Yes, I believe it does. I may start making two separate dishes of enchiladas. The sauce should be the thickness of heavy cream. Not this time! I think it would be totally fine to substitute regular dark chocolate for the Mexican chocolate. That’s okay! Hi there, I am always willing to try new things but because I just made red chili and it came out great, to see chocolate thrown in was well, weird. This sounds yummy but would like to make it low-carb. Maybe you should start your own food blog instead of being negative on someone else’s. Get a pot add abit of flour and oil toast it then with a strainer pour a good helping of the paste add water and strain it into the pot, half a bag makes enough for enchiladas and leaves a good size amount for chili Colorado or menudo etc. How to make authentic enchilada sauce Prepare the dried chiles by removing and discarding the stem. If you try it with low carb chocolate, let me know what you think! Wild to find out that everything comes from all over the world. I have made this several times now. Whatever the reason, if your chile sauce is too bitter for you, add a little brown sugar. The Ancho chile isn’t very spicy, but your mom might think the Guajillo is a little spicy. Don’t have Mexican chocolate? (Scissors work well.) (see note). I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and loved getting tamales on Christma Eve but no one in my world now does this so I became inspired to create a festive meal in the Mexican traditions of my Tex-Mex youth anfd am so happy to have stumbled upon your authentic site. Don't add any oil. Remove and set aside. Subscribe and receive a free e-book of our Top 10 Easy Mexican Recipes! Mole has many other ingredients that make it what is. A whole other animal, and used in other recipes and style of cooking. Next time I make this, I’m going to try it with 100% unsweetened cocoa powder to see if it still works. You’re so welcome! Char the onion, tomatoes, and garlic in a hot pan. Your recipes are fresh, tasty, and easy to follow! Note:  At this point determine for yourself whether your sauce needs to be strained. or more dried arbol peppers (OPTIONAL: for heat), we love Aneto 100% All-Natural Chicken Broth from Spain, I just made this to whip up some chilaquiles from left over chips. (I may have had a beer or two.) Substitute 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon turbinado/raw sugar instead. And, I was too chicken to use arbol. Every year my son and I invite anyone who has nowhere else to go, anyone who WANTS somewhere else to go, and anyone I happen to meet in the weeks before Christmas to our “Orphans Christmas Eve dinner. Instead, all the rich and savory flavors come from only a handful of ingredients – dried chiles, garlic, salt and Mexican chocolate. Out of respect for Mexican cuisine this should NOT be called Mole. Pour the boiling water over the peppers, cover the bowl and let them sit for 20-30 minutes until soft. It is a bit bitter by itself, but on top of the enchiladas, it was fantastic! Thank you! (Learn more about Mexican Chocolate here.). The secret to getting it just right? Let them soak for about 20 minutes.—ball-recipes-br3634.html, Brilliant Guajillo Chile Salad Dressing ». Thanks! Set aside for 30 minutes, or longer. I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Warm the chiles on a comal or griddle, or in a dry cast iron skillet. Dear Isabel my name is Glenn thank you very very much for the idea of the chocolate to cut out some of the bitterness I used two pieces of Hershey’s chocolate down because I double the recipe thank you again for putting it out there for all of us to get a foundation to build on you take care and God bless and all the best to you and your family, For years I have tried to learn the secret of a good red/enchilada sauce.