I am about to register for L2 in May2021 but first I would like to apply to regulator scholarship which I see its not availabe yet. The computer-based exams will be held in two sessions (morning and afternoon session) of two hours and 15 minutes each. Regards. Thanks :). No, if you are not granted the scholarship you can pay the first deadline. To sit for the CFP® exam, you need to complete CFP Board’s exam registration form, pay the exam registration fee, then schedule your testing appointment with Prometric. You must complete this process before 21 October. Hi Christina, first of, have you logged in to the CFA Institute portal account to check if you can apply for Feb 2021's student scholarships? By Christine Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: The CFA June 2020 exams has been postponed to later dates. Level I CFA® November 2021 Exam Important Dates. You may change the date and/or test center as many times as you want but every change is going to cost you money. For this reason, CFA Institute decided to postpone the CFA exams, and in so doing, allowed candidates an extra 6 months to study. Click here to access 40 hours of video lectures. Hi. If this is your first time registering for a CFA exam ever, then you'll have to pay this fee once, otherwise you don't. Allow analytics tracking. 2) Due to lack of preparation, I'm considering to do Level I on February, 2021 and, then, the only option would be to do Level II on August, 2021 or who knows when in 2022. First, I would like to thank you for this post and all the information provided to us, candidates. So if I select Feb 2021 for my exam date now do I neef to pay extra fees? 30 September is to enable CFA Institute to count exam takers and see if a given test center meets local government guidelines. CFA Institute study materials availability . Although we will not be adding testing locations for computer-based exams, we will continually add test center capacity. Despite all these changes, there are a couple of things that will remain as they are. Visit our Computer-based Exam Information page for details. (Education verification deadline: Feb. 9, 2021) july 6-13, 2021. thanks. If yes, then great, you can start the application process internally. This allows us to respond more easily in areas with greater demand. So you'll need to email CFAI at scholarships@cfainstitute.org with the name of your organization, country of headquarters, and a link to the company website. At CFA Institute, we have been working diligently to turn these challenges into positive opportunities. As soon as 30 September, the deadline for Dec 2020 test center change request passes. So if your exam gets cancelled locally, your first option may be to switch to nearby test centers (if spaces are available to book and you can travel there). However, when I select a future date (Feb 2021), it asks me to pay the full enrolment fee at checkout, when I was under the impression I would be able to re-register at no additional cost as per instructions provided. The deadline passes at 11:59 pm ET and concerns all candidates currently registered for the Dec 2020 exam. Let me know if you agree with me. I am facing an exact similar problem as yours. Click here to access 40 hours of FRM video lectures. After that, she will be eligible for a CFA charter. Below, you can find all May 2021 level 2/level 3 exam dates related to registration and scheduling. Level I was planned to begin in February, as announced in early 2020. CFA Institute however does say that they will consider deferrals under 'specific circumstances', which this will definitely qualify for. The deadline for impacted candidates to defer to a 2021 administration at no additional cost expired on 20 October. Exam preparation packages go a long way toward making sure you’re ready on the big day. All Rights Reserved. If Dec 2020 CFA exam gets canceled in your area: With respect to the exam administration, CFA Institute will follow local restrictions and regulations binding in your geographic area. Relevant information about the refund procedure will be provided by CFA Institute in due time, when your exam is again postponed. Hey, I wonder if the student scholarship for the February 2021 exam has open for registration? October 6, 2020 in CFA® Program 2021 CFA® Exams – New Exam Dates and Registration Fees Whether affected or infected, it is indisputable that the COVID-19 brought with it more harm than good. Or a new candidate choosing to register for Level 1 December 2020? CFA Institute, CFA®, and Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute. exam admission tickets availability . After that, X will be eligible for a CFA charter. Assume that X passes all her exam levels on her first attempt. Please visit our refund policy page for more information. You can! Registration opens: Mar. If X sits for her level I exams in December 2020, she will attempt level II in May 2021 and level III in November 2021. In 2020, level I of the CFA exams were offered in two three-hour sessions (morning and afternoon session). Not only that, but candidates will have up to 7 days to attempt their exams as compared to the traditional one-day exam. 8, 2021) Registration & Scheduling . No requests for refunds will be accepted prior to 7 December and no exceptions will be made. Hi Team, I am a Level 1 passed candidate. On 19 August, the registration for Dec 2020 CFA exam closed for good! May 25–27, 2021; November 23–25, 2021; Now That You Know the CFA Exam Dates. The deadline for December 2020 test center change requests has passed. For Levels II and III, the Americas and EMEA date is also December 5, 2020; however, the date is December 6, 2020 for APAC candidates. Level II candidates who prefer to wait until 2021 will have the option of sitting for the exam either in May or November 2021. If not, CFAI will request contact info from you to convince your firm to sign up for this. You may also visit our Test Center Updates page for the latest test center information, including testing locations in which CFA Institute has determined that it will not administer the exam. Dec 2020 Test Center Change Request Deadline! From 2021 onwards, Level 1 candidates now have the option to sit for the exams 4x a year in February, May, August and November. Candidates registered for the June exams will be transferred to other exam dates or windows. Here you’ll find some new CFA exam calendar dates, especially those which emerged owing to the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic situation. Upon notification, you will immediately be able to defer to an exam in 2021. