Turns out, she’s a genius! Upcycling, while not only being frugal, is also a great way to help reduce unnecessary waste. Yep, this idea can be used for any time of small storage – not just coffee cans! I hope you found this tutorial and tips helpful for your upcycling! Worms rock! 14:49. But time moves differently here in Blogland. Your contact paper is probably easily removable so if you change the label on your canister a few times during its life and are starting to get a lot of shadow marks, you can always peel the whole thing off and re-cover it. Instead, I continued around the rim with the cord and got as close as I could get to the inner edge of the rim. It’s a huge game-changer, Lynn! in an entry. Because I didn’t plan it out beforehand,the lid had already been thrown out when I decided to do this. But the can assured me that I could go thicker, so I got a little more aggressive with the spraying. If you don’t like how it looks, just wipe it off and try something different. Zinsser BIN to be exact. I never see those metal coffee cans any more…just the plastic ones. Okay, if you really want to get technical, it started by peeling the labels from the coffee cans and scrubbing off the label glue. Yes! I know I would probably open a few before I found the right one! They can be used for everything from gift giving to storage and more. I use empty dishwashing detergent pod containers in my craft room. Click here to read our story and follow our adventure. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. Just use a utility knife to cut a 1/8-inch slit in the center of the plastic lid, then tape decorate paper to the outside. Clean it and remove any labels. Well, still not great for the environment because it’s vinyl, but it’s a bit better than aerosol paint in terms of air contaminants, so I thought I’d take a chance with it. I’d occasionally commandeer one of the cans and press it into service as a grease and oil receptacle. I had removed the paint from the failed lids, and I still had lids that were brand new. I’m still hoping for “This is the beginning of a new day…” Thanks to you both for bringing so many new ideas for us to try! Required fields are marked *. Just awesome! Am I right?! This will keep the finished product looking clean and neat because the top and bottom edges will be firmly attached to the can and not folded over or hanging out in space. Handan has been working at her current job for exactly six years, and for exactly six years, she’s been hoarding the company coffee cans. Learn more. These pods are the perfect size for coaxing seedlings along in their early days of life. I decided to separate them and use the red ones for craft supplies and the silver ones in the kitchen. We put together some pretty awesome ways you can upcycle coffee cans and put them to good use once again. Okay, I’d been using a product in my workshop called Plasti Dip. July 10, 2015 at 12:02 a.m. Make a small fire and when the coals are ready, place your stove open side down over them. I wonder if you could screw the bottoms to a flat board (after you gussie them up) then hang on the wall for horizontal storage in an entry way, craftroom, etc. on How To Upcycle Coffee Cans Into Organizational Bliss Upcycling is a great way to reduce household waste (and even the recycling pile), but it can be tricky to do elegantly. Great job! I think you could corral, gloves, caps, scarves, shoes, etc. Starting from the bottom, go around the coffee can placing some hot glue a couple centimetres (about an inch) in front of where your cord was last glued. I have terrible handwriting and had to do each can several times before I was happy with the result, but that’s the great part about using washable markers. Make Planters: Use coffee cans for perennial transplants in the spring, or for giving away plant divisions to fellow gardeners. While I did find chalkboard paint in a spray can, I was still trying to avoid aerosols if possible, so I moved on to other aisles. Thank you so much, Colleen! There are a lot of environmental drawbacks to using latex paint in general, but spray paint in particular, so I thought I would see what else was out there. Protect Growing Melons: Push empty coffee cans into the soil and then plant melons inside. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The empties are clearly begging to be upcycled instead of being thrown into the recycling bin. While there were many, many patterns that would have been right at home in my grandmother’s kitchen cabinets (ie: not the look I was going for), I did find a role of black contact paper that promised it was washable. Personally, I think the metal cans would even look better as planters, don’t you think? Hope you can find something suitable in France to make one, too! Protect Cookies: Keep cookies from breaking and crumbling during shipment by packing them inside coffee cans. A stylish coffee mug lamp I find that whenever I’m a little unsure about a project, or just need to ruminate a bit on it, a trip to the local hardware store is just the thing. