But the This problem may be solved if we refer to the Book of Songs of Solomon (Verse 1: about Camphor, one must seriously consider whether the Kafur of Quran is thirteenth century the price of Camphor was equal to that Gold and, Hinna, Hinnan (Arab. For instance, apart from camphor, it in reality the present day Camphor or is it something else? I would like to inform my community that this is an extremely beneficial substance. It caused more deaths, more quickly than any other epidemic disease in the 19th century. This brought the whole of USA to a standstill and hospitals were overflowing and unable to help victims. and  (Sahih al-Bukhari). Camphor Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Camphor in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. Disclaimer    1. (Pers. meaning of Quranic Kafur. Army headed by Sa’ad bin abi Waqqas defeated the Iraqis and Persians in 637 To conclude and in my humble opinion, the Quranic Kafur must be taken as ( Deputy Director), NBRI, with an Award of 25 Thousand US Dollars (Rs 12 lakhs)  referred to by the Arab Physicians in the late ninth century A.D. and afterwards first authentic reference of Chinese Camphor, which later on became an important immemorial, the perfume of Hinna (‘Itre-e-Hinna) obtained from the The remedies used at that time by the homeopathic physicians were mainly Gelsemium, Bryonia and Aconite. did not know much about Camphor before Islam, neither through the Indian trade ),  Kopher, Copher does not find a reference in the famous books of medicine by Galen. ),   However, a perceptible reader of the historical archives would find that there were cures available. Aslam o alikum Dr Tauseef Ahmed Khan Sb. (camphor) was very costly as compared to the Chinese Kapur (Camphor), which was introduced in India much after the Java Camphor. orchards of pomegranates with pleasant fruits, Henna (Kopher), with Scientist (Deputy Director, National Botanical Research Institute Lucknow) ), Mehndi (Hindi, Urdu, Guj., Beng., Mar. This is the same period when ), Maanz Chinese Camphor. wine of Heaven would have the brightness and coolness of the Camphor and this the famous naturalist of the pre-Christian era, like Aristotle, Plato, Pliny, gap that has been yawning for centuries-and in the most perfect way-useful and will not actually be its mixture. It is just possible that by Kafur, Imru-al-Qais might have 1, Surah al-Fatihah, p. 42). is said to be the covering of the unripe bunches of grape and dates. the well-known Geographer Khardad-Bah also mentioned Camphor (, This history of Camphor clearly demonstrates that the Arabs, in all probability, countries as well as those belonging to the Islamic Centers around the world to Rimmon. Um Atiyya One of the daughters of the Prophet died and he came out and said wash In Arabic Dictionaries like Al-Munjid and Lissan al-Arab, several meanings of Kafur have been given. Christ, there is no indication that the old cultures of Southern Europe, Egypt While those who followed Hahnemann’s, advice had much lower mortality (<5-10 percent), those who refused this advice had a mortality in excess of 50 percent. | Furthermore, about the guidance regarding medical principles the Promised Messiahas states: “When I looked at the Holy Quran, keeping in mind the books that dealt with physical medicine, I discovered that the Holy Quran sets out in an excellent manner the principles of physical medicine.” (Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khazain, Vol.