Multiplayer can be played with 2-4 players. DrawRace 2 is a racing game in which the player predetermines their vehicle's route around a given track by drawing an ideal racing line. You have to draw the trajectory of your car by moving the finger over the screen, and then give the command to start. Toy was very exciting and very unusual. In the race to compete with other participants, as well as the manufacturer declares multiplayer support. In IHE you wish to draw on the race track best route your race car. We list 80 Draw Race 2 games, they are Draw Car 3D, Stickman Race 3D, etc. Draw Race 2 is a fun circuit races on the mini-cars. Leaderboards and leagues are also included. Download Draw Race 2 Apk + Data For Free, a racing game for android devices developed by RedLynx. Before the start of each race you are given the track on which miniature cars burned tires. Draw Race 2- at first sight unusual race for Android devices. If you draw a very sharp turns that fills your car and you will lose precious time. The entire course is seen from a top down perspective, similar to the 1986 arcade game Super Sprint. Just download the games for free, play the online version in a browser directly or look at the walkthroughs of how to play better at, enjoy! The game includes 30 tracks, 16 cars and 180 challenges for players to complete.