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. Get back with the program! They look gorgeous and love the tip on Plasti Dip!! Yes, we’ll eventually either cut vinyl labels for the tops or hang tags from the bamboo. Aug. 5, 2014 at 2:52 p.m. It is literally that easy, but here are a few tips and tricks, just in case: First thing, make sure all of your canisters will look the same once covered. Already, Americans use about 36.5 billion cans a year. With reducing, re-using, and recycling in mind, here are some suggestions of ways you can put your coffee cans to use around your home, garden, garage, and office. You can never have too many flower pots! I figured I would test this on one of the cans first, before I started working on finish options, just in case. A Maxwell House can will be much easier to do this project with than with a plastic Folgers can that has hand grooves in the back. You guessed it: white. More things than I currently had cans to hold, actually, (great excuse to drink more coffee!) For example, one of the things we have here at home is Illy coffee, which comes in these fantastic, smooth canisters that stack really well and have a tight-fitting lid. Well, really it started with primer, if you want to be technical about it. You’ll get it after a few tries. For example, try placing vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, and carrots underneath bratwurst or veggie sausage inside the coffee can, then cover with tin foil. Punch holes in the sides of the coffee can, toward the bottom, with a nail or screw. Before you cut your contact paper, though, measure the circumference of the can, either with string or with a fabric tape measure, to check that your contact paper roll is wide enough. Enter your email address and subscribe below. This Instructable will show you how to make a small planter out of an empty coffee can. Cut along that line for a nice, straight seam, and press the end of the contact paper into place. Plus it looked much easier to apply, and wouldn’t scratch like paint does. I’ll have to check that out! PS Greg, you handle a Glue Gun like a pro!!! Thanks again for sharing! It’s incredible that she can remember all the things she has stashed all over the house! If you’re following along with the craft room makeover, here’s how we stand: Click here to see more craft room makeover posts as we continue to cross items off our checklist! Good luck with your project, and thanks for sharing the tip about crimping the edges. Make a Bank: Whether collecting for a charity or saving up for a new pair of shoes, an empty coffee can makes the perfect bank! 2. Zinsser BIN to be exact. Upcycle Projects. Clean it and remove any labels. Please. Oh wow, am I glad I started here because these babies are nowhere near easily washable, and that was a real surprise. These stupid lids were giving me far too hard a time considering how easy the project was supposed to be! Here is a DIY tutorial with some tips on one way to upcycle coffee cans. This is an awesome project the kids will love to get involved with. A couple of them became targets for Barish’s pellet gun. You could also use it for a silverware caddy! It could, Angel. Your email address will not be published. That worked as well as you might imagine. Lastly, even alone in the dish rack with plenty of space for air to circulate, the test can actually rusted (just a bit). Looks like you already have an account! You can boil water in just minutes with only a few sticks of wood! This could be the answer to my prayers. So also not the place to store Legos or Matchbox cars. You guessed it: red. Materials. Hi Lynn, I have a little surprise for you today. . ☹️. It’s amazing what a little paint and a placemat can do, isn’t it! Not very often, I’d imagine. Next, cut a strip of contact paper at the height you want all the way across the 18″ roll. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated! Organize your Belts: Coffee cans are the perfect size for keeping belts from creasing; just roll them up and store them inside. FREE KITU Super Coffee Drink at ShopRite! No one knew what she wanted with so many empty coffee cans. COPYRIGHT: We love it when you share! Then, just fill them with scissors, … Fill the can with briquettes, light , and when the coals are glowing, dump them into your grill. It keeps it quite fresh, for at least four or five years, much better than the original csn. Spray away, and the inside will be totally sealed off from the paint! It’s an easy project to make them look better! That way no one has to reach into them. The can will protect the growing melons from insects and the temperature barrier provided by the can will help the melons ripen sooner. That gave me the idea that this stuff was impossible to work with, and maybe it used to be, but contact paper now is a dream. , Love! We’ll also show you how to paint plastic so it won’t peel, even when flexed! Folger Coffee Containers - UpCycle Today If you're a Folgers coffee drinker - You should be making the cans to better uses if you would like to help the environment - There are so many storage ideas for different ideas from the Kitchen, to the Garage, even the garden! Just add a wire handle. As a Canadian CPA, I've seen many individuals and businesses mismanage their money, which makes me want to share some tips and tricks with everyone. In the adhesives aisle (one of my all-time favorite places in the hardware store) I looked at various tapes, including all the new, fun, printed duct tapes, but didn’t find anything that would allow me to wipe-off and change the label. Create Luminaries: Freeze water in coffee cans, punch holes in pretty designs with a nail, thaw and dump the water, paint the can, and then put a lit candle inside. OMG I AM A HOARDER OF COFFEE CANS MYSELF I LOVE LOVE LOVE +1,000,0000,0000 LOVE THIS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING , Thank you, Anjelykuh! It really isn’t safe to use them for anything that requires reaching in, including for the coffee they once contained. Copyright © 2020 The Navage Patch® ♦ Theme by Restored 316. It pays to always be on the lookout for potential craft/decor stuff. Every so often the hub grabs a coffee can for “whatever”. View all articles in Re-Use-It.