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CFA candidates have been faced with lots of uncertainty and confusion. The soonest opportunity will be December 5, 2020 for Level I. For postponed June 2020 Level1 candidates however, there may be a chance that CFA Institute may do something about this (to make it equal to as if they took it in June 2020 and are able to get the early registration deadline rate), but CFA Institute have not confirmed anything as such at the moment. All the registered December 2020 candidates have been given the opportunity to keep their exam date or to postpone their date to one of the CBT dates in 2021. This is the unfortunate uncertainty we are facing with COVID-19, so if you choose to go for the Dec20exam, it is worthwhile staying updated with your local government's guidance and the coronavirus situation where you live, and have a think of alternative nearby test centers you can go to at a short notice now, so you're prepared to act/book quickly if it gets cancelled. if you’re looking for more detailed info, here: in 2021 all levels of the CFA exam will be held on computers, Dec 2020: Last Paper-Based Exam, All Levels. Required Disclaimer: CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Kaplan Schweser. This has always been the case and many candidates have done this before. Feel free to contact CFA Institute about this. Please send an e-mail to the cfa institute contact id. If you haven't registered for anything yet, your only options for L2 are now May21 or Aug21 computer-based exams. As of 1 September, you can apply for Women's and Student Scholarships for your 2021 CFA exam. Candidates and testing personnel will be required to wear face coverings that cover from nose to chin throughout the duration of the exam. 4 health-related news for the Dec 2020 exam: From 7 to 21 December refund requests will be accepted – concerns all postponed June 2020 candidates whose Dec 2020 exam has been canceled again. CFA level 2 exams consist of 120 questions, unlike the level 1 exam. sadly, no attempts to reduce the number of test takers by making more test centers available have been made. Ultimately, three insurmountable factors have forced us to conclude we cannot administer exams in certain locations: We will inform candidates who are impacted via email as soon as possible following each decision. I would suggest contacting them via email (info@cfainstitute.org) or phone to discuss about this, as I'd imagine many candidates planned to register before the usual deadline as well and got stuck. First, you need to register for your May exam, which means you need to pay due fees. It's not clear how quickly results will be released under CBT, but it's assumed it should be less than before, if not the same. You may start your preparation here: https://analystprep.com/cfa-level-1-pass-first-attempt/, June 22, 2019 in CFA® Program by Mathieu Valois. Also, from my understanding after reading other comments. Hello, You do have to make the decision to study for the next level before receiving your pass/fail result, which as you pointed out correctly, could mean the difference between having 6 months study time, or just 4 months study time. Aug. 24–30, 2021; Nov. 16–22, 2021; CFA Exam Level II 2021 Windows. You get unlimited access to the full version of Soleadea, including the CFA Exam Study Planner and all available study resources, from today until you pass your level 3 exam (all upgrades and updates included in the price): Level 1: 40+ hours of to-the-point videos, 1800+ exam-type questions, 50+ review tests, 50+ formulas lists, 50 printable e-books (concise notes for CFA exam readings), 2 full mocks, Level 2: 40+ hours of to-the-point videos, 300+ exam-type questions (=50+ item sets), 20+ formulas lists, 15 printable e-books (concise notes for CFA exam readings), Level 1 & Level 2: test generator app, formulas app, notes app, topic app, video app. Please verify that the email address in your CFA Institute account is your primary email address. Keeping track of the CFA exam schedule and calendar is tough when all you want to do is make sure you're remembering enough of the CFA exam curriculum to pass the exams. It applies from 20 August to 3 November. NOTE: All the deadlines end at 11:59 p.m. NOTE: Registration for a computer-based exam is a two-step process. Let’s look at all the changes. You can choose to take your CFA exam on one of the days from 25 May to 1 June. Usually CFA Institute follows Eastern Time. If you’re planning to sit for the CFA® exam, one of the first questions you need the answer to is “When is it going to be offered?” This article has information about the changes to the exam schedule related to the novel coronavirus and big news about changes for Level I of the exam in 2021. However, the reduction in time and the number of questions should not be confused for more straightforward exams. Usually, the results are released 7-8 weeks post-exam for level 2 candidates and 9-10 weeks post-exam for level 3 candidates.