Between Switch and PlayStation5, gaming console sales are still going strong. The major Chinese trading partners for 2017 were as follows: China is the over ruling trading partner of many countries. The U.S. has been vocal about negotiating more balanced trade agreements with China. In 2018, trade accounted for 59% of global GDP, up nearly 1.5 times since 1980.. Over this timeframe, international trade has transformed significantly—not just in terms of volume and composition, but also in terms of the countries that the rest of the world leans on for their most important trade relationships. Advertisers Has Changed, Over 20 Years, Visualizing the Evolution of Global Advertising Spend (1980-2020), Mapped: The Top Female Founder in Each Country. A PE firm makes investments and provides financial backing to startups and non-public companies (or public companies that are being taken private). But other well-known companies have been funded, saved, or restructured through private equity. China exported $480 billion worth of goods to the US in 2018 (19 percent of all its exports), but only imported $156 billion (7.3 percent of all its imports). | Privacy Policy, Photo Credit: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images, Over the past several decades, Chinese trade has expanded at a breakneck pace. In fact, a mid-2018 poll shows that 62% of Americans consider their trade relationship with China to be unfair. Recent research found that the OBOR program’s infrastructure expansion and logistics performance improvements led to positive effects on China’s exports. Through objective analysis and data visualization, ChinaPower unpacks the complexity of China’s rise. Furthermore, age demographics show a higher usage amongst men in the 36-50 age group, relative to the 10-20 cohort. China Power Team. That is, these are countries that imported the most Singaporean export shipments by dollar value during 2019. The interactive can also be used to explore the economies with which China has a trade deficit, such as South Korea. In 1995, the value of China’s imports and exports of goods totaled $280.9 billion or 3 percent of global trade. In contrast to their trade in goods, trade in services tips heavily in favor of the US. It’s clear there is significant buzz around the new consoles, but here’s another perspective that highlights their allure to consumers. They include well-known private equity houses like The Blackstone Group and KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts), as well as investment managers with private equity divisions like BlackRock. When excluding trade with the US and Hong Kong, China exported. China’s trade with the rest of the world is more balanced. With over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide in 2020, the video game industry is undergoing a renaissance. However, it’s also the major issue on which they are struggling to reach a common ground. © 2020 by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 'China developed a network of economic relations with both the industrial economies and those constituting the semi-periphery and periphery of the world system.' When excluding trade with the US and Hong Kong, China exported $1.71 trillion and imported $1.97 trillion in goods in 2018.Use the tool below to explore China’s trade surplus with key partners besides the US and Hong Kong. At the same time, restructuring companies like J. BERLIN, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- China remained Germany's most important trading partner for the third consecutive year with a total trade volume of 199.3 billion euros (225.7 billion U.S. dollars) in 2018, according to preliminary figures published on Monday … The dramatic shift that followed is clearly demonstrated in the visualization above—between 2005 and 2010, a number of countries tipped towards Chinese influence, especially in Africa and Asia. The majority of China’s surplus comes from trade with the US and Hong Kong. First, we need to differentiate between private equity and other forms of investment. The classic portrayal of teenage boys engaged in Super Mario after school in their parents’ basement has all but dissipated. In 2011 China’s GDP growth rate stood at 9.20%, compared to 1.80% in the US during the same year. China. On an annualized basis, global video game console revenues are to hit $51 billion in 2020 and reach past $60 billion in the next two years. In 2018, trade accounted for 59% of global GDP, up nearly 1.5 times since 1980. Also shown is each import country’s percentage of total Singaporean exports. They now take front and center in people’s homes as a centralized hub for all things entertainment. The results are stark: before 2000, the U.S. was at the helm of global trade, as over 80% of countries traded with the U.S. more than they did with China. Hover over the interactive to see additional details. The following tables are based on 2016 data as shown on the CIA World Factbook. Use the tool below to explore China’s trade surplus with key partners besides the US and Hong Kong. This trend could well be a result of video games growing as a form of stay-home entertainment. One of the most surprising things investors discover about private equity is how many large organizations have been funded through the PE world.