so my question is how do I avoid this too much dome shape which is also asymmetrical means more higher from one side? I had cake spread out over all of my counter. One tip I have is that I always grease my pans with Crisco and line the bottom with parchment paper. When I've split it I just used 2 eggs for one half mix and the cake came out just perfect, so no worries about that. The name says it all, but when the two come together, it’s like you’re eating hot cocoa in cake form. Otherwise you can definitely check out my tips for baking cupcakes where I talk about how much batter for each cupcake and the different types of pans that are available. Anyway. And like a lot of the other cake mix recipes on my site, doctored cake mixes can be unbelievably good. Also, Duncan Hines makes a small box to make just 12 cupcakes as part of their "snack size" line. Both are made with rich cocoa. If you see in my post, doming of a cake is normal, unless you’re using something like bake even stripes. There are only 3 people in my family so making a full-sized cake or 24 cupcakes is just way too much for us. Duncan Hines: 1 cup water 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 3 large eggs. This cake also has the most cocoa flavor, which is not to be confused with the best chocolate flavor (looking at you Pillsbury). I'm Julianne. Thanks for your note. For the purposes of this experiment, I used only the ingredients called for on the box: water, oil and eggs. There are lots of varieties in cakes with different flavors but Duncan Hines’ butter cake recipe is very popular among them. 1 2 Next. superwawa. Granted, the only choices are Yellow cake, Confetti and Devil's Food but it's another option for small batches. I use half cake mixes all the time and bake in two 6" pans( there are only two of us in the house). Read More. Did I mention they’re also unbelievable easy?? mix up the whole thing; use what you need; put the rest of the batter in a ziplok and put it in the freezer.I've frozen batter in the pan, so when I was ready to bake it, I just pulled the pan from the freezer and into the oven. My favorite desserts are cheesecakes, cupcakes and a good soft sugar cookie. I have only made three cakes with the baking time as mentioned on the box I.e 40-45 min. Has anyone ever tried to cut a box cake recipe in half? But baking times are estimated as each oven and pan bakes differently. Hi Shannon- when in doubt, follow the recipe you are making. Test 2: Two 8-inch pans using 1 ¾ cups batter for each cake mix. There are lots of varieties in cakes with different flavors but Duncan Hines’ butter cake recipe is very popular among them. That's a I never thought about the eggs, so splitting in thirds will be perfect for us!Thanks again!!! In both cases, the Pillsbury one baked most unevenly, meaning that it needs to be “torted” if you are making a layer cake. Let’s face it: We all tend to bake a lot more when the temperatures drop. As opposed to dividing the batter in half (because not each cake mix had the same amount of liquid batter), I wanted to control the amount of batter in each pan. Thanks! My brain is weird, but there is actually a difference. Hi Dia. Yes but the cake will be thin. 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My fav tips to take your When I baked a second batch (8-inch cakes) of Betty Crocker, I did this test twice because I wanted to do a test using half the batter ( 2 cups & 2 tablespoons) but you can see it is significantly higher/taller because there the additional liquid batter. It also makes it easier to transport from surface to surface. Given the amount of baking I’ve done in the past four years, I definitely have my preferred brands, and sometimes I’ll even specify that for you. The only cake you’re going to want to bake this season is this hot cocoa one (and it comes with a matching frosting!). I even take the WASC recipes, and divide all the ingredients into fourths when they call for 2 box mixes. We found the cake mix at Target for $1.59 and the frosting for $1.99. Listen, it’s no secret that we use a lot of cake mix around here. In fact, all you’ll have to do is combine the cake mix with three eggs, a cup of water and a half-cup of vegetable oil then pop it in the oven to bake! This cake also had the best rise. I often get asked questions about how many cupcakes each box makes because people feel that is varies between brands. Please let me know! You can’t possibly go wrong with the cake mix and frosting because your family will love to tuck into it after Christmas dinner. Let’s just take a moment and talk about ALL the cakes I made in one day- which also meant all the taste testing. Well, here are my findings: Betty Crocker cake mix was by far the thinnest, due to extra ¼ cup of water. Duncan Hines has been one of the most popular bakeries for making such mouth-watering cake recipes. All your boxed cake mix questions answered. When it comes to the oil, some boxed cake mixes (like Betty Crocker and Pillsbury) call for 1/2 cup of oil while others (like Duncan Hines) use 1/3 cup. Get my fav tips to take your cakes & cupcakes to the next level. I’ve read many of the cake mixes already contain pudding mix, but it doesn’t state that on the package. Hi I use the Betty Crocker mix and it turns out yummy but I use one 9 inch pan so it rises in too much of a dome shape so that I have to cut a lot out to straighten it then cut horizontally through middle to get two layers for putting frosting etc. This is the best guide for what types of cake mix to choose. So what were are my conclusion? Look for the Duncan Hines hot cocoa mix and frosting at Target, Walmart or wherever you do your grocery shopping. Betty Crocker: 1 ¼ cup water, ½ cup vegetable oil and 3 large eggs Browse our cake mixes, frostings, mug cakes, cake cups, pie fillings, and more. Replace the oil with melted butter but double the amount of butter For this post, I tested these cake mixes in two different ways and it should be noted that I did NOT use my beloved bake even stripes. Hi Kimiko, yes there’s lot of recipes out there for improving cake mixes, personally the one I like is from The Cake Mix Doctor, and it uses the regular oil, eggs and water, but then adding vanilla extract and sour cream. Replace the water with milk |. Thank You! Pillsbury: The Pillsbury cake had the best chocolate flavor. A Duncan Hines representative tells Simplemost the cake mix will cost around $1.99, while the frosting is $2.49. Duncan Hines also has a matching Swiss Miss Creamy Hot Cocoa Frosting that you can slather all over your cake! I have lots of old recipes that call for an 18 ounce cake mix. Both the hot cocoa-flavored cake mix and frosting are rolling out at grocers and retailers nationwide this November, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. Each cake baked for 19 minutes. Find the products you need to make deliciously sweet desserts. Baking I’ve read about “enhancing” box mixes by substituting whole milk for the water, melted butter for the oil, and increasing the number of eggs. I sift the cake box mix first, then no lumps in the mixing. You really can’t go wrong with any of these cake mixes, but I would make your judgments based on what you’re looking for in a cake mix. Plus, we’re always looking for new things to make for Christmas dessert. I haven't done half before because of the eggs. The Betty Crocker mix I just used had timing for a bundt cake, which implies that it will fill a bundt pan. Pour into greased and floured 13x9-inch pan. As opposed to dividing the batter in half (because not each cake mix had the same amount of liquid batter), I wanted to control the amount of batter in each pan.