These clients are generally more on the “pro” side of your reputation than the “con” so if you get a review like this one, don’t be discouraged. Like I said in the beginning, don’t aim low, but don’t discredit the appeal of mid-range reviews. Check it out.• Movies! A statement like this one might sound great to Claire but frankly, the rest of the internet will probably find it preposterous if not downright unbelievable. Firm Size *SelectSolo Law FirmLaw Firm (2-3 attorneys)Law Firm (4-6 attorneys)Law Firm (7-10 attorneys)Law Firm (11-20 attorneys)Law Firm (21-29 attorneys)Law Firm (30-79 attorneys)Law Firm (80-179 attorneys)Law Firm (180 or more attorneys)Other. We can help. How to Start an Email Empathetically During Difficult Times, Happy New Year, New Year’s, or New Years? If you want some help, come see me at lunch.”Okay, now it’s time to get critical. And I never fuss too much about students who miss class or want to make up missing work. on Central PArk Carousel, written tongue in cheek, in imitation of someone else on Yelp. But as far as I can tell, no one has ever celebrated book critics in the same way. How can you possibly teach the Enlightenment in only one day?”So I explained that the lesson on the Enlightenment was only the beginning. Yesterday they were around something like 86, 70 and 85, and suddenly jump to 169, 140 and 154!! With regards to losing fans.... Before I had the nerve to do friend requests, I would just save people as favorites and keep track of them that way. There's a mechanism that prevents the same person from coming up in the ROTD queue more than once every few months (it's somewhere between 3 and 6 months, I think...). If a dish was “great,” be sure to describe why. Everything in the Student’s Friend is fair game. Didn't someone also suggest having a list of all ROTDs so you could browse through them? A review riddled with errors is likely to be written off, ignored, or even misunderstood. You… And with the Student’s Friend, creating assessments is simple. I was wondering how it's decided though because some yelpers have lots of people who always read their reviews constantly get tons of votes. Change ), About Future-Focused History (and why teachers need to take charge), Future-Focused History is alive outside history class, More about general principles of historical knowledge, Eleven key principles of history chosen by readers, Mike’s five additional principles of history, Additional principles of historical knowledge, Blog posts about General Principles of Historical Knowledge, “Historical Thinking Skills: A Second Opinion”, Stopping the decline of history education, Pithy quotes from “Future-Focused History Teaching”, “The Student’s Friend Concise World History”. When people are faced with doubt or fear or confusion, their defenses go up. This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new posts. Those Yelp engineers are smart cookies :). If you fail to do so, you miss out on some of the greatest comedy opportunities the Internet offers to the casual shopper. . And I think you're right bO, I can't imagine anyone spending their time to un-UFC reviews.... and who would want to un-UFC you anyway??? In today’s post we’re sharing how to write a restaurant review that’s captivating, memorable, and useful for your fellow diners. My students love to imagine that they are conquering warriors, enslaved natives, widowed peasants, etc. My votes are back!!…, This is my favorite review because it has everything...self deprication, covert flirting, and a maverick wing man. To make sure that my students understand the meaning of “appeasement”, I tell a story about a bully who steals your French fries every day, and you have to decide whether to appease him or confront him. “Pretty good lawyer. Writing a one-star Yelp review about “THE WORST PLACE EVER” may feel cathartic in the moment, but vague, emotion-laden reviews don’t carry much weight. ( Log Out /  Ooh, cool idea to mark former ROTDs. In fact, the only thing that I found remotely useful was the book of outline maps. I boxed it all up and took it home, delighted at the prospect of spending my summer designing the perfect course.The first thing I unpacked was a “Teacher’s Resource Kit” from Houghton Mifflin. This one's not really my favorite, but since (AGAIN!) Now despite their brevity and casual language, these are actually good reviews. This is my personal favorite… Because I like haikus and crack. inspired by #difara pies. For example, when a student writes a story about a 16th century person who uses the telephone or hops in a car, I see it as an opportunity to redirect their imagination.• Mapwork! Voice your opinion today and hear what 77 customers have already said. It included:• The teacher’s edition of our 10th Grade World History textbook.• The student edition of the textbook.• A consumable workbook of chapter summaries.• Another workbook with primary source readings.• A CD chock-full of editable lesson plans, unit plans, quizzes, and tests.• A book of outline maps• etc.With such a wealth of material, written by a “global leader” in the textbook industry, surely I had everything I needed.