As I see the shortest strings listed here are the 32″ ones Hope this helps. The previous owner thought they were Rotosound TruBass black nylon wound flatwound strings. Thanks. What string length would be good for my 28.6″ scale Ibanez mikro bass? If the calculator results for wound strings do not include the type of It has a thinner copper coating, and it is known to produce rich acoustic overtones, it’s a very durable material and it feels soft against the player’s hands. The Stringjoy Guitar String Tension Calculator is the easiest and best tool to build the perfect balanced tension set of strings for your guitar or bass. break. Some wound string diameter examples using D'Addario strings: Bass - Nickel Plated- Round An open string is one string that is not pressed down on top of any fret. I have Rotosound 77s on my 4 string acoustic. I am looking to put a set of flatwound strings on my acoustic bass. guitars, total tension (the total tension of all six strings) The closer the tension values are, the closer those strings will feel to the other ones for the same tuning. This material is very popular with the metal, rock and jazz players since it produces a dazzling tone that has excellent corrosion resistance. than I often came by trial and error. strings such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric They depict where a bass guitarist’s fingers should play the notes in relation to each other, but don’t actually specify where on the fretboard the scale should be played. If you knew multiple pentatonic minor patterns then you could extend the scale to incorporate all of the fretboard. I’m trying to setup a 30″ scale length Bass IV to low C-standard. How Eco-Friendly are your Guitar Strings. For instance, some tailpieces sit further back from the saddles than others, whilst some basses need to be strung through the back of the body. may be considerably different from any other manufacturer. caution note when string tension is either lower or higher I’ll go for the medium scale set next – thanks for the fast reply and for the very clear and informative article! try to find a string within 0.001 of the ideal size. The pentatonic minor scale is extremely versatile, and can be used in a number of musical situations. found who fully specifies the technical details such as Unit I thought it would matter to the sound and took them off. string tension for both structural integrity of the guitar and playability: Extra-Light Gauge 6-string (data A few years ago I made a chart based off the D'Addario Tension Guide. Hi Sander, String gauges are measured by the diameter of the string and are usually expressed using the measurement of thousandths for every inch. For a standard sized acoustic guitar it is generally impractical play. A look at the similarities and differences between the bass and the guitar. If you have a bass where you cannot see the ball end i.e. I prefer kilograms myself, but the actual units aren't really important. The type of bass guitar strings you want to get depends on several different factors though, so it’s not always easy to pick. Arto's String Calculator, version 2.2. breaking tension which will be required to tune the string What other options are there? If you also knew how to play the pentatonic minor scale using pattern no. about this system of notation, see, for example: Wikipedia article about Scientific Pitch Notation. Cheers – I wish I had read this before getting Rotosound RS88S’s on my Fender Mustang… I suppose the Rotosund Medium would be the correct fit for the Mustang, any opinion or fact for this? completely at your own risk. breakage. However, where possible, we make every effort to include the speaking length of each set from the ball end to the start of the silk winding or taper (where some strings have no silk winding). Most bass strings have an outer wrap and the most common winding metals used are nickel and stainless steel. below C4. Thanks for your question, would you be able to send me some pictures of the headstock of your bass and I’d be happy to help. Patterns show where the notes fall on the bass neck in relation to each other. a thru-body bass, you will have to do this exercise once the string has been removed. Our backing tracks will help you learn and master modes on your bass guitar. application, see if a higher tension With small diameter strings, the tension required to tune Also if you buy a longer set of strings with silk windings and cut them down, there’s a strong chance that the silk may be lost and you will have the main portion of the string travelling around the post, as opposed to the silk winding. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. This String Diameter Calculator will determine the string quite reliable, but your use of this calculator is But I don’t know the terminology for better research and I’m just winging it as of now. For many 6-string acoustic String gauges—the diameter of the string—are expressed in thousandths of an inch. I’d like at least some unplugged tone but i do NOT like the almost echoing ring acoustic bass strings produce. to find a string which has the desired unit weight. However, because of its trapeze-style tailpiece, the strings are anchored approximately 3-4 inches further back from the saddles. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the other side . We want …, Ukuleles are really great instruments to have and compared to many other instruments they are incredibly easy to learn. Desired note to play : NOTE: Our string tension calculator is based on D'Addario's string tension information and should therefore only be seen as an approximation when using different brand gauges, since other brands can have different tension values. Desired tension of each string on an acoustic guitar varies from about 16 pounds (7 kg) for extra-light strings to around 40 pounds (18 kg) for heavy-gauge strings. (In an ideal world you would also need the string to start to taper or for the silk to start behind the nut but before it reaches the machine heads. The goal of the bass guitar strings guide is to arm you with the ability to choose the right strings for you. The winding of bass strings affects both the tone and the feel of the string. If the shorts are a little too short, the medium scale set measures may be more suited to your needs as these measure 34″ and the long scale set measures 36 3/4″. mandolin, banjo or electric bass. To play a single octave of the scale, play upwards until you get to the next white (root) note. Gold Supporters see zero ads! If I remember rightly, on this bass the top four strings are standard long scale and the low B is super long. However, the stiffer a string actually is, the farther All Rights Reserved. I will need to order the strings seperately, as I think the La Bella 0760M-S 4-String Original 1954 Fender Style Short Scale Flatwound Bass Strings seem like a good choice, but are not offered by most guitar shops. CAUTION: Please carefully check the applicability (and pounds will be taut enough to have good tone, yet will still be Today I decided to pretty it up and add all the string gauges D'Addario lists in their guide. Cheers, Peter. Copyright © 1998-2020  causes the higher modes to become progressively sharper. much that it breaks easily. manufacturers claim to be able to provide strings which may For Does it matter how far the frets are from one to another? The Rotosound RS88S (short scale) Bass set only measures 32.5″ from the ball end to the start of the silk…with this in mind I gather that the set you bought turned out to be about 1″ short of the nut? Hi really interesting post so thank you but I think I still need help. around 0.020 inch (0.50 mm) to 0.023 inch (0.58 mm), depending upon inches   Nickel-Plated Steel - Round wound: 0.025 use that tension as a target value. I have another 5 String bass that the strings will fit-otherwise I’ll have to donate them to a worthy 4 String Player. The lower strings have a long scale length (eg: 28 ) and progressively become shorter towards the higher strings (eg: 25.5 ). Well this distance will be the minimum length your strings need to be before any silk wrap or tapering should start. Privacy Policy | Contact StringVibe | Top 50. Hi there, thanks for the question. So am I to purchase Short Scale Strings or Medium length ? Wound. The effect this coating has on the string tones can differ between manufactures, though. These include: writing rock / metal basslines and licks; improvising over minor chord progressions; and writing folk melodies. Don K. Thanks for your question. string, with which you can happily go to your favorite This allows them to play the scale at a convenient fretboard position. VAT no. The tension values are in pounds. calculations are valid Our Bass Modes Backing Tracks album contains tracks that allow you to experiment with modal scales. “If bass players run the risk of selecting a set of strings that are ‘too short’, what’s stopping me buying a longer set and just trimming them down to the length that I need? The bass scales chart below shows three common bass scales (pentatonic minor, blues and major) as patterns on a fretboard. A very useful feature of some Tuner Apps is that they show In any case, we would recommend taking the measurements yourself.