Live crab is increasingly being sent away or sold over the counter, as freshness is then guaranteed. Thankfully, that's not my thumb in the clutches of that crab claw. Summer is the time for excellent British crabs. Put the live crabs in a wet paper bag, and pop the bag into the refrigerator. (This is our preferred method) As part of our recent new website launch, we have taken time reviewing the range of fish and shellfish that we offer. Finally turn the crab right side up and allow it to drain. Do not put into fresh water. However, cooked the same rule as with brown crab applies. White crab meat is beautifully light and sweet and complements a host of fresh spring and summer flavours such as cucumber, tomato and mackerel. The boats which supply Fish for Thought select the prime fish for us and store them at sea until we need them. Cover and cook 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the crabs. Cut the centre part into four and with a skewer remove the flesh. Remove the steamer or pull the crabs out of the pot with tongs. To check that there is no shell left in the white crabmeat, sprinkle the crab over a metal tray – you will be able to hear if any shell is left in. Put one layer of crabs down and sprinkle them with Old Bay seasoning. Allow time to cool, then follow the preparation instructions below; Twist off the claws and legs and put aside. Repeat for the legs and use the crab meat as required. There are three easy steps: You need to clean crabs before you grill them. Don’t hit them too hard, or you will get little shards of shell in your crab meat. *Privacy Policy | Terms of Use  | FTC Disclosure, How to Handle & Prepare Live Atlantic Blue Crabs, . Boiling is the most common way to cook crabs and is a favorite method for all varieties. Get Fish by Post the proper way, with Fish for Thought. An alternative method sometimes used is to put them in fresh water and leave them for about thirty minutes, by which time they should have drowned. *, Jackie Kennedy's New England Fish Chowder Recipe, Outdoor Movies on Cape Cod: When & Where to Find Them This Summer, COVID-19 Impacts for Cape Cod Vacationers: Information & Updates, Mobility and Hearing Accessible Cape Cod Hotels, Resorts & Inns. For a dinner party snack with a difference, why not whip up a batch of Andrew Mackenzie’s Crab sticks; they are an easy yet impressive nibble. Crab meat is succulent and sweet and is great on its own or paired with a clarified butter for dipping. You've cooked 'em. To get as much meat for your money as possible, assess live crabs carefully before buying. Thanks to the high heat of the broiler, the crab legs will also gain a little bit of caramelization using this method, adding an extra layer of flavor. Put the crab on its back with the eyes towards you and, using both hands, push up the six legs. That's why my hubby usually gets to do the job ... while I hide out in another room until the dastardly deed is done. Don't risk it! When preparing your crab, don’t forget to keep the shell to make a crab stock. 875 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850   [email protected], Enter your info to see if we serve your area, © 2020 Cameron's Seafood | Website by PackageSumo. Steaming is a classic way to cook blue crab. The crab's shell should turn a bright orange when done. STEP 4. Let the crabs cool before cleaning them. Return the liquid to the pot and bring back to the boil. Nothing goes into our cooking pot except water and the live crabs. Add 3 litres water, bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins. They're a go-to at our house for digging out every precious bite! Get a behind the scenes look at how we put together our advert campaign for delivering Seafood to your door! Place the steamer section into the pot, making sure the steamer is not touching the liquid. Bring the water, vinegar (or beer), and salt to a boil in your large pot and add in 2 tbsp of the Old Bay seasoning. The coldness of the fridge will keep it sedated until ready to kill and cook. Get the Cooks Professional Espresso Maker for just £39.99, Choose the type of message you'd like to post, Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. Now it's time to dive in and gobble up the sweet, succulent crabmeat! Live crab storing, preparation and cooking, The method used is kindest to the fish and it causes no suffering, If you put a crab straight into boiling water, it will shed its legs and claws and it does suffer, Not killing the crab makes the meat tough and retains too much water in the shell, Using the largest saucepan/fish kettle you have, half fill with fresh water and add plenty of salt. Serve with a salad or fries or whatever you love eating with seafood! Click here to order your crab-eating tools now! Like most foods, there are multiple ways to cook crab, but we are going to narrow it down and explain how to steam live crab. Star by flipping the cooked crab onto its back.