But unlike her sister, who seems to thrive in her newfound form, Quelaan is in a state of constant suffering. Vamos is a collection of bones who knows his way around a forge. This towering tradesman spends all of his time hammering away at equipment he could never hope to use. In a last ditch effort to control the beast within, Navlaan sealed himself away, in the hopes that the beast would be trapped forever. That’s the sign of an excellent pet owner. Most of Lordran's blacksmiths are great. Dusk’s presence in Lordran signals the start of Dark Souls’ excellent Artorias of the Abyss expansion. Speaking to him as a hollow, you will find that he was once a sorcerer who has cursed himself. A community dedicated to Dark Souls I, game released for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4 … Ciaran's one of many Dark Souls characters who deserve more direct attention; she's a mysterious woman who lets her blades do the talking when push comes to stab. The Four Kings have a twisted, vaguely metallic look and they hang out in the unending darkness of The Abyss. The once-great gods have abandoned their bastions, fleeing a world in desperate need of a savior. Dark Souls has a very large cast, so it was inevitable that we split the character page. If Smough's hulking figure is his defining trait, Ornstein's high-energy acrobatics are a necessary counterweight. Although Oscar makes it all of three minutes into Dark Souls before he meets his end, he’s arguably the most helpful character in the entire game. Return to him as a hollow however, and his true face will reveal itself. Please also note that there are unmarked spoilers ahead, so read at your risk. By the time players reach him at the Kiln of the First Flame, the Lord of Cinder stands over a smoldering flame, the result of his life’s work literally dying before his eyes. Havel's an undeniable badass. But for as annoying as his actions over the course of Dark Souls are, it’s hard to completely despise him because he looks so damn cool. This guy is a grinning hunter ripped from another world. At a certain point, Dark Souls players realize fashion is more important than form. The Fair Lady, or Quelaan as many prefer to call her, is part spider, just like Quelaag. He’s content to be locked up for an eternity, and that’s fine because he's utterly useless. While that's extremely chill in its own right, Gough’s legacy is elevated to new heights by his ability to shoot a dragon out of the sky without even seeing it in flight. An absolute madman. But all that magic and momentum is ruined when players inevitably bump into Petrus of Thorolund, a dopey cleric with what is quite possibly the most punchable face in video game history. Along with his armor, weapon, and greatshield, Havel also once possessed a wooden club infused with Occult power, an element capable of harming even the gods. There’s tragedy at the heart of Rhea’s story, but her greatest crime is associating with the Thorolund goof troop. Another cleric, another ugly mug. Dark souls three and blood borne were crap. She's trapped, but utterly pleasant, content to be left alone with the other castaways in the Painted World. It’s worth it mostly for the satisfaction of knowing that you helped save one of the game’s purest souls. We simply do not know. It’s safe to assume that there are no decent barbers in Thorolund. He zips around Anor Londo like a gymnast with undiagnosed ADHD, thrusting his lightning-infused spear with shocking precision. While Havel is best known as Lordran's most accomplished -- and deadly -- doorman, uncovering his gear in Anor Londo reveals his more secretive side. Past that, she’s a confused time traveler who is relatively bland compared to most characters. Builds for both PvE and PvP players can be found under their respective links. Dark Souls 2 lets the player decide. Tarkus is the definition of an Absolute Unit. This serpentine noodle is critical to Dark Souls' story. Siegmeyer is the Dark Souls’ beating heart. He also makes the list as he is one of two boss weapon merchants, who can trade boss souls for powerful magic and weapons. *Author’s Note: I can’t listen to his theme without instantly tearing up. She shares details about the land as you travel through it, but little of herself. What was it three bosses. Straid knows a lot more than he will ever admit, but what he does tell you can really open your eyes to the world around you. Just look at him and tell me you’re not impressed. What's with that? Destructoid's Co-Editor-in-Chief Jordan Devore summed up Frampt's existence eloquently: Some monstrosities are better left snoring for all eternity. Griggs is boring. Her existence is a cruel reminder that keeping the age of fire going comes at a very steep cost. A terror in gold-plated armor. Sif is loyal to a fault. His massive hammer, Grant, is an intimidating weapon and his Sanctus shield looks rad. The lord of the dead is a massive, moving collection of skeletal remains that have combined as the personification of Death itself. She's an old wolf who has survived countless battles and played a part in some of the most critical moments in Lordran's history. She only wants to make sure her master's final resting place is left in peace. Throughout the Dark Souls games, Fire Keepers tend to be broken, often-disfigured characters. The noble knight manages to free the Chosen Undead, inform the player’s journey, and pass on his Estus Flask before taking his final breath. And like dealing with a bully, the only thing worse than potentially getting your ass kicked is knowing that underneath his prickly exterior is a sad kid who just wants attention. 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The myth of Artorias is just as impressive as Artorias the video game boss, and that's saying something. But despite his condition, he's still prepared to fight the Chosen Undead with his nondominant hand, a touch that’s effective for conveying his combat prowess and hammering home just how much his faithful companion, Sif, means to him. Villains who appeared in the Dark Souls trilogy of dark fantasy role-playing video games. He's possibly the best merchant in the game, as he is the only one who allows you to sell items from your inventory. Sif doesn't want to fight the Chosen Undead. Perhaps it's his favorite bucket. He is old, very old in fact, thanks to being petrified. His tireless pursuit of a continued age of fire is the direct cause of so much pain. There isn't much to him, but no list is complete without the lonesome Gavlan. He’s bulk personified, an indomitable mass of black steel and grit. Perhaps it was human once, a knight maybe. Found in the new DLC Crown of the Sunken King. He’s melodramatic and dour but still manages to share information about the world with some dark, witty humor. 305k members in the darksouls community. In Lordran, however, they're doomed. Everyone who travels to Lordran is doomed to meet a cruel fate, but that doesn't stop people from trying. He doesn't even acknowledge your presence. Please also note that there are unmarked spoilers on each page, so read at your risk. Despite all that she's seen and done, Sif remains loyal to her former master and spends every waking moment guarding over his gravesite. He’s massive, imposing, and known for his yucky little tendency to cannibalize his victims. Havel was so confident that he was prepared to kill Lordran’s gods with a wooden stick. Is she not human then? I hate Patches. First found in No Mans Wharf, he will appear a few other times before taking up residence in the Doors of Pharros. What’s not to love? Shiva could get by on style alone. DrakeKeeper34 29 … Maybe it was a dragon who was cursed by a mage and turned to a tree.