This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon and other sides. Hi ,I have tried this cake previously n it was awesome but now it's not coming well.i think m going wrong in measurement.i want to know if u r using same cup for all content .please provide the grams measuring. The lactic acid in the curd does the same thing. ★ Take another bowl add sugar powder, cream, milk, lemon juice, vanilla essence and whip them well. murali, you can't bake this cake recipe in a microwave. Made one small change. Beetroot puree may work but you would need a lot to bring the colour out (since chocolate cake will be dark brown) and I am unsure of the measurements since I haven’t tried it. Cool completely before cutting and serving the eggless sponge cake recipe. thanks for trying the eggless sponge cake , hi. 3. if it came out awesome once, i don't see why it's not consistent. Use any other fruit you like or even better, make it tropical (pineapple and coconut, anyone?) Am allergic to eggs so tried this and its amazing! . really glad this worked well for you. Maybe in my anxiety I didn't let the cake cool enough before slicing or some such incidental activity Anyway thanks for your suggestion. try with 1/2 maida and half wheat flour if you are particular about making cake with atta. I used the recipe to make cupcakes instead of a sponge cake. Add tutti frutti and mix. yes substituting greek yogurt for regular yogurt should work too. My mom is vegetarian and I've tried several eggless sponge cakes for her in the past…and I always encountered some problem or the other with the texture of the cake. yes you can use wholewheat flour instead of maida. This blog generates income via ads #sponsoredpost. Great recipe. !Thumbs up from Mauritius!, The recipe worked like a charm! Red velvet cake is usually flavoured with chocolate so you may want to adapt the chocolate sponge cake and turn that into red velvet. Learn how your comment data is processed. . Please advice:# Can we use shallow dinner ware (metallic container with coating)for baking, if the glass bowl is deep?# Can make the batter consistency slightly flow able rather than sticky and thick?# Can we avoid using vanilla essence and have any substitute for this? i have used the same cup for all measuring. Most had Milkmaid and I never got the cakes to rise properly. ★ एक अलग बर्तन में चीनी, क्रीम, दूध, नमक, निम्बू का रस, वेनिला एसेन्स डाल कर अछि तरह फेट लीजिये, अब इसमे मैदा मिश्रण तोडा तोडा डाल कर अछि तरह मिला लीजिये, अब टूटी फ्रूटी भी डाल कर मिला लीजिये. Where I was wrong really don’t understand .plz help me . THis is just perfect.