Would you mind if I burrowed the research bio presented here??? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. and I'm over it. -Was created to act as Earth's last line of defense against major threats It's leaving the fight with the intention of not returning to the battle in the immediate future. time panther would find a way to stop logan. This fight seems to be sort of set up for BP to be at a disadvantage..Why I don't know? Logan and T'Challa are the heavyweights of the street level bracket so any fight between them would be close. Eyes: Blue. The battle intensified when members of the X-Men were imbued with the Phoenix Force, leading the Avengers to go on the run and hide in Wakanda. It is a common thing to have Battles of the Week that have the exact same match up as already existing threads do. Height: 5'11" It takes place during the day and they start roughly 100 feet apart and visible. May I use the information on this bio? yeah cuz you know the arguments on both sides are gonna give me a stroke.... Shiiiiiiiit, this is going to be a good one. This is just talking about a fictional fight, there's no need for immaturity and mudslinging about fan fic. Theme How would Wolverine land a killing blow when his adamantium can't pierce BP's clothes? again though if given any prep. That irritated me as well. Wolverine (James Howlett) - 1 ton (With Adamantium skeleton. Height: 6'2½" and you just answerd your own question, so no he can't be killed, it's obvious you've read that issue of wolverine too, so you know that there was nothing left of him, but he still regenerated and came back. because you can't put adamantium around peoples joints because then they woudln't be able to move them. so technically people can dislocate wolvy's body parts but not break them. What if it gets reported? Also this weeks battle of the week was decided by @giliad_, Special thanks to @k4tzm4n for allowing me and other users to continue making these battle of the week threads. Age: N/A Agent Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. -Among these missions, worked alongside Wolverine and The Thing and battled the likes of Sabretooth and Black Widow And going off that, id back Tchalla for this one...He seems to have a agility advantage against Logan...But then again how smart was Logan playing it in their encounters?..It seemed like he was going all flurries...Id wager Logan playing it smart and taking full advantage of his elite h2h skills would fare alot better against Tchalla. ...after reading black panthers page.....if u ask me he seems way ridiculous for a char. Wolverine is a mutant with the abilities to rapidly heal and regenerate damage inflicted upon his body. @flakeking: What do you mean reported? Alright, read before speak. i'll be sure to credit! So if his brain is removed, he's not dead? I saw this and I only came here to say one thing... Is it ok if I use this for a Panther vs Ganondorf fight I'm planning? And he doesn't always use it. Debut: Strange Tales #110 in 1963 The Big Guy Also, Wolvie isn't marvel's answer to Batman, if he is Marvel is blind and retarded. Transformation:    -With a cry of "SHAZAM" Billy is struck by a lightning bolt, turning him into his superhero form. I would personally argue that Panther out-skills Wolverine by a reasonable degree. Post Edited:2007-05-23 14:34:58. ok to be honest i've read a lot of comcis that featerd the panther but i don't know the full extent of his (superhuman poewrs) if he has any all's i know is this wolverine is rated as a level 11 hero while cap, spiderman, and others were all 10's and 9's(Secret Wars either issue 2or3) and i am quite sure that panther can't take on captain america(although he doesn't have to anymore since caps dead) where as wolverine can, in wolverines origins cap was fighting wolverine for somthing that i can't remember but in the end he was kinda winning until the runt went all berserk and would have killed captain america if not for the intervention of cyclops who knocked wolverine back at the last second. Wolverine’s physical build is also a part of his mutation in which he has sharp teeth and three retractable bone claws located on the back of his hands. He appeared in the 52nd DEATH BATTLE!, Wolverine VS Raiden, where he fought against Raiden from the Metal Gear series. Post Edited:2007-05-23 14:26:09, "Black Panther has learned martial arts from all over the world, and by some accounts has learned all of them. Alias: William Joseph "Billy" Batson, Captain Marvel, Marvel, Captain Thunder, Earth's Mightiest Mortal. Think how hard it would be to slash at Logan's quickly-moving claws, at the end of his extremities, claws that can't be gripped while trying to melt them. Which will phase through any solid. This is a random encounter (no prep for either side). "What's a tactical retreat?" @flakeking: The mod created this thread. "Side note: Panther doesn't "Brawl" per se. one last thing i don't care how strong panther is(not much anyways) but how the hell does he or anyone else not shatter their own bowns punching the hardest metal on earth(wolverines adamantium head, and the rest of his bones which are coverd by it). You do know that the Panther Habit is vulnerable to acid, can still be torn, cut, and ripped, hacking, and enough damage can obstruct the physical integrity of the armor, right? Why will none of these work? With a single gesture, able to crea, Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel Even if it was just a brief scuffle I'm sure T'Challa clowned him, A better question would of been does Panther still use his antimetal claws. Wolverine doesn't tag Black Panther, in fact, Black Panther practically dances around him. It doesn't matter if Wolverine is stronger, BP has fought MANY people who were stronger than him, people stronger that Wolverine. again though if given any prep. -Acts as Rusty the Boy Robot's mentor and partner Might get a little toasty in the comments though. His healing factor has increased in strength through the years that the only way to kill Wolverine is to decapitate him and remove his brain from the vicinity of his body. Life. His skill and power can impress the likes of The Living Tribunal and i'm sorry about cursen, i just get emotinal, i'll try to resist next time. Occupation: Superhero/Adventurer, Commander of the Alpha Flight Space Program, Formerly U.S. Air Force Captain, NASA Head of Security, S.H.I.E.L.D. Oh damn, great bio on BP here! In the last two, during Contest of Champions, he thinks Wolverine is playing a game (Wolverine is dead serious though) and he's just fooling around and not trying. I have a question though, why do people who debate against black panther keep trying to deny him of his costume like it's not part of his character or something? Wolverine has been around a long time and has been all over the place so I'm willing to say they're even in the skill department, but Wolverine is not better. just as he did to iron-man during civil war where he brought some sort of magical vibranium sword and easily cut the side of iron-mans armor.". @jashro44: I think this battle would be a lot funner if it is assumed they do not know each other to make it a true random encounter. You decide! Batman is the second Death Battle combatant to return twice after Leonardo. also i just found this which shows that i'm right about wolverine being stronger than panther. BOTW are there for people to have a nice debate between two evenly matched characters for the whole week until it gets locked at the end of the week. @jashro44: I don't think it's fair to give BP Anti-metal unless if you give wolverine Knowledge that BP has Anti-metal for sure. Votes do not determine who wins, only who the majority at the time sides with. His primary mode of attack (claws) would be useless even if he did hit. After. Wolverine’s healing factor also allows him to push his strength beyond any normal human being’s limit. However, I went with Black Panther mainly due to his vibranium suit able to absorb much of Wolverine's attack and possibly withstand the puncture force of Logan's claws. First Appearance: Big Guy and Rusty the Robot