’aire. Although there are other websites with the Cajun language, I wanted mine to include only the words and expressions that are used by Cajuns ONLY. cahbin————————-bathroom Ya”, Other men’s nicknames: Be’Be’, Coon, Pookie, Peekon And now for some really strange names: Poochoo, Peeyot, Poot, Mazoo, Mozela, Shine, Dayka, Do-Dor, Bo-bor, Do-Do, Coo-coot, Day-dan,Patate, Noonoo. Ha! Like him or not, he will always make ya laugh(or cringe). The second part talks about cat sh_t. Gaienne—girlfriend Although I’m familiar with many of these terms, full credit for this list goes to the author of the original website, Janis Nihart. (Where are you?) Tawk—————————an onomatopeia; the sound you make when you hit something, usually a person. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. moustique,maraguin————mosquito chambre a coucher——-bedroom You may or may not know this, but I’m 50% Cajun! I got the paresse——————–I feel lazy People that made fun of my accent before, I thank them. I got to thinking how we ever started using the word mrecage. Mamere(or Maw maw)—————–Grandma Then I realized it sounded exactly like the phrase Mer et cage , meaning sea and cage(or trapping)The French (not cajun)word, as I was told, for swamp or marsh is mare. Paul Myerberg gives three reasons that make this matchup between LSU and Clemson the greatest of all time. LOL! my-nez————————-mayonaisse begailler–to stutter envie————————a craving pistaches————–peanuts “My grandparents didn't speak English, and my mother and father spoke Cajun French at the table and then when they wanted to talk … they spoke Cajun French, so I learned Cajun French,” Orgeron said Sunday at a news conference. And if they do make gumbo up there, there must be cotton in it. gumbo——————————okra(African) During Hurricane Betsy a HUGE tree(the diameter was about 4 feet)was deposited across highway 1 by the tides, making it impossible forus to go back to GrandIsle by car.Many of the men of Grand Isle tried moving it but it was impossible.There are no such trees in our area that are that wide so we don’t know where it came from. I wanted only those words and expressions that make OUR dialect what it is–so very special, interesting , and even funny. Tooloulou————————-Fiddler crab Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Here’s a great collection of terms and phrases that were used in South Louisiana (down the bayou) when I was young, but from what I understand it’s a dying language and not used nearly as much – especially the French. Chat!——————————–Go away, cat! rahdoht————————boring, never-ending conversation, peeshnick———————-to thump something with your finger Parran——————–Godfather HEBERT is an Old French name. For example, Orgeron grew up in South Louisiana but attended college at Northwestern State in Natchitoches, about a four-hour drive northwest, where there are far fewer Cajuns. Speed up the T.V.——–Turn up the volume. Il mouille———It is raining D-A-B-E-A-U-X, Dabeaux.’ And I just go about my business. Luckily, we’ve created this guide for anyone who might be somewhat new to the state. (Is your mother home?) file’———————————-dried, powdered sassafras leaves It is mostly French, but when a French word is not known, the English word is thrown in. clowzet————————closet Lillian———–“T. Swinney was joking about having Cajun roots. ******** Where you at? a blow————————attic fan “I obviously grew up in Alabama and sometimes you meet people along the way and they'd say, `Where do you get a name like Dabo?’” Swinney said Sunday. We do carry on conversations completely in French. un champagne—-a basket unit of measure Where go? And the end basically says that By the time you’re married, the pain you experience now will be forgotten. Couyon—————-A stupid person fah-yuh————————fire Pass the vacuum————to vacuum zink—————————-sink(as in kitchen sink) Bobby Joseph Hebert Jr. (surname pronounced ay-bear; born August 19, 1960) is an American sportscaster and former American football quarterback. a chic———————–a cleverly disguised insult Swinney has said in the past he didn’t even know his real name until third grade. Most are Cajun-derived terms based on traditional French and some are just plain unexplainable. JavaScript is disabled. I wanted him to have a Cajun moniker, so I renamed him Hebert. des meurres—————blackberries Just my opinion. However, it is not uncommon to see savory fried pastry versions (usually stuffed with crawfish) in trendy restaurants. Today the children are being taught French, not Cajun French, in the elementary schools,and in many instances by teachers who are not Cajun because we have so few teachers who are fluent in French and qualified to teach it. porro—————————wart(to get rid of a porro, we would rub it with a raw potato, then throw the potato over our shoulders, without looking back to see where it landed) It’s gruff and full of gravel and a direct dialectal descendant of Cajun French. arrete toi———-stop, you (What do you want me to do now?) go play; go to bed————I don’t believe you! bram————————–eggplant honeychile———–honeychild Down the Bayou—–South(Thanks, Gloria Childers!) It’s English equivalent is like sayinf, ‘Why, you!” pomee’————————-to laugh or cry so hard that you can’t catch your breath That gave me internal motivation to do better, so I thank them to be motivators of my career.”, HOT COMMODITY: LSU's Joe Brady will have plenty of options, EXTRA MONEY: Big bonuses on line for Dabo Swinney, Ed Orgeron in national title game. each a one———————–one each People from Louisiana who have the last name Hebert, pronounce their name as "ay-bear". cunja————————-a spell put on someone Qui C’est q’ca?–Who is that? It used to be called PARRIOC. piss-au-lis————————-Goldenrods(it is believed that if one picks goldenrods, one will urinate in bed,hence the name Piss au lis Bayou Rigaud- The east end of Grand Isle. schneille—————fuzzy caterpillar that bites and causes fever Love this. I got the Mal au Couer——–I need to vomit Ma fille reste en Ville. Most HEBERTs in North America are descendants of two Acadian HEBERT brothers who came to the New World in the mid-17th century. Lelia————-“T. Crapeau—–a booger Leelahs——————-Little balls from the Chinaball Tree-good object to hit your friends with I have done some research to make sure that some of these words are not used by all french speaking people. He’s also an example of how lives can be shaped by how speech is spoken. The pronunciation of this word in no way resembles any pronunciation of it you’ve heard on TV or in the movies — or the pronunciation of the name of Sonny’s wife. Swinney, 50, was born in Birmingham as William Christopher Swinney but took on the name Dabo from his slightly older brother, Tripp. I lived in Hawaii for 15 years and had to sound out Ho'omanawanui in my head every time, The funniest thing was when somebody called in and tried to tell Bobby how to pronounce "Orgeron.". Up the bayou——North Rocachah————————–burr on the beach that stick to your socks HAVE TO SEND THIS TO MY SONS IN GEORGIA. I can always say it but I didn’t know how to spell it! She talks about being raised on the bayou and eating all that cajun food. Mashwarohn————————–Catfish Pochom(pot d’chambre)—chamber pot It’s also why Orgeron, 58, might not fit in the same anywhere else  – and partly why Louisiana has rallied behind his team like nothing seen here since the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in February 2010. She was from Mamou and her accent was tic, tic.